Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic

Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic has been voted best vet in the West. She declaws cats cheaply because she offers coupons that give 20% discounts off the price. Declawing is obviously wrong.

To encourage it by giving coupons for discounts makes it even more wrong. But it is worse than that. It is against the vet’s oath, ethics and AVMA policy.

And to vote this vet the best means that the people doing the voting are living in a parallel universe where black is white and white is black. The world is turned upside down.

“The dogs and cats we treat are very important to us,” says Forsythe. “We are responsible for treating your best friend”.
Comment: So Dr. Forsythe encourages the mutilation of your “best friend” for non-therapeutic reasons…think on


This is the ul20 percent of declawing coupon

timate expression of greed; of money dictating decisions on health and wellbeing. Actually, her practice is called; All Paws Animal Clinic. The address is 1011 N.State Rd, 7 Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA. But I decided that the name of her clinic should be “Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic” because perfectly healthy cats come into her place and they leave mutilated with a substantial part of their paws missing without good reason (note: it is fact that nearly all declawing is carried out for non-therapeutic reasons).

I am not sure what they mean by the “west”. It can’t mean the west of the USA. Of course the AVMA or any local vets association do nothing about this coupon business and probably actively encourage it. The offering of coupons is an encouragement to declaw when the AVMA policy on declawing (for what is worth) makes it clear …that Declawing of domestic cats should be considered only after attempts have been made to prevent the cat from using its claws destructively…(even that is a ridiculous statement)

So on the one hand the AVMA are saying it is an operation to be considered after due diligence and on the other hand this vet is throwing money at people to get ‘em through the door. The AVMA cynically supports declawing for non-therapeutic reasons.

Dr. Forsythe has a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist on her staff. I guess you need her to sort out the behavioral problems caused by declawing. Nice business – one feeds the other.

20 percent of declawing coupon 3

This is how the coupon should read.

Dr. Forsythe says that pain management is a priority at All Paws. Well of course, doctor, it needs to be as you are causing so much of it unnecessarily in declawing cats for non-therapeutic reasons.

Apparently this vet has been voted Voted Best Veterinarian 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 too…The best at what?

Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic to Declawing Cats

This is the page where you can see the coupon – link gone ages ago – surprised?.

Note: Yes, I am being tough and highly critical of this vet. I am satirizing her practice because I must not because I want to. There are 20 million declawed cats in the USA. There should be almost none. It must stop and I feel strongly that people who love cats and animals must speak out. In general the public are too accepting and silent on this cruelty.

Poster by Ruth. Declawing Vets Are Wrong

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Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic

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Sep 04, 2011 To Susan
by: Ruth

I’m so very sorry about your dog and I expect you will now never trust any vet fully, ever again.
Vets making money by extending procedures or even doing unnecessary ones is disgraceful !
I worked as a vet nurse for many years and in my opinion animals were better cared for in the days before endless tests and procedures not actually needing to be done were pushed on clients.
I couldn’t open the link to read about Forsthye’s discipline but I think she should never have been allowed to practise veterinary medicine again after killing someone’s pet cat by ‘mistake’ while multitasking !
That she amputates cats toe ends and even offers discount to do so shows what sort of a person she is, declawing is cruel painful surgery done for one reason alone, to make money !
You are very brave to tell your poor dog’s story and I hope the people defending her and calling her a wonderful woman read it !
I hope a good vet can help your dog improve with time but I know you will never forget taking a healthy animal in and bringing home a disabled one !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

by: Susan

NEVER TAKE YOUR BELOVED PET TO: ALL PAWS ANIMAL CLINIC INC – PATRICIA FORSYTHE DVM. She and her practice are predators and are only out for the $$$.

We brought our beautiful and loving canine in for a Dental and Patricia Forsythe DVM gave our loving canine a STROKE!

She pumped him up with way too many drugs, and kept him under Anesthesia for an extended period of time needlessly… It was all about the money, not the care, or careful treatment that every pet deserves! He was carried out to us, instead of walking. Patricia Forsythe DVM was not even around to talk with me. The tech blamed his grogginess on the drugs and said he would be fine.

He is now permanently disabled , and suffered a stroke during her extremely long dental, so she can charge more money.He was energetic and loving life until Patricia Forsythe DVM changed his and our lives forever….

I found out after that she has a Public Record. She euthanized the wrong feline! Patricia Forsythe is now on probation. It is unfortunate that I did not know this until she permanently gave my dog brain damage.

Beware of her incompetence, greed, and “animal cruelty”. She hides behind her immature staff and office manager. She never even called to see how my dog was feeling or if there was anything she could do for him….She just threw him on all kinds of medications, which made him worse as he was allergic to most of her recommended medications.

Mostly pain killers to mask the real reason of what her Dental did to him. It kept him groggy and made his condition extremely worse, and would have been deadly if I kept him on these pain pills for as long as she prescribed.

Do not be fooled by her, and keep your beautiful canines away from her. Read her Public Record!!



Number Class Incident Date Status Disposition Disposition Date Discipline

Discipline Date
2010009224 Licensed Activity 02/10/2010 Closed Final Order 06/27/2011

Probation 06/27/2011
2010009224 Licensed Activity 02/10/2010 Closed Final Order 06/27/2011 Cost 06/27/2011
2010009224 Licensed Activity 02/10/2010 Closed Final Order 06/27/2011 Fine 06/27/2011

by: Susan

NEVER TAKE YOUR BELOVED PET TO: ALL PAWS ANIMAL CLINIC INC – PATRICIA FORSYTHE DVM. She and her practice are predators and are only out for the $$$.
We brought our beautiful and loving canine in for a Dental and Patricia Forsythe DVM gave our loving canine a STROKE!

She pumped him up with way too many drugs, and kept him under Anesthesia for an extended period of time needlessly… It was all about the money, not the care, or careful treatment that every pet deserves! He was carried out to us, instead of walking. Patricia Forsythe DVM was not even around to talk with me. The tech blamed his grogginess on the drugs and said he would be fine.

He is now permanently disabled , and suffered a stroke during her extremely long dental, so she can charge more money.He was energetic and loving life until Patricia Forsythe DVM changed his and our lives forever….

I found out after that she has a Public Record. She euthanized the wrong feline! Patricia Forsythe is now on probation. It is unfortunate that I did not know this until she permanently gave my dog brain damage.

Beware of her incompetence, greed, and “animal cruelty”. She hides behind her immature staff and office manager. She never even called to see how my dog was feeling or if there was anything she could do for him….She just threw him on all kinds of medications, which made him worse as he was allergic to most of her recommended medications.

Mostly pain killers to mask the real reason of what her Dental did to him. It kept him groggy and made his condition extremely worse, and would have been deadly if I kept him on these pain pills for as long as she prescribed.

Do not be fooled by her, and keep your beautiful canines away from her. Read her Public Record!!



Number Class Incident Date Status Disposition Disposition Date Discipline

Discipline Date
2010009224 Licensed Activity 02/10/2010 Closed Final Order 06/27/2011

Probation 06/27/2011
2010009224 Licensed Activity 02/10/2010 Closed Final Order 06/27/2011 Cost 06/27/2011
2010009224 Licensed Activity 02/10/2010 Closed Final Order 06/27/2011 Fine 06/27/2011

Feb 09, 2011 RIP!!!
by: Anonymous

RIP SASSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 06, 2011 this is so damm cruel
by: Janet Macdonald

You call yourself a vet. How could you do this harm and give more pain to perfectly healthy cats. This is insane and has to stop. I thought vets loved animals and wanted to help them. This is not helping them but causing them more pain and ruining their lives. You’re sick and are a poor example of a animal lover, animal lover that loves to give pain to cats that is. grrr

Jan 05, 2011 DISGRACEFUL
by: Anonymous

On her clinic website questions and answers

What is the earliest age I can have my cat declawed?
12 weeks of age

THREE MONTHS of age,a tiny kitten barely left its mother and this place will amputate its toe ends.

Hello doctor,declawing is for serious scratching behaviour.A THREE MONTH old kitten has barely had chance to find out what claws are for.How can you take those tiny claws away and ruin that baby’s entire life?

You may be forgiven for making a multitasking mistake but God will never forgive you for mutilating kittens and cats.

Jan 05, 2011 Best vet in the west? hah
by: Anonymous

If she’s the best vet in the West I sure wouldn’t like my cat to meet the worst.

Jan 05, 2011 I agree
by: GK

Yes I agree.
That woman was obviously so busy crippling perfectly healthy cats which she had advertised to do that she had to rush through the tests or destruction of other cats when she finally got around to their turn.
How could anyone ever trust that place again!

Jan 05, 2011 Shame on the woman
by: Anonymous

Seems to me if this woman didn’t advertise chopping cats toe ends off to make herself even busier she would have time to be more careful with pets who genuinely need to be there for neccessary treatment.
She’s a multitasker by choice to make money out of ignorant clients who take advantage of her discount declawing.

Shame on the woman!

Jan 05, 2011 Thanks Kathleen
by: Ruth

Kathleen that is very very frightening !
I hope everyone will take your advice and check and recheck the vets and staff and system of any clinic before leaving their precious pets at their mercy.
If they are genuinely good they shouldn’t mind how ever many questions asked and should be willing to let anyone look around.
I don’t trust vets now like I used to when working with them because those days the practices were small and took in only what we could cope with.
They are huge and impersonal now and that worries me.
I still remember when I first started nursing, the most eminent respected vet there said to me that mistakes could happen and if I saw anything I thought was wrong to speak out, no matter who it was.
Those days the welfare of the patients was put above everything else but nowadays it seems to be all about money.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 05, 2011 Get it straight
by: Carol

Let’s get this straight.This woman trained to work with animals presumedly because she loves them,right?
But she gives discount on a needless procedure which cripples cats.Therefore she encourages people to have this last resort procedure done.They don’t ask her,she asks them,right?
She left two cats with the same name presumably shut in cages hanging around all day for different procedures until an hour before one was going home.Then she PTS the wrong one,right?Did she do the routine tests on the other one?She must have done because then she tells Sassy’s family to come and collect her,still not realising the wrong cat was dead.So that poor Sassy was put through needless tests.
We can only suppose after the devastated family had gone she PTS that cat too.
What a day’s work,it should have been her last.

Jan 04, 2011 More Common Than People Think
by: Kathleen

Ruth said it best when she said “In life and death jobs, there should be NO multitasking”!!! When I was working in vet hospitals, I routinely saw the owners of the places (several hospitals in two different states) cramming too much work into too little time with too few staff on hand. Based on all I have personally seen, the typical veterinary treatment area behind the scenes is usually in some degree of chaos, and the clients never have any idea how much gets overlooked, forgotten, or done inadequately or wrong as a result. Truthfully, the fact that American vets continue to aid and abet irresponsible pet owners through declawing is only ONE of the things wrong with the industry. I would advise everyone reading this who has concerns about the well being of their pets to INTERROGATE their vets about how their hospital is staffed and run, and if you are not satisfied, demand to see behind the scenes. If they will not allow you to see what goes on, go elsewhere. Ask them if their nurses are formally trained and certified or if they have been hastily trained on the job with no prior experience. If you are told they are certified, ask for PROOF, especially if you live in the Southern US, because Southern states do not require it. Ask them how many assistants and/or nurses are scheduled to work per day, per shift, per doctor. Adequate staffing would mean there should be AT LEAST two assistants for every doctor working every single shift, every single day. Less than that, and you get situations such as anesthetized animals being left unattended while the person who is supposed to be monitoring them gets pulled across the room to do something else. I saw this happen CONSTANTLY. I am so sorry for Sassy and the family, but people need to know this is not just a case of THIS doctor or THIS hospital. There are Sassys everywhere.

Jan 04, 2011 Sheesh!
by: Godimugly

I been reading this and imagining some old dame who doesn’t bother to keep up with things and spends her time in theatre with a hacksaw declawing cats on peacework – but i now seen her on this video and she looks like a proper madam that thinks she knows it all and in this case it’s been her downfall because her stupidity has caused her to murder an innocent cat and break the hearts of an entire family – her and her staff didnt even know which cat was which so what does that say about the way her place is run? well it says to me in big red letters – KEEP OUT -enter at your peril – i dont think anybody will be leaving any type of pet alone there after this and i hope this is still being looked at and the place is closed down

Jan 04, 2011 No excuse
by: Anonymous

I can only hope everyone boycotts her clinic and she is driven out of business.
How could anyone ever leave a pet there again with an easy mind?

