Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

by Maggie Sharp
(Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Judgemental eyes?

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Judgemental eyes?

The other day I had a very curious thought present itself when a friend of mine bluntly said "your cat is ugly".

We are constantly told that judgment is shallow, and that one should not be judged by their physical appearance, which is just general respect for people as individuals, but why does this only apply to humans?

So many people are always competing to have the most exotic looking cat, or the cutest puppy, and to be honest I've noticed that no matter what the animal is or what the circumstances are, the first thing people notice is the look/appearance of the animal.

I know this is a thought that probably doesn't cross people's minds too often. But people should really keep their eyes open, and whenever you're at a pet store, or introducing your pet to someone, notice how the first thing people will do is judge the animal on based on its appearance.

It's strange how sensitive we humans are to judgment, and yet we pass judgment to animals so freely...


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Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

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Apr 13, 2010 I agree
by: kathy

What about the old saying, cant judge a book by its cover. When I recently had to exchange my Savannah kitten everyone is telling me Well the other one was much prettier. Well she was a golden beauty but Aroras personality makes her all the more beautiful to me. AnD they cant notice that lovely long Serval body shes getting with that cute little serval face. Shes waht they call the cool color I guess and shes just every much as beautiful to me as Kachina was. I dont see any cat as ugly. Even that poor little Grey thing that comes around at night with his stocky body and his short tail and fat face. If I could Id take them all in and give them homes. Especially poor little Patches who has showed up all skinny and hungry. I know she was a house cat because I see her cringe when she walks on the driveway or steps on something hard. She doesnt know where to go. She seems confused like shes looking for her home and cant find it. At first she was scared but now she lets me pick her up but she runs from someone new. Three of us neighbors are feeding her. She tried to come in my house but my little Savannah creature jumped from the counter onto her back so now she avoids my front door. I have 3 cats and no room only but in my heart for her and all the other so called ugly cats out there. I do have a friendly dish of food out there for any cat who happens to travel by day or night, ugly or not.

Apr 12, 2010 Beauty is subjective
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Maggie, your cat is gorgeous! Anyone saying otherwise is, themselves, the ugly one.

Unlike the animal kingdom, humans have a tendency to be very shallow in some areas, myself included. We, as a species, seem to have that character flaw. It is up to us to overcome that weakness and see the beauty in all creatures.

Apr 09, 2010 Your Cat Is Good Looking
by: Anonymous

Whomever said your cat is ugly, probably is themselves ugly!

Apr 09, 2010 A can of worms perhaps
by: Michael

I think you have opened a bit of a can of worms with this sharp observation. Thanks for another thoughtful post, Maggie.

Pretty well the whole of the cat fancy (the breeding and showing of cats) is based on the appearance of cats. After all the breeds standards are only (almost) about the appearance. This shows, for me, the shallow nature of human behavior. Appearance is second to health and behavior. The same applies to the dog world.

Yet, when we get to know a cat and his or her characteristics, appearance becomes very secondary. We don't see the physical appearance, we see the whole cat, most of which is the behavior.

When I took on my mother's cat after she died recently, I did not think that he (Charlie) was attractive. Actually, I thought he was a little unattractive to be honest.

But I took him on nonetheless because he needed a home. I did my duty. Now I see beauty in his character, his talking and his affection for me. And I see him as attractive. If we keep our hearts open and give to our cats, we see the real beauty in them, not the external appearance.

Most people choose cats on appearance. As you say this is wrong. Black cats and old cats are the last to be rescued from cat shelters, for instance. Don't judge by appearance. Give affection and care to a cat and we are rewarded with what we have cats for, pleasant companionship from them.

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