Don’t ignore homeopathy as a possible treatment for your cat

Homeopathy is a controversial treatment for ailments in people. It can also be used as a treatment for companion animals. A lot of people think that it is mumbo-jumbo. Scientists tend to think this. Professional people don’t see the science in it, and I expect many veterinarians reject it. I have a scientific bent. I like science. My natural instinct is to be cynical about homeopathy.

However, I have discovered that it works. We know that foxes very commonly get sarcoptic mange. This is an unpleasant disease which causes itching and scratching which damages the skin. It is caused by a parasite on the skin. They survive in the environment for several days waiting for a host.

Example – homeopathic mange treatment for foxes works

Homeopathic treatment for mange in foxes

Homeopathic treatment for mange in foxes. It works as I have seen the results first hand.
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I confess that I do not know how two different homeopathic sarcoptic mange treatments for foxes actually work at a scientific and biological level. It has not been explained to me except to say that Psorinum helps to boost the immune system and reduce the discomfort. I’ve also read that it makes it uncomfortable for the mites that live on the fox’s skin which causes the mange. I guess that these parasites then leave. That may be a simplification. At alternative to Psorinum is Arsenicum & Sulphur as a treatment for mange in foxes.

However, there’s one thing for sure and this is not a simplification: this homeopathic treatment works. I know this because I have cured foxes of their mange by either hand feeding them or feeling them at a distance every night. I put the required amount of homeopathic mange treatment on their food as directed over a long period of time.

In one instance, I saw the mange receding before my eyes over the weeks and months of the treatment (it takes time so please be patient and persistent). At the end, the adult vixen that I was treating was ecstatically rolling around the back garden on her back quite clearly feeling greatly relieved by the disappearance of the itching from this nasty parasite that once infested her skin.

So homeopathic treatments can work. That is the conclusion but the result may be subtle. Therefore I would not write off this alternative treatment as mumbo-jumbo. I would recommend that you seek veterinary advice. You can’t take my advice about it because I am not qualified to provide it on this subject. All I can do is pass on my personal experiences.

Anxiety in cats

Rescue remedy for cats
Rescue remedy for cats. Picture: Amazon.

You should do your own research. One area which may benefit from this alternative treatment is the issue of feline anxiety. I believe that anxiety in domestic cats is more prevalent than people believe. There are products such as Feliway which can help with anxiety in cats.

A well known homeopathic treatment for anxiety in people is Rescue Remedy. I’ve used it myself from time to time. I would recommend it. It can be used on cats. But once again seek veterinary advice.

Rescue remedy for cats
Rescue remedy for cats. An endorsement by a user on Amazon.

Dr Bruce Fogle, a well-known veterinarian and author, writes, “As far as I’m concerned, if it’s safe and it helps, use it”. He is referring to homeopathic remedies and flower essences as marketed to reduce feline stress. That’s a good endorsement.

Easy to administer

An added benefit is that it is easy to administer. A drop on the food does the trick.

Please share

If you have tried homeopathy for cats please share in a comment. First hand experiences are the best way to enlarge knowledge about cat welfare among cat guardians and caregivers. It only takes a few minutes.

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