Jan 04, 2011 Unforgettable
by: Ruth

How dreadful to be given the wrong cat and then to be told the right cat was dead !
I don’t think I’ll ever forget about Sassy as it’s stuck in my mind ever since I first read about it.
It must be the stuff of nightmares for her poor family.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 04, 2011 What I’ve heard really happened that day!!
by: Anonymous

From what Ive heard from numerous people in Palm Beach County… they tried to give the wrong cat back to the owners when they arrived. Then and only then did they realize they had mistankingly put the wrong cat to sleep!!! I’ve also heard that Sassy was put to sleep an hour before they ever called the family to come get her. These people had NO IDEA they dropped the ball until the family arrived to pick Sassy up. And Im pretty sure the investigation is still ongoing with the state of Florida. Again, this only what I’ve heard from different people. I’ve also heard about “Sassy’s Law”…I hope the family of Sassy can get it passed so this doesn’t happen to any more pets. Please keep Sassy and her family in your thoughts and prayers, I know I sure am.

Jan 04, 2011 RIP Sassy
by: Barbara

That is awful, poor Sassy and the poor famnily too, they are obviously devastated and with every reason. Yes there should be revues into the procedures and protocols but not for “Dr Patty”, she should lose her licence over this, it is too important to be brushed off, that healthy cat has lost her life through sheer neglect, nothing less.

Jan 04, 2011 What happened?
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know what did happen about the multitasking vet?
Is she still multitasking declawing so as to cripple as many cats daily as she can possibly fit in?
Hopefully maybe she’s decided instead to adhere to her oath to cause no suffering,that would go toward a suitable repayment for killing poor Sassy ‘by mistake’

Jan 04, 2011 To Sassy’s bereaved family
by: Ruth

That video has me in tears.
I’m so very sorry for you about losing Sassy because someone you trusted let you down.
Once you lose trust in one vet it’s very hard to trust another ever again, although in all my years vet nursing this never happened in any practice I worked in.
But that was in the days when the care of peoples pets was more important than making money.
In life and death jobs there should be no multitasking !
Every patient was checked and double checked to be the right one and animals to be euthanised were not kept hanging around in fear until a convenient time and there could be no mix up of 2 with the same name for different procedures.
Surely this should be standard practice at all clinics !
R.I.P Sassy

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 04, 2011 Video
by: Michael

This is the video referred to in the comment below:

Videos sometimes don’t show for various reasons, please note.

Michael Avatar

Jan 03, 2011 Video about Sassy
by: Anonymous

A friend just showed me this. Thought you all might like to watch. Best wishes!!

Jan 03, 2011 Sassy
by: Anonymous

Everyone keep your eyes and ears open for “Sassys Law”

Oct 23, 2010 Michael owns this website
by: Michael

I know it’s a joke but just for the record, Michael owns this website! And I am pleased to say that this page ranks high in Google searches so that anyone searching for Dr. Forsythe also finds this page.

Michael Avatar

Oct 11, 2010 to the anonymous clever clogs
by: Kath

Then I hope she bans anonymous posters

Oct 10, 2010 What Happened to Dr. Forsythe?
by: Anonymous

Dr. Forsythe bought this website…hehehehehehehe

Jun 19, 2010 Grow up BB
by: Edward

BB the oil spill was no more our fault in the UK than it was yours wherever you live.
Grow up do or push off.

Jun 17, 2010 Any news?
by: Mel

Whatever happened about the “sainted” Dr Forsthye,do any of our USA friends know?
I hope she didn’t just get her hand slapped and is carrying on mutilating cats!

Jun 17, 2010 Troll
by: Kathryn

Good advice Babz.
I just knew that BB was still reading these comments,getting a thrill over and over again.
Now scraping the barrell(excuse the pun heeheee) bringing up something that NONE of US have any control over,how pathetic that troll is.
Well got to go,I’ve much important stuff to do than feed trolls.

Jun 17, 2010 Get a life BB
by: Babz

BB = Troll. Solution: Ignore.

Jun 17, 2010 This is about CATS
by: Ruth

Well said Maggie !!
BB what has BP got to do with a woman who makes a fortune out of disabling cats by the cruellest operation that can be done on cats ?
And what has BP got to do with a family grieving for their much loved pet because this same woman killed her by ‘mistake’ ?
You are clutching at straws now and obviously out to make more trouble.
This is a site about CATS …..I’ll spell it out for you
They are FELINES with feelings of pain and fear, just like we are.
Now why don’t you go out and help a person or an animal in need.It will take the bitterness out of yourself and you might even find a nice person underneath that.Although you’d be hard pressed to be as nice as some of the caring compassionate people who come here.
We in the UK didn’t go and poke a hole in the oil tsanker, we have better things to do than pollute the environment.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 16, 2010 Here we go again
by: Maggie Sharp

BB, what is wrong with you? Honestly. These BRITISH people are trying to save cats from AMERICAN people like you who seem to think it’s okay to rip their toes off, they’re doing you and your country a favour, yet you still seem go around critising them. I know people in your country who do fight to save these animals, and they’re wonderful amazing people. But you, well, I don’t think I really need to say anymore.

I suggest you leave once more BB, but this time don’t come back.

By the way, if you care about the oil spill that much, then go and help out there, it’s going to take centuries for the ocean to recover, so I suggest you turn your concerns towards helping solve the oil spill, not blaming people for something which is not their fault.

Jun 16, 2010 British PPPPPP
by: BB

Hmmmm…I’m back…British Petroleum???

Jun 05, 2010 Discount neutering
by: Kathryn

I’ve just been writing this on another page and will write it here too.
If any of Dr Forsythe’s acolytes are reading this then ask her why she doesn’t advertise and give discounts for neutering?
Surely the whole point of training as a vet is to ensure your clients have healthy animals.
Yes her income would suffer,no return visits for problem after problem after neutering as there is for declawing.
But if this woman is the kind compassionate star we are told she is,then surely money won’t matter to her.

Jun 03, 2010 What !!!!
by: Bert T

I’ve just seen Ruth described as……
“a bitter, mean person, not a true animal lover or cat lover,but more of a person who thrives on being miserable and making others join you”
and this to finish off….
“Get a life, find another vet to pick on you cat cillin’ crazy”
How dare you write these filthy insults to a person you are not fit to even crawl on the ground behind.
You are an objectionable person who first hides behind anonymous and then BB.
Come on out and face us if you are still reading this…I’ve a feeling you will be.You are probably a troll gleefully reading over and over again the rot you wrote and getting a thrill from it.
To add insult to injury you called Rose what you imagined was a cleverly written insult..hah…you failed miserably.
I loved your answer Rose!
You,anonymous/BB the friend and admirer of a declawing and careless vet,need to take a long look in the mirror and you will see that the descriptions you used for those 2 fine ladies actually fit you perfectly.

Jun 02, 2010 BB
by: Maggie Sharp

Folks, let’s not worry with this BB character, she’s honestly not worth it, those insults and nasty words she throws out are merely a relection of herself. I’ve just about had enough her, calling Rose a ‘female dog’ on a public forum is just about as pathetic as someone can get, it absolutely disgusted me… Good bye BB, rest assured that we won’t miss you nor your insults!

Jun 02, 2010 Methinks I’ve heard enough
by: Tracey (England)

BB. Shame if I missed you but I’ve got to say I’ve never heard such a load of rubbish. The issue is not only a vet that de-claws but a vet that advertises that she does it and also offers discounts.

If you know of any more (and you probably do as you seem to keep excellent company) wheel them in and we’ll expose them for what they are too.

What really gets me is the fact that you have the nerve to talk about God and ‘God given’ well have you ever thought about the fact that claws are God given? Mmm? Well I suggest that you mull that one over.

I think that you’ve now got the jist of what we’re about. I met Ruth on the net earlier this year and believe me if any person is God given then its Ruth.

We all work tirlessly helping and rescuing animals but you’ll rarely hear us brag about it. We don’t need to; we know what we do. Personally I would rather hear about how you intend to teach your pal the error of her ways.

Finally this anonymous stuff. We all use our names; only cowards don’t. Think about it; my name is Tracey. I use my name beacuse 1. I’m not a coward and 2. seriously, how many Tracey’s do you think there are in England? Lots! Please be sensible, I do hope you come on here again using your name. Unless you’ve got a name that no ones heard of what are you worried about? If you have a common name like mine then no ones going to track you down; just chill.
I also hope you come on here again because you say ‘you’ll speak to Dr Patty’ That being so we’d all love regular updates on your progress. Bye for now.

Jun 02, 2010 Am I too late ?
by: Kathryn

Has BB gone?What a shame if I’m too late as I’d like to have told her the home truth that people who are selectively good to animals can no way be true animal lovers.
You can’t rescue one animal from abuse and abuse another yourself and expect to be admired.
Yes my main passion is cats,I learned all I could about cats and one thing I learned was how their claws are very necessary to their health.
Now if I who didn’t qualify as a vet,know that,how come someone who did qualify doesn’t know?
Or maybe doesn’t care.
How come I am very very careful with any cats I rescue,that I take my time and don’t multitask and give the wrong treatment to one.
How come someone who did qualify isn’t as careful?Especially with cats lives!Contrary to the old wives tale,they only have one life,the same as we do.
One last note,if you are reading this BB
I’m another who greatly admires all she does.

Jun 02, 2010 Way to go
by: Edward

Ruth you are worth a million of the stirrers like that BB person and her Godly friend who picks and chooses which animals are for her good works and which are to cripple or kill.
Keep up the good work man.
Ed x

Jun 02, 2010 To Ruth
by: Fran

You are welcome Ruth.I don’t know why BB singled you out but she made a huge mistake in doing so.
She has now reduced this page to gutter level.That of course is on top of blowing her own trumpet as to what she does for animals and trying to convince us that her pal is Saint Patty.She even brings God into the discussion.
He who loves all living creatures including cats and must be heartbroken to see so many deliberately crippled by St Patty and her ilk.
I for one am glad that Michael exposed this woman’s declawing at discount price and I’m also glad that her killing of a wrong cat was exposed.
It’s not fair that people don’t know these things and mistakenly trust her with their pets.
Sorry does not bring Sassy back to life and doing good works for SOME animals does not atone for ruining countless others lives by declawing.

Everyone,boycott declaw vets no matter how’good’they are,until declawing is banned.

Jun 02, 2010 Thank you my friends
by: Ruth

It’s wonderful to know that most people know I’m not the dreadful person BB thinks I am.
I know for a fact too that those of you I know in real life or from our worldwide internet friendship through fighting for a ban on declawing,devote many hours and give financially what you can to animals too.
You are wonderful people !

BB if you are still reading this page I can only say that to condone abuse is as bad as doing it yourself.I can’t think of a single person I know who would be friends with a declaw vet no matter how many good works she does.
Others have battled cancer or various other illnesses and cared for their family with serious illnesses too.
It happens.
None of us have ever pre meditately caused an animal pain and life disablement and we never will.
Surely,no true cat lover can believe that a person trained to help them,agrees to do just that.
If you love cats,you love all cats and you fight all abuse of cats.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 02, 2010 Good riddance BB
by: Petra

Bye, don’t hurry back now, we prefer people with a bit of sense, good manners and compassion for animals not people who toady to vets who mistreat animals and attack decent people who really care for animals. One last piece of advice, you should choose your best friends more carefully, if Forsythe is the best you can muster then you’re in trouble.

Jun 02, 2010 BB
by: Colin

WE lobby for animals WORLDWIDE

Jun 02, 2010 That’s me heeeheeeee
by: Rose

Now you show your true colours and I can only say that I am be proud to be called a female dog because they have more manners than some people.
Just knew you couldn’t resist coming back,hang around and you might learn a bit more.
BTW does BB stand for Brag and Boast
Badmouthed and Bad at choosing friends.
Bye,I’ve got to go now as I have a life.

Jun 02, 2010 Bye Bye BB
by: Sue

Bye Bye BB and good riddance,you are doing what the rest of people in the wrong do,you tittle off when you know you’ve lost.
We’d like to stick to the declawing issue but people like you make it impossible.
None of us brought up the case of Dr Forsythe killing the wrong cat but we do know a careless mistake like that should not happen in a properly run clinic.
Why should she ever be trusted again?
I’d not let her within a mile of my cats.
If people like her are your friends then I wouldn’t like to know your enemies.

Jun 02, 2010 ROSE YAWNNNNN
by: BB

Who cares? The woman you are commenting about and saying who cares who she is, has dedicated her entire life and money to helping cats, you have proved yourself to be an ignorant, spiteful, FEMALE DOG!!! Get it??????????

I said in a previous post I was done, however this comment from ROSE about another person she doesn’t know had to be addressed.

Jun 02, 2010 COLIN
by: BB

Sorry Colin, however, I believe in GOD and that we are all GODS creatures. Once again, you are judging a creation of our LORD. I have gone on record stating that I personally am against declawing and YES, I will speak to Dr. Forsythe, with that said, how dare you question the LORDS gifts in relation to Patricia Forsythe? You and some others on this site, absolutely take away any credibility and power of your quest and passion to eliminate declawing worldwide. Stick to your issue and maybe others will listen and act, keep up your attacks and you will only continue to emote bantering that it not related to your cause, nor conducive to a desirable result.

