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Donald Trump is a Lion; Kasich is a Little Kitten — 9 Comments

  1. I was just saying…….can’t judge one family member by what other family members do. He does not criticize them openly,but he makes his stance clear. I read a lot on all the candidates and from what people who actually know him say,I would guess there have been “discussions” about this in private. In some ways he appears embarrassed by it,but if you attack his family he will defend them. They are adults,he cannot control them. Kind of like Jimmy Carter couldn’t control the antics of his alcoholic brother,Billy.

  2. Trump does not like hunting,he has said as much in interviews. He has even gone as far as to say he doesn’t understand why his sons like hunting. Just saying. And a good parent is not going to chastise the children in public,especially a celebrity.


    • Thanks Geri. I am surprised. I know his sons adore hunting. Thanks for correcting me. He does not criticise his sons for sport hunting. He almost seems to support them in fact.]

      PS. I have amended the article.

  3. I think that any woman, mom or not, who can seriously consider Trump for president, is seriously uninformed and/or is ignoring his blatant “women bashing”. They may also do this in their personal lives, and look up to a dominant male partner, as a protector. Domestic violence usually starts with verbal abuse, so with Trump in power, I would expect an escalation of abuse, not just on women, but the 99% that aren’t in his league.

    • I was thinking the same, Sandra.
      Many disturbed women are, initially, attracted to the macho, rigged, and controlling sort of male. They, later, realize that they are abusive.
      If these women think that leaving such a man is difficult, they’ll soon realize that ridding themselves of a president is impossible.

      • I would be very surprised if Mr Trump made it to the White House. If he wins the Republican nomination then I would expect Clinton to become president. But I’m an outsider looking in and I don’t have an intimate feeling for what is going on, on the ground in America.

    • Sandra, it certainly surprised me that the women participants admired Mr Trump or they appear to admire him despite what he has said. Perhaps the sample taken by which I mean the participants interviewed are atypical of American women in general.

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