Dr Palmer’s First Day Back at Work and There’s Pandemonium!

Walter Palmer returns to work
Walter Palmer returns to work
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Yawn. Sorry, but I have to report on Dr Walter Palmer’s first day back at work after six weeks off because it is quite interesting in a boring, repetitive kind of way!

Dr Palmer’s dental practice reopened, in fact, in mid-August without him. You may remember too that he had given an interview, recently (under strict conditions), in which he explained that he had no idea that he was killing a well-known lion (as if that makes a difference). Dr Palmer has also said that he is heartbroken by the treatment of his staff by protesters….

“I have a lot of staff members, and I’m a little heartbroken at the disruption in their lives…”

Dr Palmer also said that he was upset about the effect that the whole affair has had upon his wife and daughter who felt threatened. He said:

“I don’t understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all.”

There were a sizeable number of animal rights advocates and protesters at his workplace to welcome him! They jeered and cried “extradite Palmer” while he walked briskly to the front door of his River Bluff dental surgery at about 7 am (an early start). Perhaps he thought that an early start would help avoid protesters who are determined to continue. Their anger motivates them.

Walter Palmer returns to work

Dr Palmer’s first patient had arrived a few moments earlier and was sitting in the waiting room as Dr Palmer entered his workplace. I have to say, by the way, that Palmer looks slimmer than he does in the photographs that we have seen of him with the animals that he has killed. He appears to have lost quite a lot of weight. Perhaps this is due to the stress that he has been under over the past six weeks. That stress is not over. I expected it to continue for many months.

Dr Palmer’s receptionist was overjoyed to see her boss after such a long absence. After his first day’s work from his extended and enforced break, Dr Palmer headed home with a guard under the full glare of media attention and protesters. Dr Palmer was driven home by somebody else as he was in the passenger seat of a black Chevrolet truck.

His first patient after this extended break was interviewed by the media but the 40-year-old white male refused to cooperate! He did however confirm that he was a patient and it would seem that this particular patient was also a lover of hunting because he appears to possess a black Ford F-150 pickup truck with customised camouflaged upholstery (see picture). Perhaps all his remaining patients are trophy hunters or at least approve of it.

Walter Palmer returns to work

On the front door of Dr Palmer’s workplace there remained a series of stickers which appear to have been placed there by protesters. I’m surprised that they are still there.

Walter Palmer returns to work 4

You may remember that Dr Palmer’s office at his workplace is decorated with his stuffed trophies (tasteless and a memento of his cruelty, I’d say). Although the police in Bloomington are not involved in criminal matters with respect to Palmer they were involved in closing off the street and ordering reporters to keep their distance from him. They were not, they said, providing protection for Dr Palmer.

There were five officers and several police guards stationed nearby. Apparently cars from the parking lot opposite were towed away by a privately owned tow truck. I have no idea what that’s about but clearly there are people helping Dr Palmer to avoid, as best as possible, disruption to his life by protesters. I wonder if it was illegal to tow the vehicles away.

One of the protesters was Cathy Peers who had driven more than hour in order to be present at the dental practice. She said:

“I’m here to stick up for the animals who can’t stick up for themselves… Cecil was killed for nothing more than his skin and his head… His carcass was just left there to rot. It’s disgusting. We’re not here to pick on his patients or his staff – we are here to pick on him.”

It appears that nobody wanted to comment which includes the patient mentioned above, his staff and private security team. A private security guard warned journalist to keep off the dentist’s property while Dr Palmer remained inside his practice refusing to face the massed ranks of the media!

There were a good number of protesters at the site while stony faced Dr Palmer with a fixed gaze marched purposefully towards the front door of his establishment. The protesters declared that they would carry on their fight until big-game hunting was illegal.

Kristen Hall, 44, brandished a poster proclaiming “Justice for Cecil – Extradite Walter Palmer”.

Kristen said:

“He thought that if he’d just waited a while he could return to work like nothing ever happened and everything would be forgotten… He’s not contrite at all. He kept using the words “took a lion” in his interview – he didn’t take anything, he killed that lion.”

Dr Palmer has a hunting lodge about a three-hour drive away in northern Minnesota. Neighbours to this lodge say that he has a barn which is full of stuffed exotic animals including their heads, a moose, a walrus, a lion and a bear. When journalists drove onto a plot of land surrounding the property they were met by men who told them to get off private property.

