Drug den housed cat abusing witch and her 133 cruelly neglected cats

All 133 cats living with this cat abusing witch (my description and image edit) were taken from the property and euthanised as unadoptable.

Cat abusing witch - Sandy Chauvin
Cat abusing witch – Sandy Chauvin
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Drug agents entered the property in their investigation of drug (meth) dealing. They wanted to arrest Nicholas and Christian Chauvin; Sandy Chauvin’s sons. The drug agents stumbled upon a huge colony of cats amongst the faeces, detritus and the drugs. They had no idea that they were there. One hundred and thirty-three cats had been willfully neglected by Sandy Chauvin. In the event they arrested the sons and their mother.

It took several days to round up the cats. We are told that all were ill with the usual diseases associated with gross neglect: injuries, scabies, infections, ringworm and other health issues. There were seven dead cats on the premises too.

The shelter staff assessed them all as unadoptable and they were put down. Frankly this surprises me. I would doubt that there was not one cat amongst the 133 who was saveable. The numbers may have overwhelmed the shelter.

I wanted to write this because I had a desire to lampoon the woman. In her face I saw a witch. She is one, but of the nasty kind. She was taken into custody on 1st Feb we are told by The Times serving the Terrebonne and Lafourche area.

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  1. This rehashes wot my own daughter did to her cat ‘Prince’ due to being a tweaker and his well being wasnt priority to her though she was offered medical care for him at no cost to her >:(


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