Donald Trump is a Lion; Kasich is a Little Kitten

Walmart moms have compared the contenders in the race for the presidential nomination to cats. They must be cat owners. When a group of Republican American moms where quizzed about the merits of the three contenders: Kasich, Trump, and Cruz they came up with cats to express their views – and inanimate objects but I prefer cats.

American politicians as cats
Photograph: DSK/AFP/Getty Images
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“Walmart moms” are defined as females (of course) who have the right to vote and who have a least one school-aged child and who have visited Walmart at least once in the past month.

Walmart moms would like to see a lion in the White House. The likened Mr Trump to a lion – as king of the jungle, which is very apt. They also likened him to an unpredictable cat. Interesting, they think cats are unpredictable (they’re wrong). It means they want someone strong as president and they don’t mind if he is unpredictable – my guess is they like the unpredictability. Perhaps they want government shaking up a bit. They seek change, perhaps radical change. The moms like the way he speaks his mind, stands his ground and is decidedly unpolitically correct – the opposite in fact. Walmart moms find this refreshing.

Mr Cruz is likened to a gorilla and a neighbour’s dog (you don’t know if he will bite). Mr Kasich presented a problem; they weren’t sure who he was (he’s the Ohio governor). However, one described him as like a “little kitten”. This is intended to be derogatory I suppose. Yet Walmart moms like kittens; just not men who are like kittens.

Walmart moms were unperturbed by the Donald’s misogynistic remarks. He’d beat Clinton, they feel sure.

Does this amusing mini-survey tell us anything about the women? They like to use cats as a way of describing the character of these individuals. This means they have an affinity with cats. They like strong leadership (who doesn’t mind you). They demand it in fact. They are probably tired of the ‘professorial’ style of the incumbent president. Is it fair to say that the average women likes their man to be mentally strong? It does not always apply but in general it probably does.

It probably means that they are disillusioned with politics and politicians because it is ineffective in their eyes. I am guessing of course but they probably desire a strong leader to achieve goals, to make change.

For me a perturbing aspect of Trump’s character is that he loves sport hunting (correction: he accepts that his sons like sport hunting but does not do it himself). I would doubt that he has an affinity for animals and he is proud of his son’s prowess as marksmen in shooting African big game. He sons are Dr. Walter Palmer types. This is another thing the moms have conveniently pushed to the back of their minds. It is a conflict though. The moms admire the lion’s character but ignore it’s vulnerability at the hands of humans with similar characters.

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a Lion; Kasich is a Little Kitten”

  1. I was just saying…….can’t judge one family member by what other family members do. He does not criticize them openly,but he makes his stance clear. I read a lot on all the candidates and from what people who actually know him say,I would guess there have been “discussions” about this in private. In some ways he appears embarrassed by it,but if you attack his family he will defend them. They are adults,he cannot control them. Kind of like Jimmy Carter couldn’t control the antics of his alcoholic brother,Billy.

  2. Trump does not like hunting,he has said as much in interviews. He has even gone as far as to say he doesn’t understand why his sons like hunting. Just saying. And a good parent is not going to chastise the children in public,especially a celebrity.

    • Thanks Geri. I am surprised. I know his sons adore hunting. Thanks for correcting me. He does not criticise his sons for sport hunting. He almost seems to support them in fact.]

      PS. I have amended the article.

  3. I think that any woman, mom or not, who can seriously consider Trump for president, is seriously uninformed and/or is ignoring his blatant “women bashing”. They may also do this in their personal lives, and look up to a dominant male partner, as a protector. Domestic violence usually starts with verbal abuse, so with Trump in power, I would expect an escalation of abuse, not just on women, but the 99% that aren’t in his league.

    • I was thinking the same, Sandra.
      Many disturbed women are, initially, attracted to the macho, rigged, and controlling sort of male. They, later, realize that they are abusive.
      If these women think that leaving such a man is difficult, they’ll soon realize that ridding themselves of a president is impossible.

    • Sandra, it certainly surprised me that the women participants admired Mr Trump or they appear to admire him despite what he has said. Perhaps the sample taken by which I mean the participants interviewed are atypical of American women in general.


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