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Don’t Criminalise the Compassionate Caretakers of Feral Cats. Compromise Instead — 5 Comments

  1. Personally, I would let someone use my property for their TNR colony just so I’d have better access to destroy every last one of their cats for them. (Just as I advise everyone to do.) Let them bankrupt themselves sterilizing all their cats, then destroy their cats. 2 birds with one stone that way. The TNR practitioner none the wiser — for that is clearly impossible anyway.

  2. Nice sentiments. But your words will never stop everyone from killing all your unsupervised cats. The more cats you let roam free the more cats that end-up dead. Why is that? Have you ever thought why that is so? I suggest you teach everyone how to keep their cats from getting killed instead. Gee, I wonder how that can be done … I wonder…. It’s so complicated isn’t it. I bet you can’t even think of how to keep your cat from getting killed.

    • Sally are you Woody in drag again!? It sounds like it. Of course the best solution is for 100% of cat owners to act 100% responsibly 100% of the time indefinitely but that won’t happen so the solution is as stated by me in the article.

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