BB out and will no longer post or opine on this board, since rather than addressing the initial cause that Micheal presented has now deteriorated into an attack on Dr. Forsythe and other posters that even share in your beliefs.

FYI, I lobby on a county, state and national level for animal rights…many of you are WAY off base in your attacks.

Jun 02, 2010 Yawnnnnnnn
by: Rose

Yawn,I have better things to do than google your friends if they are anything like you and the Godsent one.Who cares who Gertrude Maxwell is, not me.
Sorry but I’m not impressed either by your bragging about what you have done for animals.
I don’t feel the need to broadcast what I do.
You talk about God…. news flash….God is the one who sees all everyone does and we don’t need anyone else to know,because when Judgement Day arrives,it’s HIM we answer to.
He also knows every act of intentional cruelty,He will know exactly how many cats your friend has disabled.
Maybe the cancer is a message from Him to show what pain feels like.
Your friend is amongst other vets who still think declawing is acceptable but you may like to tell her that the vets who do not declaw are much more respected than she is or ever will be if she carries on in this disgusting way.

Jun 02, 2010 A practice contrary to AVMA & HSUS policies
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

No matter how loving, caring, compassionate person any vet might be in the eyes of those who know him or her personally, offering discount coupons for declawing is still very poor practice.
Doin so encourages declawing contrary to the (very lax) guidelines of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
It’s also ignores the policies of the Humane Society of the United States as stated on their website: ‘Declawing Cats: Far Worse Than a Manicure’
As HSUS says, ‘If performed on a human being, declawing would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle.’

Finn Frode avatar

Jun 02, 2010 To BB
by: Colin

If Dr Forsthye is battling cancer then she must know what it is like to suffer pain.
Tell her to think of the cats paws she mutilates.Those cats wake up in pain and suffer a lifetime of it.
In my book any good work she does is cancelled out by encouraging and carrying out the needless operation misnomed declawing.
Please don’t call her a gift from God,He most certainly would not approve of her crippling His creatures.
I (and I don’t suppose anyone else here)am not impressed with all your or Dr Forsthyes’good works’you boast of,I think 99% of us give financially and physically to animals in need.
You say you are her friend,well a good friend tells that person the truth,so maybe you should have a word in your friend’s ear about how the civilised world feels about her being one of the vets breaking their oaths.
It isn’t a vendetta against her,it is merely to point out the error of her ways and to hope she will soon realise the wrong she is doing.
Don’t worry,other declaw vets have their turn if someone writes an article about them.

Jun 02, 2010 BB
by: Maggie Sharp

Being Dr Forsythe’s best friend, you have a lot of power BB. Tell her to stop torturing these beautiful creatures, it’s disgusting, she will be a monster in my eyes until she stops this horrific cruelty. Regardless of all the rest she does abuse cats by declawing them, and any vet who declaws will be ‘attacked’ here, not just Dr Forsythe. I’m SO glad to hear that you’re against declawing though, if you have a spare minute please sign Ruth and Babz’s petition.

Please, if you can, talk to Dr Forsythe about declawing, one vet stopping declawing makes a huge difference.

Jun 02, 2010 THANK YOU
by: BB

Ok everybody, here’s the deal, I happen to be a real animal lover. I just recently helped coordinate and finance a major fund raiser for a shelter / rescue facility. I have spent my entire life rescuing fallen birds, stray cats (many, many cats) and have been involved in returning a lost dog across country that resulted in a news story. A close family friend is Gertrude Maxwell, for those who know her, fine, for those who don’t google her name. My entire family has been involved with Save-A-Pet since it’s inception in 1972. These actions have been from our hearts, however they have also included our wallets in a big way too.
I apologize for lowering my own standards, morals and ethics on this board, to those of you that have spewed venom towards Dr. Patty. You see, Dr. Patty Forsythe is one of my BEST FRIENDS, she is a loving, caring, compassionate person and absolutely, unequivocally among the top animal lovers there are on this great earth.
Dr. Patty DONATES many of her off time hours to the local shelter. Yes, she does her best in every aspect of her personal life and business life to help others less fortunate, including offering discounts to all pet owners for various types of services (including this declaw issue). If the issue is declawing, then believe me, I’m with you all as an advocate for the banning of declawing in the United States; however it is legal and MANY cat owners request to have their cats declawed for a multitude of reasons. Those of you that live in the United States should write to your congresspersons and senators.
It just appears that the issue is attacking Dr. Patty, whom most of you do not know. I’ll probably get myself in trouble here, but Patricia Forsythe is a GOD loving gift to those that have met her, oh and by the way, she is battling cancer, she is a survivor and a savior. All I’m requesting is to stop attacking her…It was previous postings that used horrific names directed towards her…Keep on topic and spread the word to ban declawing, yet do it in a positive manner, a teaspoon of sugar goes further than a ton of salt. Our cats are loving GODS creatures, Patricia Forsythe is a gift from GOD, leave her alone!!!

Jun 02, 2010 BB
by: Fran

You couldn’t be more wrong about Ruth.
I’m sorry to break this news to you but it’s you who is the bitter person who doesn’t really love cats.
It hardly takes a Science degree to put some initials instead of anonymous.You’ve managed it now I see,wow you must be thrilled,the world is your oyster.
You can go around cat lovers sites and vent your spleen on anyone who doesn’t agree with the misguided rubbish you write.
Ruth wasn’t the only one giving her thoughts about the oh so wonderful Dr Forsythe who chops off cats toes and kills peoples pets by mistake.
Pick on Ruth again and you pick on a hell of a lot more of us too.
Notice her aka is KATTADDORRA
I’ll spell it out in simple language for you
She ADORES cats ….OK ?
Get the picture ?
It’s you needs to get a life BB.

Jun 02, 2010 To BB
by: Barbara

BB how dare you come on here and throw insults at Ruth, a woman who devotes much of her time to trying to stop the unbelievably cruel and inhumane treatment of cats thousands of miles away in another country? She could be like you and beggar around on facebook, probably playing stupid farming games ignoring the plight of millions of animals and leaving it to others to fight, but she doesn’t, and when she’s not trying to save cats from having their paws mangled she’s campaigning against hunting and animal testing in our own country, she’s helped animals in danger all her life, on the internet and on the streets with petitions, flags, money raising stalls, she’s been down a well to save a kitten and she’s been physically hurt and mentally drained, so in my book that makes her a cut above you, you don’t know her and you’re resorting to cheap jibes and silly made up words.
She isn’t bitter, she isn’t mean, she’s a funny, warm, generous, loving and kind woman who will do anything for anybody, at the moment she’s supporting a neighbour who is going through a very hard bereavement, she’s helping me organise a fund raising event for a group of pensioners and she’s re-decorating her home as well.

Does she sound like the person you describe? No, I thought not. Ruth is my big sister, she’s been there for me all my life, she was my rock when I was widowed and she cared for our mother in her last years. Speak ill of my sister and you call the wrath of hell down on yourself!

Show some sense, you must know that if everyone called themselves anonymous it would lead to utter confusion, you’ve signed yourself BB this time, why couldn’t you put the same name to your earlier thought or are you too yellow to put your name to your convictions? Well I’m not so here’s my name:

Barbara avatar

Jun 01, 2010 To ‘BB’
by: Maggie Sharp

BB, I’m not sure who you are, or who you think you are, but talking about Ruth like that is NOT acceptable, as far as I’m concerned. She is a very much respected person on this site, and like most of us here her concerns are in the welfare of animals, not keeping up with modern technology, i.e; Facebook….. How can you say that she’s not an animal lover, she is trying to ban declawing, you couldn’t be more of an animal lover! This vet declaws cats, that is animal cruelty and abuse, and if you defend this vet you are just as bad as she is!

Jun 01, 2010 Friend or Foe?
by: Anonymous

Shame on you Dr Patty!! What’s the problem that you need money more than reason? Old man not working? On drugs? I’d rather think that then that you are just grossy politically incorrect!

Jun 01, 2010 I’m one of the Anonymous’
by: BB

This is to Ruth…I’ve made two of the “Anonymous” posts. I’m new to “blogging” and do have a Facebook thanks to my children, but I’m not to savvy when it comes to internet / blogging protocol, I always thought anonymous was the idea; you can post and no one knows who you are???

I agree with the post from Feb 26 by outsider looking in. I don’t know who you are, however you seem to be a bitter, mean person, not a true animal lover or cat lover, but more of a person who thrives on being miserable and making others join you.

Get a life, find another vet to pick on you cat cillin’ crazy.

Jun 01, 2010 Rights ??????????
by: Ruth

Anonymous,you say you have rights.
Well, in our countries,we also have rights and animals have rights too.
One of those rights is for all cats to keep their toe ends which they need to live healthy,happy, fulfilled lives.
Another is that as long as there is quality of life, all cats are be given treatment for any illness. They are not written off as old unhealthy cats which don’t matter if they are killed by mistake.
When will cats have rights in your country?

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 31, 2010 To Anonymous
by: Maggie Sharp

Anonymous, let me clear up that we (well, I at least) only jumped on Jill due to the impression that she supported Dr Forsythe and her delawimg discounts. But you, you’re jumping on her because of spelling errors? To me she can spell very well, have you ever heard of a typographical error? Clearly not… Who are you? And why are you being so aggressive? As Jill said, let’s keep our words civil. Dr Forsythe is those words that she was called, she declaws cats, do you not understand the seriousness of declawing? It’s far worse than any name calling, let me gaurantee you that!

Morons are we? Okay, sure, we’re morons but we’re the only morons who have the guts to speak out against declawing! Which is more than I can say for you…

May 31, 2010 Anonymous
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Since you apparently do not want to post using your own name, why don’t you pick a posting nym so that we know which messages are yours? Makes things so much easier for everybody.
And – needless to say – in most internet forums the credibility of anonymous contributors is not valued that much…

Finn Frode avatar

May 31, 2010 RIGHTS?
by: Anonymous

Here in the United States we actually have RIGHTS. BIGOTS? Sounds like the UK and most of Europe & the rest of the world. To the clients of Dr. Forsythe and All Paws Animal Clinic, if you are concerned about the care your pet is receiving or has received, go to another vet, there are plenty to choose from.

May 31, 2010 Anonymous LEAVE Jill alone
by: Sue

Jill has got dragged into this discussion because she truly loves animals and is upset about what happened at that clinic.
You have NO RIGHT to pick on her spelling.
Have YOU never mispelled a word in your life?
Don’t try to muddy the waters by saying we resort to name calling.That seems to be your forte.
This article was written about Dr Forsythe’s encouraging of a cruel and needless procedure,you can’t blame anyone for wondering why if she is such a caring and compassionate “star” vet she does this!
You can’t blame anyone either for fearing for any pets she has under her care after she killed someone’s pet cat by “mistake”
How would you feel if it was YOUR cat?
You need to get a life and you need to also realise that to make any valid comment it helps to give your name rather than hiding behind anonymous

May 31, 2010 Spelling mistakes do not cause death
by: Rose

What is the matter with the few anonymous posters who defend Dr Forsthye?
Spelling mistakes have never yet caused the death of a cat nor have they caused a cat to be disabled for life as does the cruel amputation of their toe ends.
Anyone,even the best educated,can make a spelling mistake,so stop clutching at straws to try to get your bigoted views across as we are not impressed.

May 31, 2010 Name calling is not nice and very much not something you find in animal lovers.
by: Anonymous

Name calling is not nice and very much not something you find in animal lovers…yeah right Ms. Anonymous, Dr. Forsythe has been called too many names in these posts, give me a break you are all hypocritical morons.

May 31, 2010 When we rersout to name calling we only lessen our stand.
by: Anonymous

“When we rersout to name calling we only lessen our stand.”…Excellent point, however, maybe you should use spell check & CHECKOUT THE GOLDEN RULE. The blog attack on the poster that used the word moron is responding to comments initially made towards Dr. Forsythe that include:

Cat Killer
Careless Multitasker
Money hungry
Hope someones euthanizers her (wow, we even have murderer wantabees)
Brought up on murder charges
Dr. Multitasking
Mutlitasking cat killer
Money hungry vulture

If you’re going to respond with more venom about someone using a word like moron, you may want to look at your own words.

May 31, 2010 To Jill
by: Ruth

Hello again and thank you for signing our petition.Every single signature and comment is a step nearer to the day we can present it to the AVMA and the pro declaw vets to convince them how many people want declawing banned.
We do start out by being nice and trying to understand the mentality of people who think animal abuse and the people who do it is acceptable.
But most of those people come on here defensive and aggresssive and nice doesn’t work with them.
All we want to do is to try to help as many animals as is possible so it’s upsetting, some of the names we are called.
However, sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never harm us !

