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Dramatic Photos of Calico Kitten Pulled From Inside a Wall — 1 Comment

  1. That is not a newborn kitten…its ears are erect and its eyes are open…a newborn kitten would still be in the nest and unable to walk around on its own yet; I’d guess she is about 3-4 weeks old. Yes, it is not uncommon for mom cats to go into attics or other such places to have their kittens and when the kittens do start to be mobile and move around they can get stuck or fall into places where the mom cannot retrieve them. In my many years of rescue I’ve pulled them out from beind ceiling panels at a school, out of stovepipes and walls and from underneath houses, car hoods in a junk yard, from between bales of insulation at a factory…the list goes on. Thankfully this little girl had a healthy set of lungs to cry out and a caring homeowner who cared more about an innocent life than the bathroom wall. The endings to such predicaments are not always happy, though.

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