What can we make of all this? Walter Palmer has not changed, in my opinion. He’ll trophy hunt again. The protesters are still as strong and as angry as ever and I hope that they have the passion and commitment to continue. Palmer’s life should not settle down to the way it was. I hope that his life has changed forever. Justice needs to be done.

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27 thoughts on “Dr Palmer’s First Day Back at Work and There’s Pandemonium!”

  1. Someone explain this to me. You are so proud of your cat when it goes out trophy-hunting and brings back an animal it has tortured to death (not even humanely) just for its and your entertainment. Even calling it “being gifted” by your cat. That animal killed for no other reason but your and your cat’s pride. But humans, which are also a hunter species (genetically) aren’t allowed to trophy-hunt. But you applaud your cats for doing precisely that, in fact, you send out your cats to trophy-hunt FOR YOU. I smell “manipulative self-serving delusional self-hating sociopathic hypocrite” written all over this, every which way from Sunday.

    • You don’t actually believe that cats go out to “trophy hunt” do you? If you believe that you need a psychiatrist. Cats don’t “trophy hunt”. They hunt instinctively as a means to survive. Cats don’t deliberately torture prey. What a cat does is completely natural but trophy hunting by humans in 2015 is completely immoral, unethical and unjustifiable. It is entirely for the pleasure of the human. Humans should have moved on by now and learnt to stop behaving like Neanderthals. Sadly, Woody, it is you who is delusional.

      • While you applaud your visitors, all cat-lovers, and all animal-rights fools for declaring that Walter Palmer should be shot and his head mounted as a trophy. Go look-up the definition of the words “hypocrite” and “sociopath”. Apparently you’ve never learned what those words mean. But you sure do love providing perfect examples of them to the whole world, in your own words and values. 🙂

    • Only one of my cats bring home dead animals… rats and mice, but then perhaps you only care about birds Woody?

      Cats as trophy hunters… that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week. I can’t quite see my cats demanding to have their photos taken with their kills and then uploading them onto social media to brag how “brave” they are.

      Human trophy hunters don’t even have the courage to hunt without powerful man-made weapons and a crew to help them. Palmer the so called sharp shooter who bragged he could hit a playing card from 100 metres, couldn’t even outright kill a target the size of Cecil! Instead he wounded Cecil and spent the next 40 hours tracking him before finishing him off at close range with a gun. And you think cats play with their victims for hours… Try looking in the mirror next time you want the true definition of hypocrite.

      • You do realize, don’t you, that even in the USA that a bow-hunter is given a full 24-hours to track down a deer that has only been maimed by an arrow and then slit its throat for the kill. Not considered a “good kill” but a legal one, nonetheless. How is that cereal that you are drooling on yourself while you watch your bambi-cartoons in your feety-pajamas? Do you plan on moving out of your mommy’s besement one day?

  2. I want to hug Cathy Pierce 🙂

    How passionate she was and I agree with everything she said. Kudos to her and all the other protestors who turned up. I hope they have the energy and numbers to keep that up.

    ‘5 officers and several guards’… but the police aren’t providing protection to Palmer and his staff… yeah right. This is America, where money talks.

    Palmer was all too happy to pose for photos next to his victims and then brag to everyone about he brave he is. Yet, now we see the ‘big man’ hiding like the cowardly PoS he is from a group of ladies armed with.. nothing more threatening than a banner.

    I don’t hold out much hope for him being extradited. I’d be so happy if he was brought to justice, but Mugabe’s government is corrupt and at best would probably only issue him with a fine he can easily afford.. and the money will go straight into the pockets of the wrong people 🙁


  3. I’m sure even before the killing of Cecil, many of his clients were already aware of his love of trophy hunting, and you can bet that many of his clients are hunting colleagues.

    He has no remorse because (like Lindsey) he doesn’t feel he’s done anything ‘wrong’. Both cowards are now trying to play the ‘victim’ card. They just don’t register (or refuse to acknowledge) the overwhelming flow of anger from the majority of the public towards them for their actions. They both deserve everything they’ve got coming to them…

    • That’s because neither of them DID do anything wrong. If you feel the way you do, then I suggest you lay down your life in every butcher and meat aisle of every last grocery store. Or, remain appearing the perfect hypocrite to the rest of the world.

      All that those protesters are managing to do is make all of you animal-rights activists look like the perfect examples of lunatics that everyone either already thought you were, or are now removing all doubt for everyone else.