May 31, 2010 To Barbara and Ruth
by: Jill

Thank you both for your kind words and knowing I am fighting the same fight that you are.

Barbara — what you said at the end of your last post about not speaking up is the same as siding with those that are doing wrong is the exact message that my religious leader said durning his sermon on the holiest day of the year for my faith. You are very right and that is why we must speak out.
Ruth — I have proudly signed your petition. Please continue to post it.
I agree that this is a heated topic and you are not going to get everyone to agree. There are still many people that think of animals as objects. But I do believe that we can debate anything and still keep a civil word in our mouths. When we rersout to name calling we only lessen our stand.

May 31, 2010 Open your eyes Dr Forsthye’s defenders !
by: John


May 31, 2010 To Jill
by: Ruth

No one is attacking you Jill, you said you won’t be going to that clinic again, a very wise decision and I feel for you that someone you thought caring and trustworthy has feet of clay.One critical ‘mistake’ like Dr Forsthye made does affect the whole clinic as the question is why was no one else there to double check it was the right cat? The cat which should have been PTS was obviously not an emergency or she surely wouldn’t have been left,she would have been PTS immediately.So why Dr Forsythe’s rush when she was already ‘multitasking’
You are obviously a true cat lover, against the abuse called declawing and I’m sure all of us will be glad of your support to get it banned !
More vets are begining to realise that many more people now look upon declawing with disgust, especially the encouraging of declawing by some vets,instead of education about it.They are realising the rest of the civilised world where it is already banned are waiting for the USA and Canada to join us.
I make no excuse for continually posting our petition which is steadily growing and the comments made by people worldwide show the strength of our feeling.

May 31, 2010 Confusing anonymouses
by: Ruth

I agree with Barbara, too many anonymouses confuse the issue. If people would at least even give an initial so everyone knew who we were talking to it would be much better.
To the anonymous who said we don’t have the personality type of animal lovers,we are more like a bunch of angry, unhappy, malicious morons.
Excuse me but I know for a fact that a good few of the people here give hours of their time to animal welfare and rescue and care about ALL animals.Yes we are angry and unhappy,but at the abuse of animals,not at life.We don’t sleep at night because we worry about what more we can do to help animals.Not like the abusers who I’m sure go off happily, because they have no conscience, and not like the people who bury their heads to what is happening.
Malicious morons we are NOT ! The malicious morons are those who abuse cats and those come here with remarks which they know full well will upset TRUE animal lovers.
We have lives, we have jobs, we have families and friends, we don’t want to give up hours of our time to educating people and to saving cats claws,but we CARE about ALL cats …BTW we have saved well over ONE HUNDRED cats claws from ‘star’ vets like Dr Forsythe,none of those people knew declawing really means !
Star vets don’t encourage declawing, they educate their clients as to the alternatives.Star vets don’t ‘mulitask’ and kill the wrong cat either.

May 31, 2010 Too many anonymouses – To Jill
by: Barbara

Jill, I think we have more than one “Anonymous” posting here, problems start if people don’t use at the very least a pen name, if one Anonymous says one thing and another Anonymous says something quite opposite then total confusion reigns. Yes the debate gets heated but that is because the regulars on POC love cats and hate to see, hear or read of cats being abused by people who profess to love them or have sworn to do no harm to them. Campaigning for what is right is never easy, as you’ve found by boycotting Dr Forsythe, but it is necessary because if we don’t make a stand against something/somebody then we are condoning it/them.

May 30, 2010 There you have my name
by: Jill

My name is Jill and as I stated I have known doctor Patty for many years and due to what has happened she is no longer my vet. Have you not read my comments. Saddly, by not using her, I cannot use her partner who is my dogs vet, but I will not put my animals in harms way. You are picking what you want to read from my posts. The reason I seem to know more about Dr. Patty is because I know her and many people that use her. Being in the same community gives me access to information that others might not have. I have lost sleep over what has happened here. If you read my first comment you will see that I lost one of my cats in Dec and Dr Patty was very kind and caring. She did nto cause the cat’s death, she was very sick and died on her own at the emergency center a few hours later.
Also, I am not the only one who has not signed my name up until now so please go back and reread my comments and realize that I am agreeing with you.
I repeat….I WILL NOT USE DR. PATTY AGAIN! I HAVE NOT AND NEVER WILL DECLAW ANY CAT. The one cat I have that is declawed came to me that way as an adult and was considered so badly abused that she would never find a home. She has been with me for 6 years and is a total joy. My new cat, who I got after the other cat passed away, has all of his claws and always will. He has been trained to use straching posts and gets his nails clipped on a regular bases. My dog, who was gotten off of death row, is now a service dog to help me with a physical problem I have. Is there anything else you would like to know about me or are you done attacking me.

May 30, 2010 This thread is about Dr Forsythe & her clinic – that’s why she is the subject of discussion
by: Michele S.

Anonymous defender of Dr. Forsythe, you’re obviously not aware that declawing, ear cropping, tail docking and circumsion are mainly North American trends. The “mutilation” of animals was considered an act of cruelty by vets in the majority of the civilised world decades ago. In fact it was those vets’ refusal to perform such procedures that led to them being banned. The USA and Canada are well developed countries with much to be proud of, but you really do need legislation to protect your pets from cash-greedy vets.

Humans can decide for themselves if they wish to modify their appearance or physique. Animals don’t have a say in the matter, so it is our responsibility to protect them from unnecessary pain or suffering. There is already more than enough animal cruelty in the world, without vets encouraging their clients to have unnecessary and disabling procedures performed upon their pets.

There is absolutely no excuse for the death of poor Sassy. She was someone’s much loved family member. That you would think the victim being an “unhealthy 13 year old cat” somehow justifies the negligence of Dr. Forsythe and her practice suggests to me that you have little compassion for animals and none for Sassy’s family.

You may think Dr. Forsythe is wonderful, but those of us who genuinely care about animals consider her professional and ethical standards to be severely lacking.

Anonymous, why do you never post your name? Myself and many others on here are proud to speak up for what we believe in, but you don’t seem to have the same conviction. Are you Dr. Forsythe or one of her employees? (You provided information about Sassy that hadn’t previously been mentioned on this thread).

May 30, 2010 Why do people get cats? Answered
by: Anonymous

When I made the comment on why buy cats it was to make a point.
When we get a cat we accept the fact that they have claws, use litter boxes and have fur balls.
Dogs bark and sometimes pee in the house etc.

The point I was making is don’t get a cat if you don’t want to deal with these things. Claws and litter boxes are part of sharing your life with a cat just like buying gas is part of owning a car.

Name calling is not nice and very much not something you find in animal lovers. This is an open forum and we allowed to agree or disagree so long as we keep our words civil.

May 30, 2010 Why buy cats or dogs? Why give birth? Why?
by: Anonymous

To the comment of why buy a cat if you’re going to have it declawed…Then why get a dog if you’re going to have ears & tailed cropped? why have a son if you are going to have Circumcision done? Why do so many people have plastic surgery…nose, neck, tummy, face & boob jobs? Come on people, there are too many puppy mills, too many stray cats, too much over population of our furry friends and far too many veterinarians and “humane” societies that are truly cruel & in-humane to our companions. Michael from ENGLAND & many of you believe in your cause, however to single out one veterinarian and basically slander and libel her practice just seems wrong, actually it doesn’t coincide with the personality type of a animal lover, more like a bunch of angry, unhappy, malicious morons.

May 30, 2010 To anonymous who defends Dr Forsythe
by: John

An outstanding veterinarian
Best of the West
Quality care and compassion
A star

Are we talking about the same woman who encourages and performs the disablement of cats by declawing them and who is so careless she kills the wrong cat when “multitasking”

So it’s time to move forward is it and praise Dr. Forsythe for the service,compassion and care that she has provided.
You ARE joking of course.
You want us to move forward and forget she killed a family’s pet,would you move forward if Sassy had been your pet?
Many people are old and in poor health,it doesn’t mean their family wants them to die by “mistake”It’s the same with cats,they are as much family members as the human ones.
That family obviously cared enough about their cat to trustingly take her for a diagnosis and treatment.Maybe you think a cat isn’t that important do you?That it didn’t matter that Sassy died?
Think about that and put your misplaced loyalty elsewhere.
Instead admire the no declaw vets who don’t break their solemn oaths to harm no animals,admire the vets who are careful about EVERY animal in their care.

May 30, 2010 To ex client of Dr Forsythe
by: Ruth

That is a question I ponder over again and again,why do people get cats if they don’t like that they have claws?
Yes I agree,it’s not only Dr Forsthye who amputates cats toe ends daily,it’s many others too and they all need to be boycotted to get the message across to them that declawing is CRUEL.
They don’t all offer discount coupons or neuter/declaw packages but many do push declawing by offering it when a client phones about neutering or claw problems.
There are people who get a kitten knowing full well they won’t have to bother teaching him to use a scratching post because they can have him declawed no questions asked. These are people who should not have a cat, they are unfit to have a cat ! The declawing of kittens is outrageous !!!
I hope you have found yourself a trustworthy no declaw vet now, I don’t blame you for steering clear of Dr Forsythe’s clinic, I would do the same.

May 30, 2010 Why do people get cats?
by: Anonymous

I am a former client of Dr. Patty, and I say former because after what has happened I cannot trust my 2 cats and 1 dog to her. When we brought our animals home we made a promise that we would take care of them and make them safe. I no longer feel they are 100% safe in this clinic. But I have a question that has bugged me since I started following this thread. Why do people get cats if they don’t like their claws? Living with a cat means living with claws, litter boxes, furr balls and midnight runs to nowhere (usually over your bed). It’s like people say I got ride of my dog because he barked. Of course he barked, he’s a dog. Sorry, but these people drive me nuts. Dr. Patty is still wrong and she will never see my pets again, but these owners just make me nuts.
Also, since we are taking aim at Dr. Patty, what about the thousands of other vets around the world who do the same thing? Crack open any phone book and just go down the list.

May 30, 2010 ‘Anonymous’
by: Maggie Sharp

Anonymous, to be perfectly honest I don’t care how good Dr Forsythe is with microchipping, vaccinations etc, the fact is that she declaws cats, she broke her oath to harm no animal, therefore she is an animal abuser, she should lose her medical license and be put in gaol for animal cruelty. What’s more, she discounts to abuse these animals! That is distgusting it makes me so mad, but it makes me sad for all the cats who have been tortured and left to suffer without any toes due to her ‘medical professionalism’ which is merely an advantage taken to put money in her pockets, I don’t believe vets declaw for any other reason rather than to lead uneducated fools into paying them to torture beautiful creatures.

So wake up to yourself, and think about her state-of-the-art torture which has made so many cats suffer. Suffer for what may you ask? They suffer so that people’s furniture looks nice and so that vets have money in their pockets! It’s so petty and it makes me sick!

May 30, 2010 Poor Sassy
by: Tracey (England)

To Sassys family I’m so sorry for your loss.

As for Patricia Forsythe mutilator and murdress extraordinaire listen here! You multitask when you’re cleaning the house or tending your garden NOT when you’re medically treating peoples much loved pets! You PRIORITISE you DONT mulitask!! It seems to me that the reason for all this multi tasking is so that you can keep the cash rolling in.

Clearly this is also the reason for crippling many many poor cats.

So Mr Anonymous; service, compassion and care that she has provided to our four legged friends you say? Compassion!! don’t make me laugh! She’s supposed to treat them like her own, I don’t think so!

Please take the time to read the info in this link;


then after you’ve had chance to digest the details of the suffering she causes let us know whether or not you still think she so’s great.

May 30, 2010 God help the rest
by: Anonymous

If the declawing multitasking cat killer Dr Forsthye is the best of the west then God help the other vets clients pets.

