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Don’t approach a cat on the sidewalk who does not know you — 5 Comments

  1. The only person really at fault was the one that let a female cat outside to breed and make kittens that are born homeless and at risk. While anyone engaged in rescue needs to understand animal behavior I hate laying the blame on those that risk their own life and limb and funds to save the messes created by negligent pet owners.

  2. This is very sad. A difficult situation, it may have been made worse by other people flapping/squealing, all the panicky stuff that people can do when they are trying to help but don’t know what they should be doing.

    I limit myself to a slow blink, maybe a small hello chirrup, then keep a sideways eye on how the cat responds. It can be tough when a super friendly cat approaches, & I have to stop myself immediately petting the puss.

    Recently managed to get a very old neglected (and owned! Grr!) cat to the vet, with the help of a very kind and calm young lad, who stayed with this poor old puss (confused, probably hyper T) whilst I ran home for car and cat carrier.

    This young man, about 13yrs old, was a joy to behold, he had an instinctive knowledge of exactly how to calm the cat and kept him away from the kerb edge just positioning his body, sideways on, kneeling down, talking gently, finger offered for a nose tap, he was absolutely brilliant.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children were taught safe behaviour around all domestic species?

    I have heard of one project where primary school children were giving some education in safe behaviour around dogs, but this seemed to be a one off.

    We have to get safety & compassion into the minds of humans long before they hit adulthood.

    • He’s not that beautiful! He’s fat. He’s a street cat so all you have to do is go out into the street and find one but just make sure no one owns him! Thanks for visiting and commenting, Cheryl.

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