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Double Trouble: Expensive Cat Stolen from Pet Shop — 6 Comments

  1. Exactly! No way should pet shops be allowed to sell pets! Not when so many are in shelters being killed! The world has gone mad and I get so angry by it all I wish I could do something 🙁

  2. The cat will likely be recovered.
    This couple qualify as “the stupidest criminals ever”.
    Full faced views on camera.

    Why a pet store would have any such expensive animals on display is another question. I can see some pups that look purebred too.
    Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  3. It doesn’t bear thinking about what sort of life that poor cat will be having.
    You are so right Michael, Pet Shops should only be allowed to sell supplies for pets and never ever live animals!

  4. Well, you got to consider the reasoning behind the sick thief… I am sure its not just to add another member to their family. There are multiple variables here at work. All depending on why the cat was stolen in the first place, all leads to poor choices, and i am sure the cat will fare poorly under any situation. The thief was not done out of concern and or love for the cat, so what is going to happen? It could be given away to another set of grubby hands… Used to breed .. oh a host of different reasoning. I don’t think living under the same roof with thieves would be an ideal environment for anything or anyone. A life based on deceit and dishonesty is not one worth living. Poor kitty!

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