May 30, 2010 To anonymous
by: Ruth

Dr Forsythe maybe should have had an award for amputating many cats toe ends at discount price too ?
Why are you standing up for this person who encourages the disabling of cats ? Do YOU know cats come with claws because they NEED claws ?
All of us do and we expect a person who qualified to treat animals does too.
Let me tell you a tale anonymous.We had Ebony a poorly 13 year old cat we took to the vets and she had blood tests. But she wasn’t put through the stress of being left there, the vet did the tests there and then and Ebony came home with us.Later the same day we had the results, Ebony started treatment and lived FOUR more happy QUALITY years. So maybe that 13 year old cat your star vet killed could have had some more years too! You talk about that poor cat as if it was a minor incident and excusable because of that woman multitasking.Her name was Sassy, she was unique to her family and much loved.They trusted that practice and that woman betrayed their trust.
Just say that had been us with our Ebony, which is a common name for cats, say we’d left her and she’d been killed by ‘mistake’ instead of another Ebony. She would have been deprived of those 4 years and so would we.
IF Dr Forsythe wants to do something good as her penance she should STOP declawing cats and educate her clients as to the many alternatives.
Nothing can bring Sassy back, but ceasing to mutilate cats would spare many other cats from suffering.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 30, 2010 To Anonymous
by: Babz

It doesn’t matter if the cat she killed was 13 years old and unhealthy, what is important is that by careless neglect she killed a much loved pet, she robbed the cat of the rest of her life and she robbed the cat’s family of a much loved member. This is inexcusable, making a mistake between 2 cats of the same name is the sort of thing an ignorant junior non qualified Saturday girl would make, not an award winning veterinarian. It also reflects badly on the staff that you speak so highly of and sound like sloppy practice to me.
And lets not forget that this is the woman touting for trade in the dirty declawing business by offering vouchers and discounts. There is no compassion here just hard headed business and in her greed of “multi-tasking” she made a serious and unforgivable mistake, the fact that you, and probably she, think it doesn’t matter about it because the animal in question was relatively old rather proves the point that she is without care and compassion. If she is among the best God save us from the worst!

Barbara avatar

May 29, 2010 Poor practice
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Excuse me, but are you talking about the Dr. Forsythe, who has been offering discount coupons for declawing? That’s what I call very poor practice…

May 29, 2010 Dr. Patty Forsythe is among the BEST!!!
by: Anonymous

Dr. Forsythe is one of our outstanding Veterinarians and has the reputation of being among the top Veterinarians in the Western Communities and Palm Beach County as a whole. As a Penn graduate and a doctor who is dedicated to Continuing Education, Dr. Forsythe and her staff excel in the medicine and services they provide. Dr. Forsythe has been a winner of the “Best of the West” and is a respected colleague within the field and among her peers. All Paws Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility, with an in-house lab, non-anesthetic dentals (pet safety #1 at All Paws), behavior counseling, vaccinations, microchipping, etc…The staff at All Paws is truly second to none; quality care and compassion is not only their mission statement, it is a fact of life at All Paws. I’m very concerned about the information that is being said and considered regarding something that happened a few months ago at All Paws. Without getting into the specifics of that incident, it’s time to move forward and if anything praise Dr. Forsythe for the service, compassion and care that she has provided to our four legged friends. Believe me, there are plenty of Animal Hospitals and Veterinarians that could and maybe should be scrutinized for their ways and means of practicing medicine, without going after one of OUR stars!

May 29, 2010 Dr. Patty Forsythe is among the BEST!!!
by: Anonymous

Dr. Patty Forsythe is one of our outstanding Veterinarians and has the reputation of being among the top Veterinarians in the Western Communities and Palm Beach County as a whole. As a Penn graduate and a doctor who is dedicated to Continuing Education, Dr. Forsythe and her staff excel in the medicine and services they provide. Dr. Forsythe has been a winner of the “Best of the West” and is a respected colleague within the field and among her peers. All Paws Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility, with an in-house lab, non-anesthetic dentals (pet safety #1 at All Paws), behavior counseling, vaccinations, microchipping, etc…The staff at All Paws is truly second to none; quality care and compassion is not only their mission statement, it is a fact of life at All Paws. I’m very concerned about the information that is being posted here regarding something that happened a few months ago at All Paws and the whole de-clawing issue. Without getting into the specifics of that incident which occurred months ago to a UNHEALTHY 13 YEAR OLD CAT, it’s time to move forward and if anything praise Dr. Forsythe for the service, compassion and care that she has provided to our four legged friends. Believe me, there are plenty of Animal Hospitals and Veterinarians that could and maybe should be scrutinized for their ways and means of practicing medicine, without going after one of OUR stars!

May 29, 2010 To anonymous
by: Rose

I’m so sorry for your loss and that the vet you trusted has let you down,she has in fact let all her clients down by her carelesness which cost someone’s pet her life.
When you think,that could have been one of your pets there is no way you could ever trust her again.Each and every single animal is important and deserves the full concentration of the person it is entrusted to.
She may have seemed a caring person to people but she obviously does not care about cats because no one who cares about cats would give discounts to amputate their toe ends and leave them disabled.
I hope the board does come down very hard on her and I hope no one in that area ever trusts her practice with their pets again.
Mistakes can happen easily in life but working in a job with lives at stake you need to check and double check to ensure the people/animals in your charge are always the right ones.
Sorry isn’t enough for the family in mourning and nor is it enough for all the cats living disabled lives because of that mulitasker.

May 28, 2010 Tragic
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have been clients of Dr. Patty for many years. She has always been wonderful and caring and a very good vet. When one of our cats died suddenly in Dec 2009 she helped us get through it and helped us pick a new cat from a local shelter. With that said, I cannot continue to use her as my family vet. I know how heartbroken I was when we brought our cat to her and she told us how sick she was. But after learning how sick she was (and she was very very sick and died on her own a few hours later) I took a few hours to steel myself for her lose. At first my husband and I said we would only use her again if they let us come back with our animals (2 cats / 1 dog), but now, we cannot go back at all.
We have been told that the board in Florida is going to come down very hard on her. And I believe this is justified.

By the way == Best In The West — we live in the western part of Palm Beach county. That is where that comment comes from.

May 23, 2010 Multitasking
by: Anonymous

Dr Forsythe is a woman,right?
Women are known to be very good at multitasking,it’s we men who have difficulties with it.
So this woman has no excuse for murdering someone’s pet cat and a sorry isn’t good enough.
Why didn’t she double check with her staff?
Were they multitasking too?
We are not talking about a minor mistake here,we are talking about an animal’s life.
Many times their patients must have the same name,two Sassys isn’t that rare.
I hope the clients of this clinic steer clear of this careless multitasker,I for sure wouldn’t even trust her with one of my goldfish.

May 20, 2010 vet is impaired & needs to have license revoked
by: stephanie

ok, she killed a cat by accident, she cannot multitask and is dangerous. palm beach vet society needs to call her to task and have her go before the vet board
mistakes like this cannot happen!! you hear this dr patty????? this is obviously a money hungry impaired excuse for a vet. i hope that someone euthanizes her!!!

May 20, 2010 revoke her license!! she is impaired!!!!!!
by: stephanie

i live in ny and i am so glad that i saw this story on the local tv news. i have spread the word that this vet should be up on murder charges. i hope the family goes to the vet board or whoever licenses vet and gets her license revoked!!! she is impaired and should not be practicing. i had a similar experience of negligence at a hospital in hollywood, fl. do not leave your animals because someone said to come back in an hour. poor sassy.

May 17, 2010 Straight from the horse’s mouth
by: Ruth

Nothing to do with Dr Forsthye killing the wrong cat and not from her vet tech, but very much to do with the declawing she gives discounts on ….
We have permission to quote this written by a vet tech who we will not of course identify as she is in the precarious position of working for a clinic in which one vet declaws. She hates the procedure but feels she can do more good by ensuring the welfare of her patients by being there on the spot and she can also help educate people as to the cruelty of declawing.
She says:
‘Even with our supposedly superior methods of pain control, we still routinely have declawed cats tearing off their bandages and thrashing in pain upon awakening from the operation. It was the sheer amount of pain control medication that we give these cats that first clued me in to how truly odious this procedure is.
Typical pain control protocol for a declaw at the clinic where I work includes both pre- and post-operative injections, nerve-block injections in the paws, oral meloxicam to go home with, and the application of a transdermal fentanyl patch- this last of which is such a strong opiod-based painkiller that, when used in human medicine, I have heard it is typically only prescribed for the terminally ill’

This demonstrates just how much agony cats suffer from declawing and we already know that some vets not only declaw, but give clients the choice of pain medication by paying extra ! The thought of how many cats are suffering from this senseless abuse is heart breaking.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 16, 2010 USA citizens,stay away from her
by: Kathryn

Yes I too am wondering what Outsider is thinking now about the ‘kind and wonderful’ person she defended against all of us who know that a kind and wonderful person would never give discounts for abusing cats.
Yes mistakes happen but this is a cat’s life we are talking about,Sassy’s life,which is now over.
How many more mistakes have been made and covered up by Dr Multitasking,how many discount botched declawed jobs being rushed through?
Saying sorry won’t bring that family’s cat back to life and I hope very much that everyone in that area saw that news and stay well away from that clinic.

May 16, 2010 Multitasking cat killer
by: Joe

As if it wasn’t bad enough crippling countless cats at a discount price the great”respected wonderful and kind”Dr Forsythe has now killed a cat by carelesness.
Yes it’s time she handed in her resignation as a vet,maybe the local slaughterhouse has a vacancy for her?

May 16, 2010 Time to leave
by: Petra

Dr Forsythe says this further down this very page “I am well respected by my community and clients.”
Not any more you’re not flower, it’s time to hang up your scalpel and leave the building.

May 16, 2010 Poor poor Sassy
by: Sue

Well surprise surprise a cat has died because of Dr Mulititasking.
Maybe she was declawing another cat at the same time or maybe busy advertising her discount scheme.Or was she lecturing her receptionist on being sure to ask anyone enquiring about neutering if they wanted their cat disabled too?
We will never know and lots of her clients won’t know anything about this and go on trusting her.
Poor fools.
I’d be interested in how many cats she’s declawed’by mistake’said sorry and it’s gone unreported.
BOYCOTT declaw vets.
Declaw vets break their oath to harm no animal.

May 16, 2010 Voted BEST vet ??????????
by: Anonymous

OMG if she was voted best vet all those years then Heaven help USA animals.

May 16, 2010 Questions
by: Bobbi

You don’t leave a cat for an hour at my vets for routine check up and bloodwork,it is done there and then.A tech is called in to assist,with a competent vet doing this there is nothing to hide and no reason the client should not be there.
So poor Sassy must have been caged in a room alongside another cat waiting for euthanasia.Why was that poor cat waiting,why not euthanised immediately?
Two frightened cats and both eventually died.
Oh yes there are lots of questions this clinic should answer.
Dr Forsythe boasted on this page of her two doctor clinic and technicians who report how well cats are after declawing.
Is anyone still gullible enough to believe that?
Poor Sassy lost her life in the careless hands of the woman who advertises discounts on detoeing cats.
Should we be surprised?
I think not.

May 16, 2010 Disgraceful
by: Rose

‘We are responsible for treating your best friend’
states this incompetent vet,well God help the best friends of any clients she has.
This was a cat’s life she took,this was a family she heaped grief upon.
Had she done it to a cat of mine I’d not have waited for the law to mete out her punishment.
Then again I wouldn’t have gone within ten miles of her clinic seeing as she encourages the crippling of cats, even gives discounts for it.
Outsider who defended her,how do you feel now?

May 16, 2010 Murderess
by: Ruth

Well ‘Outsider looking in’ who called this murderess a wonderful person I hope you are reading what she has done now.
Multitasking is NO excuse for euthanising the wrong cat,I hope the bereaved family of the cat have reported her to the AVMA and are sue-ing her for every last penny ! Her multitasking giving short shrift to the animals in her care doesn’t bear thinking about !
I’d like to know how no-one else in the practice noticed it was the wrong cat either ? When I first began vet nursing I was told by my wise old vet who taught me everything, to double check every animal before assisting any vet and if I was at all unsure to point out to that vet what I was worried about,
for example if I suspected it was the wrong animal or the wrong procedure.
No some vets didn’t like that, but tough, it was part of my job.
So if there was no one responsible enough assisting this woman to do just that,how did she humanely euthanise the cat, because to do it quickly and humanely you need a nurse to bring up the vein in the cat’s leg.
The whole practice she works in needs investigation !
I just hope no one else trusts their precious pets to her care.Surely now no one will trust her to amputate their cats toe ends ?
This woman should never be allowed anywhere near any animal ever again.
R.I.P Sassy, I hope justice is done on your behalf

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 16, 2010 Sack her now!!!
by: Babz

Never in this world! Is this the same paragon who further down this page defends herself and her disgusting practice? That poor cat has lost her life and her family must be totally shocked and devastated by this person’s utter neglect and contempt for them and the welfare of their precious cat. I sincerely hope they are taking this further and making a legal issue of it because she needs to be stopped from “multitasking” any more cats to death. Spreading word of this far and wide!

Barbara avatar

May 15, 2010 this vet killed a cat ‘by accident’
by: stephanie

she was on news on channel 12 thursday. a family brought their cat named sassy there for a routine checkup & bloodwork. her family was told to come back in 1 hour. when they arrived they were told that the cat was dead!!! dr forsythe euthanized the cat by accident!!! the vet said she was multitasking and there were 2 cats there by the same name. sassy is dead and her family devestated. the vet said she is sorry. Sorry!!!! her license should be revoked and she should be up on murder charges.

