Don’t Use Clay Litters for Oriental Cats

by Steve

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I have a great brown spotted Oriental cat who is a one year old. To make a long story short, I didn't use clay litter until he was about 8 months old, but when he reached that age I went with clay and then 4 months in he could not digest or vomit the clay litter and had to have surgery -- $3,000 (USD) surgery.

Orientals lick their paws and cannot pass the clay like a normal bigger cat could. He is fine now and all back to normal. So please only use blue crystals or "world best cat litter" made out of Corn. I hope this helps.

He is great, he is always around me, on me, and talking to me. He's a great dog, I mean cat!


Hi Steve.... thanks for this really interesting information.

I had not thought about the dangers of cat litter from that perspective.

It would be nice to investigate this a bit more to try and better understand the problem.

For instance, are there other cat breeds who might have a similar problem?

And what exactly is going on in the digestive tract of an Oriental Shorthair cat that is not going on in other purebred cats?

It has also prompted me to ask if the problem is more widespread than we imagine.

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing. I am pleased your cat is now OK - but what an almighty vet's bill!

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Oct 11, 2010
More common
by: Steve-owner of cat

I was told clay wasnt good for small kittens but when they get older its fine. Talked to Breeders and this has happened before. I believe if someone has a smaller type of cat like Abyssinian I would not risk it ever.

Now my Oriental was treated for an underlining cause and he has no cancer nor does he have any of the genetic breed type problems sometimes Orientals may have.

The clay would harden up like a rock in his gut and he could not deficate nor vomit; he tried both all of a sudden one day. I believe it just sat in his gut but after getting too much of it after months it got to him. The hard clay litter rock got suck inbetween the small and large intestines. I have two DSH and they dont have problems with clay litter and are older but they had to switch.

Oct 11, 2010
Various Cat Litters and their Properties
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

The website noted below is from the Environmental Working Group, and this particular page deals with the various litters. It's pretty interesting reading. This could be the beginning of a very sound topic, to further our education as we enjoy our lives with cats.

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