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Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Cat Bowl Product Review — 5 Comments

  1. I really like your reviews of products. My cats after the great cat bowl jamboree during the winter of 2018 now eat out of an extra large Neater Feeder. Actually I have two so there are several feeding stations while i have extra long shifts. This was followed by the dismantling of the water fountain and the torturing the small vibrating animal inside. We have a 3 gallon stainless pail in the sink that is changed daily and objects removed and a bathroom faucet we never shut off all the way. Wet food is put on a large china plate. Picture of bowl flipper Toad.

  2. Are the cats in the photo testing the bowl your rescue cats? They look great and what a excellent way to test products! 🙂

  3. Thanks Zach for an excellent product review. ‘Whisker fatigue’ is an interesting description. Do all domestic cats have this problem or does it vary between cats?

    I presume too that this bowl is best with dry cat food as its shallow sides might lead to the food being shovelled off onto the surrounding surface.

    I wonder if a wide shallow bowl with steep sides might be better? I am not saying that it is better by the way. I am asking the question. The one downside is that if the food is near the edge the whiskers will make contact with the edge unless the sides are sufficiently shallow.

    Whisker fatigue bowl design

    • Hey Michael, thank you for your input! Shockingly I have had no trouble with canned food being pushed off from the rescue cats or my own cats. I do get that question quite often actually and to be honest I was kind of afraid of that problem myself. My cat that has a broken jaw which could not be fixed has to lick all of her food and while she does make a mess – it is still a easy to clean mess for how much she does shovel the food.

      Minimal dry food does end up on the floor on occasion but not in an excessive amount by any means – depending on which cat is eating from that bowl. My own personal cats used these bowls for a month before I got the puzzle feeders to replace them and maybe 5 to 6 pieces of kibble fell on the floor on a daily basis..give or take. It seems to really help curb the issue. Some cats eat more messy than others for sure though.

      I make it my mission to do product reviews that reflect the fact that I test the products with cats from different backgrounds and personalities. I want to make sure it is proven effective in a majority of cats to say that it is safe, and worth the price tag. That is one reason why I love testing them with my rescue cats which are the cats you see in the picture of my article :)! And it makes them happy too because new things are fun.

      I definitely think you are on to something with your diagram – and it is something I too thought off as an improvement to an already great bowl design…at least for that cats/kittens who are more likely than normal cats to push food off.

      Every now and again I do find that one rescue cat who does spill the contents of the bowl even when many others do not. I think they are working on another design for those type of cats so it will be interesting to see if I can get one in the future and how it compares. In fact it might be something I can do very soon.

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