Feb 27, 2010 So 38 countries are wrong and you are right?
by: Tracey

Well Mr aptly named outsider let’s try this again because you obviously aren’t getting it……there are 39 comments on this website stating that declawing in abhorrent, and what 3 or 4 to say it isn’t? Get it now?

Well if you don’t, read and digest Kathryns comments because her factual words broke my heart. Read and digest because your lovely vet does this every day and thinks it’s all fine and dandy.

As for countries that still eat cats we petition against that too. All I can say is I wish there were countries that ate morons like you and your ‘nice lady vet’. Would certainly do the world a favour and save a lot of cat’s toes, now why don’t you just crawl back under your rock there’s a good lad because you obviously haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

Feb 27, 2010 Strange definition of nice
by: Rose

You never spoke a truer word when you say….this nice lady just doesn’t love them to every extent in which you freaks do….
No she certainly doesn’t because if she did she wouldn’t give discounts to selfish ignorant people to have their cats toe ends removed.This nice lady of yours trained to help animals and even took an oath on qualifying as a vet to harm no animal.This is what she swore…….

Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.
I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

NOTE relief of animal suffering …..she ADDS to cats suffering !
NOTE the principles of veterinary medical ethics…..ETHICS means following the only honourable course of action.

So what does this nice lady do instead?
She qualified as a vet but she practices as a butcher.She removes cats much needed toe joints and throws them away as if they were trash.Those bones, claws, flesh and blood which she robs from helpless cats certainly do prove she doesn’t love cats to the extent we ‘freaks’ do.Don’t tell us she isn’t a money hungry vulture (your words not mine)and that she’s a nice lady,because you seriously need help if you believe what you are saying.

BOYCOTT declawing vets,hit them in the pocket, where it hurts!
Patronise non declawing vets who stick to their oath to harm no animal.They are the NICE people!

Feb 27, 2010 outsider you are the one crazy
by: Kathryn

I don’t understand you in the least.You call a vet who amputates cats healthy toes at a discount price,a nice lady.You call people who care about cats and give their lives to stopping cruelty to them,crazy.
I suggest you go along one day and watch that’nice’vet at work.See the cats toe joints cut or burned off, see the blood, hear the cat cry out even under aneasthesia at each amputation. Watch the cat ccme round in shock and pain.Is your nice lady one of those vets who give pain relief or is she not? Find out.Stay with the cat all night and see him throwing himself around the cage or hunching in a corner.Clean the blood from his stumps before he goes home, go home with him and watch his pain as he has to walk and dig with wounded stumps.Go back to the ‘nice’ vets with him every time he has a problem from the declawing.Then and only then come back and tell us how nice your lady vet is.
Meanwhile don’t tell us ‘crazy’ people to turn our attention to cats being eaten, our attention is already on that too.
Is yours? Are you doing anything about it?
Well surprise surprise.
So get out and do something about some form of abuse if not all and stop picking on people who ARE doing something about it, INCLUDING doing something about ‘nice’ people who cripple cats for money.

Feb 26, 2010 Outsider looking in
by: Anonymous

If Dr. Patricia is such a nice lady who cares about animals and people then why isn’t she educating clients on the humane alterntives to declawing? If she were to do this it would;

a)Save cats from a lifetime of unnecessary pain and suffering caused by declawing. If people had a better understanding of natural feline behaviour it would provide a much more rewarding relationship for both human and cat.

2) So her coupons save people 20%, but she could save them 100% by not declawing. The amputation of the ends of the toes from a digitrade (walk on their toes) animal is an unnecessary and cruel. Vets take an oath to do animals no harm, but for 80% she’s prepared to ignore that oath. She could even refer them to an animal behaviourst who could help them teach their cat claw manners.

If anyone is an “outsider looking in”, it is those of us who live in any one of the 38 countries where declawing is banned. We shake our heads in disbelief that in a so-called civilised society, the routine “mutilation” of animals is not only condoned by vets, but that they strongly promote it too.

Michele (UK)

Feb 26, 2010 You shut up
by: Edward

Another anonymous post,what a surprise man.Another without the courage of their convictions.
A nice woman giving discounts to save the money of people who have decided to have their cat declawed man.
You did say nice woman?
Just checking.
You can’t be serious, do you live on planet earth?
Nice people do not give money off crippling cats,they educate those ignorant people who cant afford the full price to have this done, these people who shouldnt have cats anyway.
That’s what nice people do.
You could choose a much nicer person to stick up for,maybe such as Micheal who has this educational web site. He cares deeply about cats and gives his time to trying to stamp out abuse. Oh and he regularly gives large donations to cat charities too.
There you have a nice person anyone who loves cats would be proud to meet.
Does your nice vet give any of her blood money to cats charities I wonder.
No one who has done any research on declawing would ever want to meet your sort of a nice person man.
I suggest you are the one who should shut up as you dont realise how ignorant you are.
Maybe Im not an educated man but Im sure not a cruel man who thinks cat abusers are nice.

Feb 26, 2010 To the outsider looking in.
by: Babz

May I start by introducing you to the concept of using capital letters some of the time? If you capitalise names and the beginnings of sentences at the very least it lends your arguments a touch of intelligence and may actually encourage readers to believe that your opinion is worth reading.

The ability to type and use a computer mouse depends largely on the operator having finger ends of course, which you obviously possess and yet you see no harm in people like “Dr Patty” depriving cats the equivalent of finger ends to do the things with that cats like, and need, to do.

Maybe this “Dr Patty” is a wonderful person, maybe she isn’t hungry for money, probably she makes quite a whack from declawing cats for selfish owners and so is well able to afford to offer cut price de-knuckling out of the kindness of her heart to save money for cat owners, but what sort of a person or vet would actually encourage people to have a vital part of a cat’s anatomy surgically removed? The kindness in her heart doesn’t extend to her feline patients, that much is quite plain.

I really hope you are right when you say that people like me and my friends keep people from wanting to be vets, because if those people are the ones that would have jumped onto the declawing bandwagon then the feline world is better off having less vets than more with that attitude.

I very much doubt I would travel to the USA to meet this paragon you describe, frankly I wouldn’t give her the time of day because I do not socialise with animal abusers but I can guarantee you right back that I would not and will not regret anything negative I say about ANY veterinarian that disrespects animals so much that they would amputate healthy toes. I do however agree with you when you say that “Dr Patty” doesn’t love animals (and I quote) “to every extent in which you freaks do” that much is patently obvious!

Finally, whoever you are, I do spend some of my time criticizing the cultures that eat cats, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to criticise people who abuse cats by declawing. If you genuinely love cats, as I and as my fellow protesters do, then you find that you have, or make, time to fight for the plight of abused cats the whole world over.

Barbara avatar

Feb 26, 2010 Outsider
by: Jane A

Crawl back under your stone and take your nice friend with you.
Then at least some cats paws will be saved with one less butcher around masquerading as a vet.

Feb 26, 2010 To outsider looking in
by: Ruth

You tell us to ‘shut up’ then you spout a load of rubbish about this ‘nice’ woman who you have met only twice !
Reality check, NICE women do NOT mutilate cats !
NICE women are the anti declaw vets fighting alongside us to get this abuse banned. These REALLY nice women stick to their oath to harm no animal !
These REALLY nice women don’t have blood money in their bank account.These REALLY nice women are the ones who love cats, who know that cats need claws,who refuse to put cats through excruciatingly painful, crippling operations which leaves them crippled.
You call us freaks, take a long hard look in the mirror and you’ll see a freak,you’ll see a person who thinks someone agreeing to abuse cats is a nice woman !
And for your information, we do fight ALL abuse of cats, including fighting to stop the eating of cats ….and the skinning alive of cats ….and all the other abuse of cats in this world.
Declawing is part of the abuse of cats.Suicide is not an option for cats, many cats are living in pain and misery because of ‘nice’ women like that vet you’ve met twice ! WAKE UP,do some research as we have done and find out the truth. If you stand by and condone cruelty you are as cruel as the person doing it ! We are NOT in fancy offices, we are ordinary people who do this in our own time,we TRULY love cats so much we care about EACH and EVERY cat in the world ! We will not stand by and watch ‘nice’ people abusing cats and I for one wouldn’t give any person like that vet you think is so nice, the time of day !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 26, 2010 shutup
by: outsider looking in

i have had the fortunate pleasure to meet dr patty twice, and i can tell you that she is a wonderful person and not some money hungry vulture like you people make her out to be. i have know a lot of vets over the last decade and she is hands down one of the nicest and best vets any of you crazy cat people could have. i love cats and i do not in fact declaw the cats i have, however just because she has a coupon to help save some cat owners money that have already decided they want their cats declawed does not make her evil. i am so sick of hearing people like you judge others because you share different opinions. you think youre so high and mighty sitting in your little office chair posting insults to some woman on the world wide web. and its people like you that keep other good people from wanting to be things like veterinarians and small business owners because you ridicule and criticize and eventually you file a lawsuit. i am so sick of how society has accommodated you people with nothing better to do then to point fingers at people who try to do their job. take the time to go meet this woman and i guarantee you that you will regret anything you say negatively about her. i know it seems like i am a friend of hers typing this but i really only met her twice. once at a convention and once at dinner. a very nice person who loves animals… she just doesnt love them to every extent in which you freaks do. why dont you go spend your time on criticizing the cultures that eat cats?!

Dec 27, 2009 CFA
by: Michael

The one thing that I don’t like about the CFA on declawing is that they say they don’t approve of “routine declawing”.

That implies that they approve of non-routine declawing. And what does that mean? It certainly means that they are not totally against it, which for me is unacceptable.

Dec 27, 2009 Cat Fanciers’ Association disapproves of declawing
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Thank you very much, Joe, for the information and the link to the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

The position of the CFA is quite clear and has been so for many years, as it “recognizes that scratching is a natural behavior of cats” and further says that declawing is a procedure that is “without benefit to the cat”. “CFA disapproves of routine declawing or tendonectomy surgery in lieu of alternative solutions to prevent household damage”
I’ve snipped it down a lot, so please check the entire guidance statement for yourself at – this link is broken (Feb 2013)

I’ll see what I can find about the other organizations tomorrow.

Dec 27, 2009 I am appalled with this Vet/ CFA stand on declawing
by: Jo Singer

First let me get the CFA issue cleared. You can read their policy about declawing here:

CFA does not permit declawed cats to compete in their championship classes, whether intact cats or those who compete in the premiership classes ( neuter/spay). They do permit cats with nail covers to compete in their household pet division, but not declawed cats. Sadly to say there is one association (I cannot remember which one) that does permit declawed cats into household pet division, which I think is disgusting.

Now to the Forsythe issue!
Veterinarians take an oath to “do no harm”. There is no medical justification (unless there is some extenuating injury or other medical condition) that justifies declawing cats. Veterinarians should be educating their clients how to trim nails, to use scratching devices, and soft paws as some of the alternatives. This surgery is brutal and pain is excrutiating for a long time after the surgery, and in fact is mutilation.

Even the AVMA cautions that the surgery only be performed as a very LAST RESORT, which obviously this fee-hungry veterinarian does not subscribe to. That declawed cats allegedly are less likely to be surrendered due to “destructive” scratching behavior is simply not true. In fact, these cats are at greater risk for surrendor to shelters due to inappropriate elimination, and behavioral problems, such as biting and other aggressive behaviors. These cats are considered unadoptable and are euthanized… which is very sad and makes my blood boil. People who adopt cats really need to make decisions based on the welfare of their cats, and if furniture is more dear to them, adopt a goldfish.

I am so proud of my vet who refuses to declaw as do veterinarians who truly love cats. They take the time to educate their clients. They also inform clients what the surgery entails. Many of them simply do not know what the procedure really is, and are horrified. But I will bet my bottom dollar that this vet does not give full disclosure prior to surgery, especially since she offers such “bargain” rates. This is totally off the chart cruel and inhumane.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I pray that a national ban will finally happen here in the USA which will save our beloved cats from the torture and pain, and unending horrific side effects post surgery.

Dec 27, 2009 Defanging and declawed show rules
by: Jan Plant

Will check into it and get back with you if I find anything on my end.

Dec 27, 2009 Hi Finn
by: Ruth

I’m not sure about this, I think we’ll need our troop Jo in the USA for this one,so I’ll pass it on to her.
I’ve probably got some information somewhere about it but where in my huge sea of files it is I do not know lol It would be quicker to ask Jo than to search.
Sorry, I messed up the link to our horror stories, my trusty co-pilot who usually comes to my aid, is still laid up with flu and I’m a bit of a techno dinosaur with links….

