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Dori: No one stepped up to save this 12-year-old cat who was found emaciated in a trailer park — 6 Comments

  1. Dori is oozing with energy and curiosity. She is really pretty too…look at that tail. I am so happy that Dori found a forever home. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸΎπŸ—οΈ

  2. I had a cat (Baby) who had stomatitis and who stayed small until I finally had her teeth removed. Yes that was a tough decision and I did some first, then the rest. Unfortunately it was soon discovered (after the FME) that she also had cancer throughout… The specialist who should have caught that BEFORE doing the FME was very apologetic, but I didn’t get my money back (though I probably should have).

    I live in a fairly affluent county in a fairly affluent state but I still wonder about the caliber of vets overall. I’ve had issues with many of the regular vets and a handful of serious blunders by specialists, so I wonder how bad it can be in other areas.

  3. Sam had the same issues, but I was dealing with vets who didn’t know what to do. I know better now.

    For most cats, guessing age by teeth works, but not in cases of bad teeth or being a stray. Nellie was thought to be at least ten when caught as a stray. That would make her 13.5 now. Her new human’s vet thinks she is younger.

    Mr Spunky had great teeth for many years.

    Pets age differently just like humans.

    • I don’t know whether they still do it but the Greenville shelter used to list the majority of their cats as TWO. You didn’t know until a vet visit to get a better estimate. There were cats we fostered who went to rescue and were adopted out and the people returned the cat to the rescue because the age was WAY off. Then there was a shelter cat listed as 23 who turned out to be 12 in NC.

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