      That is ALL that you are proving to the whole world. 🙂 THANKS!

      • Your logic is flawed..

        Lindsey did not eat Tiger – the neighbour’s pet cat she killed. In fact she disposed of his body in secret. Nor did Palmer have any plans to eat Cecil the lion he killed… he was too busy trying to hide the GPS collar which proved he was part of a conservation study.

        • Don’t you people even read anyone else’s posts but your own?

          1. She was engaged in “depredation control”, legal in all 50 states.

          2. NOBODY owned that cat. The owners of that property claim they’ve never owned ANY cat. And Amy, the manipulative freak who started all this, only fed that cat 2 times PER WEEK, and should have been thrown in jail for animal neglect. She was quickly fired from her caretaker job for this little stunt of hers for attention and donations to line her own pockets.


          • I do read other posts… in particular the one issued by the AVMA on their web site.

            Or perhaps you think the AVMA are also a bunch of ‘animal rights’ activists?

            • The AVMA are going to be dragged through the courts over this one. Since they are trying to punish Kristen for acting in a completely legal manner, and are using net-vigilantes’ complaints against her. NONE OF WHICH were her clients, which is REQUIRED to pursue any action against her. And then the lawyers go after all of you for causing this in the very first place! Isn’t this fun!? LOL 🙂

        • Don’t you people even read anyone else’s posts but your own?

          1. She was engaged in “depredation control”, legal in all 50 states.

          2. NOBODY owned that cat. The owners of that property claim they’ve never owned ANY cat. And Amy, the manipulative freak who started all this, only fed that cat 2 times PER WEEK, and should have been thrown in jail for animal neglect. She was quickly fired from her caretaker job for this little stunt of hers for attention and donations to line her own pockets.

          3. It is PERFECTLY LEGAL AND CONSIDERED HUMANE TO KILL ANY ANIMAL WITH A BOW & ARROW. Otherwise no bow-hunting licenses could be issued in every state of the USA and every other country on the planet!

          4. The ONLY reason that Cecil even had a collar in the first place was because SPORT HUNTERS were funding a study to see just how many lions could be SHOT TO DEATH without impacting their populations too much.

          Now go climb back under your ignorant rock in that pavement-brained world where you lunatics love to wallow.

              • I didn’t post a red-herring… but as always you resorted to insults when you ran out of arguments. Dissapointingly, you reached that low even sooner than anticipated.

                Your points, which you’ve make repeatedly have already been responded to by myself and numerous others on this site.

                • Yes you have all responded to them before, in the very same manner as you just did again. Never disproving them. Only by either totally ignoring them, deleting them, editing them, or making manipulative red-herring self-victimization excuses proving that you can’t disprove any of them — EVER. 🙂 Carry on. LOL

                  Now try to squirm your way out of that one too. I’m sure you’ll find a way. You always do. Worms squirm real good. LOL

                  • Trolls always have one thing in common: they cannot stop themselves insulting people. They can never just stick to the facts and the topic and present clear arguments. The hatred and anger in them always leaks out like bile. You’re just one example.

                    • You mean just like Michele and you just did AGAIN? Not sticking to the topic instead of addressing those 4 points I just made? (again) (Everyone take note, Micheal almost didn’t publish that last comment of mine, and you’ll probably never see this one either. Acting in accordance of EXACTLY what I had said. LOL)

                      I think someone needs to learn how to use a mirror while having a little time-out. Maybe I’ll ask “anonymous” to help with a fun little DoS attack on your site, and your home-phone, and all businesses and agencies related to you in your area, so you’ll know why that is a federal crime in the USA. LOL

                      Now, address those 4 issues, and for a bonus address why it is perfectly legal to shoot cats for depredation control in the UK too! You know, those other 2 links I had provided you with on various occasions for absolute proof of that. Then maybe I’ll let you off the hook. LOL

    • Oh, and don’t forget to stop buying cat-food too. Then you can stop paying others to kill animals for you. Or … play the hypocrite. Your choice.

  4. What I have heard on the news and from reading papers, Dr. (I use that term loosely) Palmer returned to his practice, being heavily guarded. And, his staff members escorted his clients in and out of the facility. The staff, reportedly, said that they would escort as long as necessary. They are in hope that this will die out at some point.
    My only guess as to why he would have such a devoted staff would be salary. As far as his clients, who knows? Perhaps, they are too self absorbed to care.


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