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Don’t Punish Your Cat — 11 Comments

  1. Great plan – my cat just won’t stop eating anything he can get his paws on. I’ll just let him keep doing that, he’s just being himself after all. Oh and before you say don’t feed him so much blah blah I have two other difficult cats so it’s not that simple.

    • Good luck in getting your cat to eat less. We know that punishing cats is not right. It is doomed to failure and is unkind. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  2. I had to pull up this article because one of my neighbors called and told me not to worry if I saw their cat, Benjamin, outside yesterday. Benjamin is being punished for urinating/defecating in places other than his box. Today, I went to their house to ask about Benjamin and was told that he would be staying outside another night because “he has to learn”. I have known these people a long time and know that they will never accept that poor Benjamin isn’t going to learn anything from this.

    Benjamin is about 18 months old, neutered, and in excellent health. We all know that there is some reason for Ben’s behavior, but some people just won’t explore the possible reasons. In the meantime, I am keeping my eye on Ben. He is being fed but ostracized.

    My Dad always said, “You can’t fix stupid”. How true.

    • Is Benjamin declawed Dee? If not it sounds like the poor cat is stressed and anxious and no wonder with ‘owners’ like them!

      • Oh, wow. I had forgotten about this.
        Benjamin “did time” both outside and in a cage inside for about 5 days before I convinced them to take him to the vet.
        Benjamin had a UTI that was, possibly, the result of having had a kidney stone that seemed to have, finally, passed. Poor guy, he felt the urgency to pee, would strain, dribble a little, and poo some because of it. My dear old Dr. Kramar was firm with them that they change his food to include WET and that “punishing” him was ridiculous.
        A second issue was the fact that Ben was sharing ONE litterbox with 3 other cats in the house. It’s a guess that not only did he not like it, but he refused to use if it wasn’t kept clean. So, now, there are 2 boxes in the house (I couldn’t get them to go for three).
        In any case, Ben is doing well now.
        And, no, he isn’t declawed.

  3. I’d forgotten about this brilliant article you wrote Michael and was shocked again at the comments from the people who DO think punishing cats is acceptable.
    Four years later their poor cats must be nervous wrecks is all I can say!
    It’s illegal to smack a child now or even shout so I’ve been told by a friend with a naughty son.
    So, if it’s wrong to punish children for doing what children do then surely it’s also wrong to punish cats for doing what cats do.

    • The root of the problem is the human-centric world that humans live in and a lack of sensitivity, education and understanding of animals who are simply fellow creatures on the planet. They are better than us as well. It’s all about human arrogance. Humankind must become more humble and less self-indulgent.

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