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Downing Street Cartoon Cat Gives the Wrong Message

The Times cartoonist Peter Brookes is very well known and well respected. His latest cartoon in today’s newspaper features an imaginary version of the resident domestic cat at number 10 Downing Street, Larry, who I wrote about very recently.

The cartoon is definitely wrong. The cartoon is saying that Brexit (the vote for the UK to leave the European Union) is a huge and terrifying burden for the new Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Judging by her “Brexit appointments” to her cabinet (Johnson, Fox and Davis), Mrs May is firmly committed to following through the wishes of the citizens of the UK in breaking away from the European Union and making our way in the world free of the shackles of this bureaucratic, stultifying and stagnant organisation.

I do not think that Mrs May regards Brexit as some voracious predator in the form of a domestic house cat but as a unique opportunity to reshape the UK’s place in the world and to lead the country to heightened prosperity. It will take time but it will happen.

In addition, there is another benefit to Brexit. It will change the European Union. And it will be for the better. Brexit has sent a clear message to the arrogant, unlistening and complacent Eurocrats who have mismanaged the European Union for a very long time. The message is that they must change and they must rein in their desires to micromanage member states.

The European Union was designed to further business between member states. Through that it was also designed to prevent another war. It was not designed to facilitate mass migration which cannot be good for both the countries which are losing their citizens and to those states which are receiving far too many.

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Michael Broad

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    • Yes, you're right, actually, funnily enough I did not think of the British Lion but now you mention it you are correct. The cartoonist is still wrong :)

      • I try hard not to muddle in the affairs of other countries. My own has enough to keep me occupied.

  • Perhaps I quibble, but I don't think it's a reference to Larry at all (well, maybe indirectly in that his presence has recently been widely noted) but to Landseer's warlike lions at Trafalgar Square.

    • Marianna, you are correct. I think it is a double reference in fact once to the Trafalgar Square Lions as you mention and also to the house cat at number 10 Downing Street. Thank you for your comment.

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