Dreamheart’s Story

Dreamheart’s Story

by Kylie
(Brigham City, Utah)

Dawn light flickered down through the apprentices’ den. Dreampaw slowly opened her eyes. She gave herself a good shake because the moss clinging to her pelt was itching her to scratch the other apprentices pelts off. She wondered why. Was it because she was ready to become warrior? She wished she knew.

She walked out of the stuffy den and noticed the Thunderclan dawn patrol was making its way through the worn down tunnel. “Don’t you think that they should fix that awful tunnel?” Dreampaw spun around to notice her mentor, Sunflare was talking to her.

“Yeah,” she mummbled. “Well, maybe it can be your new warrior job tomorrow?” Dreampaw pricked up her ears at the comment of being a warrior. “Am I really going to be a warrior today?” Dreampaw asked excitedly. “Yes, you are, Duststar told me this momment, I came to get you right away.” Sunflare said.

Dreampaw gave an excited yelp and raced off to the thorn tunnel, she stopped in her tracks, “Want to go hunting with me?” Dreampaw said to Sunflare. He did not have time to reply; Duststar had just called a meeting. Sunflare licked the top of her head and said, “It’s time.”

After he said the words of the new arrival of the warrior he gave her her full warrior name, “Dreampaw, you shall now be called,” Dreampaw shuffled her paws in excitment, “Dreamheart” Duststar finished. The clan started to call out her name in exited yelps. “Dreamheart! Dreamheart!”

After the yelps died down and the clan started to scatter starting their duties, Dreamheart asked, “Sunflare, do you want to go hunting with me?” Sunflare gave Dreamheart’s head a shake, “Oh, I will, all right.”

Dreamheart and Sunflare made their way down the thorn tunnel and out to the forest. “You go that way, I’ll go this way.” Sunflare ordered her.

Dreamheart obeyed the elder warrior and headed the way he told her to go and hunt. She tasted the air for prey and managed to find the scent of a mouse.

She spotted it scuffling through the undergrowth and she bent down to a crouch. Then, out of nowhere, a cat pounced on her, picked her up by the scruff and flew her against the nearest tree. She blacked out.


She opened her eyes and saw healing herbs all around her. She could smell the fresh scent of the medicine cat, Berryleaf. Her right shoulder felt numb and swollen, her front leg not move. “Shh, go back to sleep.” she could pick up the faint trace of the medicine cats words ringing around the den.

She closed her eyes, thankful she could have the chance to sleep. She started dreaming. She was stalking a nearby mouse, and she noticed that she was back in the memory of the moment she was almost killed, right when she was made warrior. She felt the pounding impact of the loner and woke up gasping for breath. She no longer wanted to go back to sleep.

After a few moons, she was up and walking around. The medicine cat had told her she broke her front leg and her right shoulder had a deep gash on it. To her amazement, they healed better then she imagined. “You are a strong warrior.” Duststar and Sunflare had said. “To live through something like that.

That is my story.


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May 01, 2011
by: Audrey Smith

Great story! I like our detail and the way you used words in your story. Please write a part two or another story!

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