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Don’t be frightened to sue in the civil courts if a person won’t give your cat back — 4 Comments

  1. The adopter needs to do the right thing and return Precious to her real owners.

    I do not understand how the adopter can live with themselves knowing that Precious’ real owners are so distressed.

    Over the years I have taken in many cats and precisely three were very happily returned to their rightful owners when I found out that the cat’s had their own homes. I was nothing short of ecstatic that a “lost” cat was reunited. Despite forming speedy bonds with the three, & feeling a twinge of sadness to say “goodbye”

    All three cat’s were separate events, with years between them.

    I’d even go so far as to say that the adopter cannot have a conscience and that may indicate they may not be the best sort of animal steward.

    It really is up to the adopter to do the right thing.

    • Yes, it is a misplaced selfishness and lack of morality which allows this person to retain a cat she/he clearly knows is not theirs. He/she should be sued. It will teach him/her a lesson. I hope good advice is provided and they give up the cat before proceedings start.

  2. I’m praying that the new gaurdians of Precious relinquish her to her owners, and adopt another cat in need of rescue. I know one can get close to a pet quickly. But that does not compare to the feeling of loss for somebody who has had the animal for years.

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