Dozens of living cats pressed up against windows seeking fresh air, 200 dead in fridges

Worst cat hoarder case?
Photo: ARL
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Feline Armageddon at undisclosed home. Is this the worst case of cat hoarding ever? Two hundred dead and one hundred living cats have been taken from this home.

“Dozens of cat were pressed up against open windows, trying to get fresh air. Air quality levels inside the house are so toxic that ARL rescuers are required to wear respirators and protective suits and are only allowed in the house for 30 minutes at a time…..The dead cats filled refrigerators and freezers, alongside the owner’s own food.”


The Des Moines Register reporting via the ARL Facebook page tell us that about 200 dead and 100 living cats have been removed from ‘multiple buildings’ at an undisclosed address yesterday.

ARL (Animal Rescue League of Iowa) report on Facebook the they sent in their mobile response team to the property where they spent the entire day removing hundreds of living and deceased cats and kittens at this personal residence.

At five hours ago they were still capturing cats and kittens.

Here is their FB page:

Update: I have a picture of the man who created all this misery for these cats. His name is Dennis Carlson and his home is in Iowa. He is 65-years-of-age. He is facing five charges of animal neglect and charges of failing to dispose of a dead animal. What about straight animal cruelty charges?

Dennis Carlson
Dennis Carlson perhaps one of worst cat hoarders ever

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