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Dry cat food causing healthy cats to vomit. The reason. — 2 Comments

  1. It really depends on the food and the cat. My cats go out in the catproof yard and eating grass is definitely a trigger for upchucking back in the house. The First Grassy Upchuck of Spring is a yearly tradition.

    But Wysong Geriatrx dry food does not make current Senior Cat upchuck while she is a Frequent Upchucker sometimes with Purina Naturals. They are both small pieces of about the same size. Mixing them when she demands both also seems to help. I’d give her just the Wysong but she acts so disappointed without a Purina fix. And you don’t want to disappoint that particular cat. Really. Fangs and claws. Knows how to use them.

    Definitely fast eaters upchuck a lot right after a meal. One fast eater had been an abandoned tiny tot and missed a few meals in the wild. After rescue she passed gas at both ends for months – and all her life was an Easy Upchucker. Another cat of a much earlier generation, with a less traumatic start, was also a chronic fast eater and an Easy Upchucker. Both of them were also helpful in cleaning up after themselves, apparently the warmed mush was very attractive to both. The first cat mentioned always lived with other cats and helped clean up theirs also. Useful but disgusting.

    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t think I have heard the word ‘upchuck’ before 😉. It’s nice to see it used. Domestic cats are very good at vomiting in any case. They do it with far more ease and naturalness than humans. They get over it very quickly. But some dry cat food pellets are too small. I think the manufacturers have come to realise that which is why they are making large pellets for their dental care dry cat foods which are dubious but at least it indicates that they are thinking about the size of the pellets.

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