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I have made a $100 donation via PayPal to The Cat House on the Kings under the 5c per comment scheme that relates to last month (December). There was a delay while I tried to make a donation for Vincent and Torti. This fell through.

Here is the evidence of the payment. I believe it is important that donations are transparent and evidenced. Thanks for all your fantastic comments and support. It is invaluable.

cat-house-on-kings-donation-2 cat-house-on-the-kings-4 cat-house-on-the-kings-donation-3

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Donation to The Cat House on the Kings — 20 Comments

  1. A wonderful charity to donate to and much appreciated by them I’m sure.
    Michael you are a legend amongst men 🙂

    • Babz, we are getting very poor communication from Vincent’s current rescue center (Zeus’ Place) and I have emailed Louisiana Humane Society to see if I could donate to them for the purpose of supporting Vincent and Torti when they move there. No response so I don’t know if they are at the new sanctuary or not. Disappointing.

      • There seemed so much hope and now it’s all gone quiet again, I wonder if Jo Singer knows any more as she was in contact with them.

        • Agreed. I hate to say it Babz, but I am disappointed with Zeus’s Place. They don’t even want the donation that PoC promised or are unconcerned about it. I find it very odd. And Jo has struggled to get them to respond to her correspondence.

  2. I have seen several news stories about The Cat House on the Kings over the years. They put forth a great effort to help as many cats as they can. The cats live like kings! Thank you Michael.

    • You’re right Dan, the cats there live better than in many, many homes. They have security and can go outside on grass safely etc. and are fed well. $48k per month pays for a lot.

  3. Here is more evidence of the donation:

    Dear Michael Broad,

    This email confirms that you have donated $100.00 USD to The Cat House on the Kings ( using PayPal.
    The exchange rate for this purchase is 1 British Pound = 1.59464 US Dollars.

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