Drone with infrared camera will help spot abandoned cats and dogs in the Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Dorian

A California photographer specialising in aerial cinematography, has used a drone to help find abandoned cats and dogs in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Abacos islands.

He said that he was shocked at the number of cats and dogs on the islands struggling to survive but was impressed with their desire and skills to remain alive.

He said that it is hard to find animals on the ground as there are piles of rubble. The drone provides a clearer perspective.

Thron and dog on Bahamas
Thron and dog on Bahamas. Photo of Thron: copyright the man himself.
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He wants to return with a drone with an infrared camera as he believes that it will even more effective in finding abandoned companion animals.

He is trying to raise the funds for the project through online crowdfunding and has raised $6,400 in three days we are told by Euronews.com.

Thron believes that infrared drones may become a common way to find lost animals after disasters. As I understand it infrared cameras record body temperature (thermal imaging) and therefore can detect the presence of living bodies by the heat they emit.


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