Dec 27, 2009 Declawing and the cat fanciers
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Ruth. I believe that defanging a cat is so absurd that every reasonable person can see it, but what do I know – there probably are a few that would anyway. So sad, really.
Anyway, I wonder what is the position of the cat fancier organizations on the declawing issue. FIFE, who is the major organization on Continental Europe do not accept any declawed cats at their shows, thus sending a strong signal (Show Rules §3.4). What is the stance of the American organizations?
I know that breeders only cover a fringe of the cat world, but they have strong influence on what is seen as generally acceptable. If declawed cats are excluded from the shows and cannot win the fine titles, their offspring will have less value (in money that is). Are American purebred cats allowed to keep their claws?

Dec 27, 2009 Detoothing
by: Ruth

Sadly there are some vets who will defang cats !
I can’t find it right now but a while ago I saw a story about a declawed, defanged cat needing a home !!Because of being declawed he turned to biting, of course then he was dubbed a ‘bad cat’ and therefore defanged too, then his owner didn’t want him after all.
Merrily kindly allowed us to put her story on our Claws ‘horrible truth’ section:
and this is helping us educate people.
They are all true stories on there we were given permission to use to try to prove to people planning to declaw their cat that many things can …and DO …go wrong.Many people are carrying unbearable guilt through having their cats declawed, but of all the ones I’ve ‘met’ NONE were told by their vet what declawing really is,nor that it often causes physical or mental problems to cats.
87 people who found out the truth via our ‘troops’ soon changed their minds about having this cruel operation done to their cats! 87 cats still have their claws because their owners found out in time, but millions more don’t have their claws any more or will be deprived of them because their owners don’t know, we can’t reach everyone and vets don’t tell people, so the only way forward to save these cats is by a ban on declawing !

Dec 26, 2009 Hurra for claws
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Thanks Jan, but I’m merely summing up a few things that other people have already said here on POC. Except for the detoothing, which was my own absurd idea. If you like that kind of creepy stuff, there’s more in ‘Some Advice on Surgically Improving Your Cat’. 😉

Dec 26, 2009 Hurrah for Finn
by: Jan Plant

Bravo!!!! They hide behind their vet diplomas and say “Oh my,yes,we can do that and here’s a coupon as well”.What a bunch of cipe!Oh but good grief Finn, let’s not give the butchers any added ideas!If they were to do that then a declawed,toothless cat would be what? A living ,breathing stuffie.Oh the horrors these poor creatures endure at the hand of man.Or in her case,woman.
I have a Mission,was going today but found out they are closed for holiday.So Monday,I’m off to Austin.Will let you know the results.

Dec 26, 2009 Discounts
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Well, well, well, I see this article has attracted the attention of an anonymous vet. Or semi-anonymous rather, cause it seems to be Dr. Patricia Forsythe, who is issuing discount coupons for declawing jobs. In disregard of the AVMA code of conduct, if I’m not mistaken…

Anyway, where I live declawing is not allowed. Cat scratching is not seen as a problem, but a natural behavior easily solved with a scratching post. Cats are the same all over the world, so how come American cats have to be declawed?

When I first heard about the practice of declawing, I was surprised – and disgusted. I simply do not understand, why you allow this mutilation to go on. From what I’ve read, declawing creates more new problem than it solves.

A deep cat bite is much more serious than any scratch will ever be. Does Dr. Forsythe offer discounts on detoothing as well?

Dec 26, 2009 Merryily
by: Jan Plant

Merryily it’s so sad about poor Juliet.Although ignorance is not truly an acceptable excuse(no offense), vets who do not thoroughly explain this horrendous procedure should be mutilated themselves.I shudder at the thought of more uninformed people allowing this to be done,and then realizing,albeit,too late that they have permanently maimed their cat.Forgive your self dear.We have.You can no sooner undo something in the past, then any of us can.We can only learn from our mistakes.

Dec 26, 2009 Irresponsible Vets
by: Merrily

Most of you have read the story about my Juliet who was ripped to shreds in my own home by three German Shephards who broke through a window. Juliet was declawed, my kitten who was not declawed survived the attack.
Juliet and her brother Romeo were declawed as tiny kittens when my vet offered a package deal to alter and declaw them.
Juliet limped her entire life from that surgery, and one or both of them peed on my sofa and bed frequently, even though they always had a clean litter box.
My cats were forever changed by my uninformed decision, which I came to regret more than anyone can know.
Ignorant people can graduate from Veterinary school, as well as people without compassion, and people who do these surgeries to fill their pockets.
Uninformed people believe their vets, without question, after all don’t we all trust our Doctors, lawyers, and pilots? Should we?
Read, become informed, only you are responsible for that decision you make as I was when I trusted that my Vet wouldn’t offer to declaw if it wasn’t ok for my cat.
It doesn’t surprise me to see this Vet defending her right to mutilate these poor cats, it is simply ignorance.

Dec 26, 2009 Boycott vets that declaw!
by: Susan

Dr. Patricia Forsythe is not kind to animals – – she declaws them.

Dec 26, 2009 Clueless and clawless
by: Jan Plant

Herr Doktor,
It seems by public opinion you have finally gotten ranked yourself right up there with some of the elite sadists of the world.I’ll bet your parents are so proud.Proud to know that the child they so lovingly(or perhaps not) raised has taken to mutilation as a means to line it’s pockets.Hmmmm?Wonder how many times Dear ol’ mom brags on that one? Does she pass around pictures during bridge?It truly would behoove you to cease and desist from this practice.Soon this practice will be banned in the US,and you will be prosecuted for preforming it.Thanks to the folks here and others ,people are no longer in the dark about the “minor surgery” of declawing.We are informing the world, even as this is being typed.The days of vets getting fat wallets from mutilating cats is coming to a close.And none to soon.

Dec 26, 2009 Shame on you Dr Forsthye
by: Rose

Just trying to catch up with my inbox after a hectic Christmas with my twins and came across this.As my bro so rightly says ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much’ Attacking those of us who know the truth about declawing is the coward’s way out.I look forward to seeing you back on here Dr, to explain why declawing is acceptable to you and other vets who do this disgusting deed, yet banned as animal abuse in our country and many more and now in some cities in California too. Cats are cats all the world over. USA cats don’t suffer pain less than any other cats.USA cats need their claws as much as any other cats.USA cats claws are as firmly embedded in bone as any other cats.
It’s far from slander when it’s the truth !Declawing is cruel, uneccessary and no getting away from this, goes against every vets oath to do no harm to any animal.

Dec 26, 2009 Thanks
by: Michael

Firstly, my heart felt thanks to all of the gang who have commented. Fantastic effort.

To the veterinarian. You just don’t get it, do you? The procedure is unnecessary, full stop, period. It is not carried out for the cat’s benefit or for health reasons and the whole purpose of being a vet is to deal with health issues, to cure cat illness.

The procedure achieves the opposite. And if you constantly recite the old cliche that people abandon cats with claws, people also abandon declawed cats. And this is the main point. We don’t fix a wrong perpetrated by people by hurting the cat. You just don’t get that, do you?

Lastly, I have not slandered you as what I have said is the truth. You promote declawing with bl**dy coupons for heavens sake.

This makes declawing a priority for people and not a procedure of last resort as is required under your guidelines and code of practice.

This is not a question of opinion. Absolutely not. This is a question of breach of code of practice,breach of oath and immorality.

You continue to try to muddy the water. We don’t know you personally but we know that you mutilate cats for a reason outside the ambit of your code of practice. And that informs us as to the type of person that you really are.

If you really want to achieve something stop declawing and start educating your customers, who vets have indoctrinated into believing that declawing is acceptable.

Dec 23, 2009 Dr. of Destruction
by: Jan Plant

Dear Dr,
As you may well be able to tell ,we find your comments and actions appalling and lacking in any type of compassion.Why did you not take up the practice of being a mortician? Seems it would be much more fitting to your character.How you and others that practice this sadistic act on cats, sleep at night I couldn’t imagine.I am quite sure you never fully explain this ungodly procedure to the cat owners.Because if you did,one: they would run screaming from your office,and two: your pockets would not be nearly as full.And there would be fewer disfigured cats in the world.You should be ashamed of the fact that your purse grows fatter with every mutilation you preform!
By the by,I live in he US,and ashamed to acknowledge that you do as well.

Dec 23, 2009 Dr Forsythe
by: Edward

Methinks the lady doth protest too much !

Dec 23, 2009 To Dr Forsythe
by: Barbara

So Dr Forsythe did you get a nasty surprise when you only just came across our comments? Before that had you lived in a self-congratulatory bubble thinking you were doing a service to mankind and his cat? It must have come as quite a shock then to find that far from admiring your special offer declaws we and millions of other people worldwide regard declawing as the ultimate abuse of graceful, trusting felines who are dependant on us for whatever life we decide to give them. We find the veterinarian profession of the USA repugnant because of this ritual abuse of cats.
What is this rubbish about upsetting owners? And the fixation about items of furniture being destroyed, I have had the pleasure of fully clawed cats in my home for over 35 years and I have never noticed anything being “destroyed” perhaps these owners who think surgery is an alternative to training their cats to use scratching equipment and giving them attention and stimulation would benefit from you educating them that bored cats look for mischief rather than giving them your general anaesthetic and Fentanyl patches and whipping those toes off. You seem to miss the point entirely that it is unacceptable to remove an essential part of the cat’s anatomy for human convenience, and you follow the misguided mindset that the alternative to declawing is death, how do you make this leap? Apart from the fact that the previously mentioned millions of people worldwide live happily and comfortably with clawed cats, what do you think gives people the right to obtain a cat fully intending to declaw the unfortunate creature, even if the claws present no problem? Do you not care about the pain and disablement that you are inflicting, is it insignificant compared to giving your clients what they want, with a discount coupon thrown in.
I felt so sorry to read your comment that you “see MANY declawed cats on a daily basis” that tells me that abuse is rife in your area of Florida, why are you and your colleagues content to sit back and let this go on, and profit from it too, when you know that in 38 other countries and in some cities in California declawing is banned for what it is, inhumane cruelty.

I see no need to attack Ruth, her opinion after the extensive research she has done into this procedure is very valid. And what a sad, sad statement you make when you say, “To slander one veterinarian for a procedure that is accepted in the United States seems to me to be very wrong.” You think YOU are right, the aforementioned millions of people think you are very wrong.
Declawing is NOT acceptable and the sooner you and your colleagues realise that the sooner USA cats will get to keep the claws they have a right to.

Dec 23, 2009 amputation or declawing
by: Jan Plant

Most cat lovers do not declaw their cats.For those of you who are not quite sure how the procedure is done,allow me to explain in terms you may understand.
The cat is first placed under anesthic,then by one of three methods(the laser becoming most popular) the cats claws are removed by amputating it’s toes at the first joint.Yes amputating.It’s not like a kitty pedicure.This is actual removal of a cats toes.Then kitty is sent home where he is expected to walk on severely painful feet.Now remember,you have two feet and two hands,you can use a wheelchair,if necessary, a cat can not.The cat will also spend the rest of it’s life in a new and terrible mind set.Cats are hunters,predators if you will.In life a show of weakness(pain) turns predator to prey.
Now,you do the math.Look at your own hand,imagine having the first joint of your fingers chopped off.Not a pretty thought now is it.Imagine the pain you must endure.Now you have the right pictue.ANY vet that tells you other wise is sadistic and greedy.And holds no regard for any animal what so ever!

Dec 23, 2009 Cowardice
by: Jan Plant

Dear Anonymus,
First allow me to address the fact that if you actually belived in all the yuck you just vomited up,you’d leave your name.Only cowards hide.Secondly, my dear fiend(yes I know how I spelled it and I meant it)you have no earthly idea what a declawing procedure does to a poor cat,I mean besides MUTILATE it.If by chance you are a vet and preforming this sadistic asinine “routine” operation,please be advised, God is watching you.When the day comes That you stand before Him for your final judgement,you might as well kiss your behind goodbye!If you feel so strongly about mutilation,try doing it to your own children,then and only then,tell me that it is one:painless,two:needed, and three:the friggin’ humane thing to do!Although I have never read the Vet’s oath,I’m pretty damn sure it doesn’t say anywhere in it ,to go forward and mutilate!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yet,as Ruth and Babz, and Michael and I have a right to our opinion,you do also.Just too bad your’s is so twisted and wrong!

Dec 23, 2009 To anonymous
by: Ruth

Hey, I didn’t claim to have graduated from any Veterinary school, where did I claim that ?
I am merely a retired vet nurse who was trained by good, ethical, wise and compassionate vets who wanted to help animals.One of these very experienced vets recoiled in horror the one single time someone asked about having their cat declawed.
But I do claim to have graduated from the school of humanity the same as all the other caring compassionate people who are against declawing.
Of course I know the cats are under general anaesthetic while their last toe joints are amputated,but they still have to wake up to a life of disablement,don’t they ? Perfectly healthy animals deliberately disabled is inexcusable.
Where did I claim to be an expert?
No one has to be an expert to learn the anatomy of a cat and to research declawing and to know how wrong it is. To know that cats claws are firmly embedded as they were never meant to be removed.
It’s not shame on us, it’s shame on you and everyone else who thinks declawing cats is acceptable.

