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Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic — 10 Comments

  1. Main problem is that it’s a FEMALE, LIBERAL vet. Northern WI is full of these “vets” – most should have their license taken away.
    Females vets around here neuter 4-wk old puppies at $300+ EACH!
    Stay away from female vets under the age of 35! Find a male vet even if you have to travel 100 miles each way. Most liberal females vets have nice clinics PAID FOR BY GROUPS who then demand 30% of her revenue in order to keep “her” clinic! Look it up!

    • Thanks for this Daisy. It is interesting. Could you expand it a bit? I might convert it to an article.

      Are you saying that they declaw as they are desperate to make money to pay money to the group funding them?

  2. I also wanted to inquiry how I would be able to read the comments posted after the Inhumane declawing article?? For some reason, I’m not able to view the full page….thank you!! Vicki

    • Victoria, are you asking me or one of the other people who commented to contact you? You can contact me on mjbmeister [at] gmail.com

  3. dr forsythe is not only a money hungry vet but she charges an arm and leg for her “services” i’m sure the owner of the cat she KILLED had to pay the bill! and her husband?ABUSIVE AND A NASTY troll!!!

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