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Don’t use antifreeze in garden water features — 6 Comments

  1. As ecologically irresponsible as it is to use exposed antifreeze in any outdoor environment, someone explain to me how killing all the wildlife that might get into that antifreeze is any less toxic than killing all the wildlife with free-roaming cats. On the upside, things that die from antifreeze can only die if they go to where the antifreeze is. All life in the area will die from cats because cats seek-out and torture to death all life in any area. If only cats were as immobile as a puddle of antifreeze, then cats would only be equal in toxicity to the environment, too bad that they are not. Leaving any cat outside is even more toxic to all native wildlife and the environment than a puddle of antifreeze. Whether you want to face up to this fact or not.

    • Jim/Woody spraying antifreeze into bird baths is as atrocious as depositing it anywhere else for animals to consume.
      I know it’s hard for you to accept, but cats have just as much right to live freely as your precious birds.

  2. Good point about the water features Michael. I think people tend to associate anti-freeze poisoning with a deliberate act, rather than an accidental one.

    People also need to be careful with screen-wash products too as they also contain ethylene glycol.

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