Dec 23, 2009 You are entitled to your own “OPINION”
by: Anonymous

It does not matter what our opinions are here in the US as you already have your set views on the procedure. By the way, the cats are under GENERAL ANESTHESIA, and the local and fentanyl patch are in addition. I have owned 3 declawed cats, and they lived until 16-20 years old, had wonderful live and never suffered from arthritis or any ailment related to being declawed. I see MANY declawed cats on a daily basis and cannot relate any illnesses to the fact they were declawed. So which veterinary school did graduate from Ruth? What makes you the expert? You have an “OPINION”. We all have our “OPINION”. To slander one veterinarian for a procedure that is accepted in the United States seems to me to be very wrong. You have no idea who I am. Shame on all of you!

Dec 23, 2009 Declawing is never done with love
by: Anonymous

The simple truth is that declawing is an unnecssary mutilation of a creature, whom we as owners have been entrusted to care for and protect from harm. Anyone who cannot tolerate natural behaviour or lacks the patience to treach their cat claw manners is not suited to keeping them.

Whilst there are clearly some vets who see declawing as a lucrative source of additional revenue, others are complicit in this act of animal cruelty by allowing themselves to be emotionally blackmailed by lazy or ignorant owners.

The “death or declaw” argument carries no weight and is not supported by any empirical data. If anything the reverse is true, because anyone who can’t live with the fact that cats are born with claws, is not going to tolerate any of the negative effects associated with declawing such as litter box avoidance or an increased tendency to bite.

If literally millions of people in the 38 countries where declawing is already banned manage to live happily with cats and their claws, there is no reason why people in the USA and Canada cannot be expected to do the same. If only more vets in North America would follow the example set by their colleagues in other countries (educate clients on natural behaviour and the many alternatives to declawing) then cats could be spared from this barbarous act.

There is already enough animal cruelty in the world, without vets encouraging owners to inflict it upon their pets.

Michele S. (UK)

Dec 23, 2009 To Dr Forsythe part 2
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

There is no justification for declawing any cat unless that cat has an incurable medical problem, then only the affected toes need to be amputated. We manage nicely with our clawed cats along with our babies,children,ill or frail people AND of course our furniture, which some people seem to prize above the welfare of living feeling beings. How do we do this ? We provide our cats with scratching posts and pads from the moment we get them and teach them to use them, that’s how. Anyone who can’t be bothered to do this, simply doesn’t get a cat ! People who would only have a cat if he could be declawed, are not fit owners of a cat anyway.
Even before declawing was banned here in the UK, our vets would never do it, because just like you were supposed to be, they were trained to HELP animals, NOT to HARM them.
You surely must know declawing harms them.
How can we help but think vets who encourage declawing by advertising and offering discounts are not money grabbers ?

Dec 23, 2009 To Dr Forsythe part 1
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

So,cats upset owners when furniture, speakers and other items are destroyed do they ? Well my heart bleeds for them,did they not know cats have claws, before they got one ? Why don’t they provide scratchinhg posts for their cats ?It’s very easy to teach a cat to use one….hmmmm… but maybe not as easy as having their toe ends amputated instead. Maybe they don’t know that scratching is natural behaviour for cats and not mis-behaviour, and that cats need their claws to walk properly, to groom properly and very important, to exercise their muscles. Surely as you care so much about animals you should be educating your clients about this,instead of offering discounts and encouraging declawing ?
Yes many cats are let out for good, declawed ones especially,once the behavioural problems begin.
We have a collection of true stories from people about this, most of them didn’t know what declawing really is, because the vets didn’t bother to tell them.Do you know how many declawed cats suffer stress illnesses and arthritis ? No you don’t because no one keeps records do they ?Do you know how many declawed cats are desperate for homes ? How many are put into Rescue Shelters as ‘bad cats’ when they start biting, or peeing on the furniture after declawing.How many declawed cats are destroyed as unrehomeable ?
The AVMA policy is that declawing should be a last resort, so how come someone can get a kitten, knowing they can have him declawed,in fact they can have a discount to have him declawed ?As declawing is illegal and classed as animal abuse in our country and many others and now in parts of California too,surely getting a kitten knowing he can be declawed, is pre-meditated abuse ? Hardly last resort when a kitten is deprived of the claws he needs, just incase he scratches.
You say you ONLY declaw the P3 of the front paws. ONLY !! You numb the paws and give pain killers,are we supposed to be impressed that you do this wonderful thing for an unneccessary operation ?
Your technicians must have a different outlook on cats and pain to the ones we know who have witnessed cats after declawing,in pain, bewildered, shocked ! You and your technicians, must know cats try to hide their pain.How many suffer botched jobs, claw regrowth, a splinter of bone left behind ? Very painful situations that can happen even years after the initial operation.

Dec 23, 2009 To anonymous
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Anonymous who says declawing cats is humane,which planet do you live on ? And at least have the courage of your convictions like the rest of us have, don’t hide behind anonymous as you get no credibility at all for doing that.

Dec 23, 2009 Stop being in denial
by: Michael

You never address the central issues. That it is plain immoral and wrong to mutilate our companion animals to save furniture from scratches. You obviously believe it is OK.

People like you perpetuate the idea that the domestic cat is an “object”. The declawing cats articles on this site contain all the arguments I wish to make. But with American vets I am banging my head against a brick wall because I just don’t think you see it or understand it as this horrible process is so deeply ingrained into your culture.

In Europe we see it as patently wrong. The European culture is much older than in America and this may account for difference.

The fact that a number of cities in California have banned it shows how off the mark vets are. Things are gradually changing in the US.

And I am not looking at things in a black and white manner. My thought processes are far more sophisticated than that. Just look at the site and the arguments.

As to the information and research; I obtained this from your website and you have a behaviorist on hand (albeit not on your staff – there is little if no difference).

I wonder if it is time that US veterinarians saw a behaviorist! It is certainly very deviant.

Dec 22, 2009 And get your facts straight
by: Anonymous

Forgot to mention that we DO NOT have a Board Certified Behaviorist on staff. We are only a 2 doctor hospital. Where did you get your information? And our surgical price is not necessarily considered “cheap”. All of our surgical patients have pre-anesthetic bloodwork prior to the procedure to be sure they are healthy for the anesthesia and an Intravenous catheter is placed for electrolyte fluid administration so that they do not get dehydrated. We use the same sophisticated monitoring equipment used in humans (pulse oximeter, EKG) so that there are no anesthetic complications. Get your facts straight. Life is not black and white. Everyone is entitled to and opinion, but educate yourself first! Patty Forsythe, VMD

Dec 22, 2009 Idiotic
by: Michael

The person who made the last comment is frankly idiotic. Sorry that is rude but it has to be said.

It is a myth perpetrated by vets that declawing saves lives.

The facts are otherwise:

Cat Declawing Myths and Truths

Below is a link to the web page from which the above article was prepared. Thus article was written by a fellow (and decent) veterinarian:

Declawing and Science – Should Declawing be Banned? (new window)

There are many other posts on this site that supports the view that declawing is wrong is so many fundamental ways.

Vets really must stop living in denial and face what they are doing.

by: Anonymous

Declawing cats is alot more humane than having them run the streets or worse be euthanised due to not having a home. Considering the above mentioned options alot of cats would be dead if not declawed. You people who think it is babaric are the black/white thinkers.

Dec 22, 2009 Being an informed person matters
by: Anonymous

I just now found all of these comments on the fact I perform a declaw procedure on cats. Unfortunately, cats do upset owners when furniture, speakers and other items are destroyed. Many cats end up being let out for good, exposed to problems from not being kept indoors, and many end up abandoned totally. The declaw procedure entails no cutting of bone, only a small cut in the ligament and the joint capsule. The skin is sutured for rapid healing. We use a nerve block of Bupivicaine at the time of the procedure which keeps the paws numb for 6 hours or more. We declaw only the P3 of the FRONT paws. The night before the procedure, a transdermal Fentanyl patch is applied that gives pain management for 72 hours. The fentanyl is in their system when they are waking up. You should ask my technicians how these cats act after their surgery. They are playing with toys we put in the kennel the next day. If you think that I got into this business for the money, you are sorely mistaken. I wanted to be a vet from the time I was 5 years old and worked many long years for my education. I’ve been a veterinarian for 25 years and still love what I do. I am well respected by my community and clients. By the way, “West” means the western communities of the West Palm Beach, FL. I am a very compassionate veterinarian. At least when I perform a declaw, hopefully preventing abandonment of a cat or resentment of a cat in a household, I am performing the procedure with the UTMOST concern for the comfort of the pet. So, before you go throwing my name and clinic through the mud, I would have expected to have the courtesy of speaking to me first. I think the Internet is a great source of information, but slanderous posts such as yours make me see the evil in it!! Patty Forsythe, V.M.D. All Paws Animal Clinic

Oct 20, 2009 not my vet
by: kathy

She obviously is one of those out to just get money vets. Declawing should be banned in the united states. Giving a coupon is utterly disgusting to me.

Oct 18, 2009 Thanks for exposing the mutilators!
by: Anonymous

EXCELLENT that the whistle is being blown on these vile veterinarians, perhaps it will ignite some public pressure to STOP


Here’s another pimp in Iowa that recently had an article in the paper stating de-knuckling healthy cat fingers is “standard

procedure”. And the title claims she “hopes to keep pets healthy”.
(I’d certainly be ashamed & embarassed if I was an animal doctor breaking, severing, & crippling healthy cat limbs, not bragging

across the air waves about it).

“Britt vet hopes to keep pets healthy.
…It’s an ordinary day for Lancaster, a veterinarian at Britt Veterinary Clinic. Although the Britt Veterinary Clinic is

primarily a large-animal practice, Lancaster, who has been with the clinic for 18 years, said the flow of small animals coming

into the clinic has been steady today…Many of the day’s appointments are standard procedures-vaccinations, declawing, spaying

and neutering…”



{Note: a technical problem meant that I lost the authors name – sorry}

Oct 18, 2009 Disgraceful
by: Barbara

This female butcher impersonating someone who is dedicated to caring for animals is disgusting beyond belief. Touting for business by offering vouchers for declawing like so many supermarket coupons not only goes aganst the AVMA policy (which lets face it is a joke, vets are laughing teacakes while making a fortune declawing and pretending to counsel and care – huh!)but it is encouraging mutilating animals who want and need those claws for the business of healthy living, and who’s owners might never have thought about declawing but for this person’s voucher. What right has she to not only decide to amputate toes for profit but to offer a discount? And my disgust for her is equalled by my disgust for any cat owner who avails themselves of this offer (or any declawing procedure)
Unethical people like this are the reason why declawing needs to be banned by law, because they are not responsible or caring enough to stop it themselves they must be stopped.

Oct 18, 2009 Accidentally anon in my comment btw 🙂
by: Everycat


Oct 18, 2009 Obscene
by: Anonymous

Yet another declaw pimp on the rampage, mutilating cats to bloat veterinary wallets. This barbarian should be struck off.

Did you see the latest doolittler article on declawing?


The author is another declaw pimp. But with added hypocrisy as a bonus – despite her protestations against the mutilation, she declaws if her partners are busy elsewhere. Another vet who believes that legislation to ban routine oncychectomy would be wrong. Another vet who REFUSES to admit that the majority of vets in the USA perform declaws on request and deliberately withold information about the procedure so clients cannot make an informed decision.

Veterinary medicine in America is thoroughly corrupt, rotten to the core. Vets are actively encouraging their clients to be ignorant.

10 thoughts on “Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic”

  1. Main problem is that it’s a FEMALE, LIBERAL vet. Northern WI is full of these “vets” – most should have their license taken away.
    Females vets around here neuter 4-wk old puppies at $300+ EACH!
    Stay away from female vets under the age of 35! Find a male vet even if you have to travel 100 miles each way. Most liberal females vets have nice clinics PAID FOR BY GROUPS who then demand 30% of her revenue in order to keep “her” clinic! Look it up!

    1. Thanks for this Daisy. It is interesting. Could you expand it a bit? I might convert it to an article.

      Are you saying that they declaw as they are desperate to make money to pay money to the group funding them?

  2. I also wanted to inquiry how I would be able to read the comments posted after the Inhumane declawing article?? For some reason, I’m not able to view the full page….thank you!! Vicki

    1. Victoria, are you asking me or one of the other people who commented to contact you? You can contact me on mjbmeister [at] gmail.com

  3. dr forsythe is not only a money hungry vet but she charges an arm and leg for her “services” i’m sure the owner of the cat she KILLED had to pay the bill! and her husband?ABUSIVE AND A NASTY troll!!!

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