Drunk woman drowns two of her cats in the toilet bowl

Abbi Mann had three cats. She decided for some inexplicable reason that she wanted to be rid of two of them so she drowned them in the toilet bowl. It appears that she was drunk at the time.

There were clumps of cat hair around the toilet. She claimed that the cats had been poisoned but the prosecution proved that she had drowned them. When they visited her home the two cats were on the living room floor soaking wet surrounded by water.

Cat hair on toilet

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The magistrates said that Abbi Mann, 36, had killed the cats with her bare hands. It appears that she had stuffed their heads down the toilet and held them there until they drowned. It is difficult to think of something more heinous, nasty and cruel.

The RSPCA inspector Rachel Leafe said that Mann appeared to have been drunk on the night in question. Apparently she admitted that he had pushed one of their faces into the water.

Cat hair on sink

Regrettably, this woman was not imprisoned but was handed a suspended prison sentence. She was also disqualified from keeping animals for the remainder of her life. Thirdly, she was fined £1365. I’d argue that the punishment is too light.

The third cat was removed from Mann’s home and will be rehomed. It happened in the north of England (Derbyshire).

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2 thoughts on “Drunk woman drowns two of her cats in the toilet bowl”

  1. Contrary to what you will hear drunks do not do what they would never do if sober but rather the alcohol releases their inhibitions to do what they are inclined to do. No you were not drunk and said and done things you shouldn’t have you were simply being your real self.
    She belongs in prison.

    • So are you saying that if someone is driving under the influence and causes a fatal accident, they would also do that when sober if only their inhibitions were sufficiently released?


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