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Don’t punish police for protecting animals! — 5 Comments

  1. It’s so rare that law enforcement is so kind, as opposed to blowing away an animal for no good reason, as we have all read about.

  2. Pets are considered property. Thus the meth head was able to make a case for theft. No sigh of food or water usually has to be evident for 24 hours. Better a call to AC who might issue a meaningless warning to the meth head. Of course in the interim the kitten might well die of the Uri or thirst or hunger. Of course if the meth head had a certificate calling this kitten her ESA the officer could then be guilty of medical battery in some cases. Thus the saying no good deed…
    Until the laws reflect the current feeling most of us have for our pets and in the same protect the pets right to humane treatment this is the kind of nonsense we’ll continue to see.

  3. Yeah I can’t think of any good reason to harass this fine police officer. If they had one I’d think they’d state it. It’s clearly just the way you put it Michael… pointless at best. The owner and the department should both be praising her and encouraging this sort of thing, but they went in the wrong direction. I wonder if the officer was a man would it have gone the same way?

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