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Dry cat food which calms cats contains Zylkène which has been proved to be effective — 3 Comments

  1. The first 10 ingredients are horrible for cats! Usually the first few ingredients in commercial dry kibble is bad but the first TEN!? There is no such thing as a high quality dry kibble.Some are better than others but cats should only be fed a species appropriate diet.How can processed cereal with very little meat added that’s cooked at extremely high temperatures be species appropriate for an obligate carnivore? It makes absolutely no sense. Dry kibble is the number one cause in the hundreds of thousands of obesity in cats as well as bladder and kidney disease, infections,blockages, diabetes and cancer in cats! Anyone who can’t think logically and put two and two together and think dry kibble is good and nutritious for cats is going to cause suffering and early death in their cats.

    • Thanks for your comment, Misty. I agree that dry cat food is far from ideal. Particularly sad, therefore, that it is so prevalent and so heavily used and chosen by consumers. This is because it is convenient. I think you might be painting a picture which is that little bit blacker than it really is. Many veterinarians, all veterinarians perhaps, sell dry cat food in their reception areas in the UK. Are you saying that all UK veterinarians want to harm domestic cats?

      It is perhaps a given that wet cat food is much better than dry and I have always promoted that. On the issue of grain in dry cat food, it is ironic that the other day my cat was eating bird seed on the lawn! This, ironically, indicates that grain is not always unpalatable to domestic cats.

      My cat eats birdseed on my back lawn

  2. Personally, I’ve never tried it but I’m suspect of any product that alleges to be ‘complete and balanced’ and therefore no supplements are needed.

    I was watching a video just yesterday by a well known vet in the USA about the fact that there is no such thing as cat/dog food being complete and nutritionally balanced; the nutrients in commercial pet food are the bare minimum of what’s required. Needed nutrients are destroyed in the manufacturing process of pet food. Perfectly nutritious food (meat, fish, vegetables, etc) are then boiled out in the food processing with additives added to lengthen the shelf life thereby making the food mush. Ever notice what it looks like when a can is opened?

    Recently, I spent over $300 USD at the vet because Shadow had severe constipation. Thankfully, after a few days of lactulose his condition resolved. Had that not happened, we were looking at over $1,000 USD for added tests or perhaps even surgery to ascertain and remove any blockage.

    I mention this only because in Shadow’s case (and now Abby’s), all dried food has been removed from their diet. I’ve noticed that even though both cry at me for dried food, once they’re engaged in another activity, like play, they forget about the food. They both seem lighter in their step, their litter box habits have normalized (no more stinky poop or pained straining to go) and it even looks like they’re beginning to lose weight.

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