Driver straps cat in a cage to the back of car – then travels along motorway at 60mph

Jessica Wright, a veterinary technician travelling behind the vehicle, recorded the incident on her phone. The car was on the Beltway in Washington DC on Saturday.

Cat strapped to car in cage

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Jessica said:

“I was really upset about it. I just can’t imagine in what world you wouldn’t think that, that wouldn’t be incredibly humane, but also socially unacceptable.”

When the car stopped she asked the driver about it and he said the cat was a wild cat. The man released the cat near to where the car had stopped.

Is this totally weird or what? The whole thing seems mad to me. There are so many unanswered questions. What the hell was this person doing with a wild cat in a cage strapped to the back of his vehicle? Why not inside the damn vehicle? Why a wild cat? What species of wild cat? What was his intention? It seems he changed his plan once he knew he had been filmed and questioned. Looks like he is lying big time. His behavior was not illegal.

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5 thoughts on “Driver straps cat in a cage to the back of car – then travels along motorway at 60mph”

  1. The scenario is that of an idiot who, obviously, intended to release/abandon a feral somewhere. His lack of compassion is almost criminal. That poor cat had to be terrified.

  2. Interesting. As far as I know you cannot capture and relocate ‘ wild cats’ in this country unless you are authorized. Like AC of wildlife. Relocation does not happen next to a highway.

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