Dreaming of Cats – Cat Dream Meaning

I’ve been dreaming of cats. I’m not sure about cat dream meaning. I did some research, and was a little disturbed. Dreaming of cats isn’t a very good….

The words above are those of a concerned visitor to a website about the zodiac, signs and astrology; mysterious stuff which I have difficulty in believing.

Dreaming of cats
Dreaming of cats
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What does it mean if you are dreaming of cats? I’ll approach the answer from two standpoints: mine and an expert’s.

I believe that we often work through our anxieties and desires in dreams. If you dream about cats it may reflect anxiety about your cat or a desire to be like one. If you dream about chasing a train pulling out of a station or the impossibility of trying to find a place it may express anxieties about achieving a goal.

Avia runs the whats-your-sign.com website and she writes that cats in dreams are a desire to do something which we ‘could’ do rather than what we ‘should’ do. Cats in dreams are reminder that what we should do is not necessarily the best way.

“In other words, if you didn’t have to do what is expected of you, what would you do?”

This seems to suggest dreaming about cats is a desire to break out of a rut and act more freely and in a way which expresses the true person.

The idea behind this analysis is that domestic cats are hardly domesticated. They are not far from the wild. They are independent and do as they please. Dreaming about them reflects the person’s desire to be that way.

Avia writes that the reason why some people say that dreaming of cats symbolises deceit and bad luck is because there is misunderstanding of the domestic cat and a lot of superstition lingers. It shocking how much superstition still surrounds the cat.

Have you ever dreamt about cats or your cat? What do believe it means?

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  1. Any caregiver who practices good stewardship will dream about their cats or other pets now and then. For me it simply means they are trying to reach out to me and communicate a need or express their feelings which I may not have picked up on during my busy day.

    Of course Cats have ESP. I do too and so we get along happily most of the time. But no one can pick up on everything. I know one of my cats needs special looking after or could possibly be saying an early goodbye when I have a dream about one of them in particular** Note:I am a very stable person. Eva


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