Drug addict drives pickup truck over former girlfriend’s cat

This is another example of the domestic cat being the recipient of violence as a result of a broken human relationship. There are many instances of cats being hurt at the end of human relationships. It is very unfortunate and highlights yet again the vulnerability of the domestic cat in a human created world.

Mc Goff. He drove over his ex's cat
Mc Goff. He drove over his ex’s cat. Photo: Times Tribune.
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The criminal, and I can say he is a criminal because there is no question about whether he did it or not, is a 32-year-old man, McGoff, living in Scranton, USA.

He had a brief relationship with a woman, Melissa Raychel, who had a cat. On Tuesday he pulled up at the woman’s home and saw her cat in the road. He deliberately drove over the cat. Melissa witnessed the killing.

McGoff has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals which is a felony in the state in question. He was driving under the influence. He was stalking and harassing the woman. His use of the vehicle was unauthorised. Drug paraphernalia was inside the vehicle. He was taking medication used to treat narcotic painkiller addiction. There were two syringes and a spoon used to cook crack cocaine in his possession.

It is the kind of story which should make us ashamed to be human. And don’t get me wrong, in general I like human beings….sometimes 😉 .

Source: thetimes-tribune.com

4 thoughts on “Drug addict drives pickup truck over former girlfriend’s cat”

  1. The worst thing I ever did was “take” my girlfriends’ cat and give her a better life. And it was with her permission so, I’m not much of a bad guy.

  2. This guy looks (and acted) like the product of in-breeding or perhaps he’s a hybrid as well. Still no excuse. I would be willing to bet everything I have that if our planet sustains for a couple hundred more years, some country(s) might simplify their legal system down to punishing every infraction with death. That’s just what it’s going to take to instill order I think. Miserable grammar but you get it.


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