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Dryer sheets and cats — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Michael and Ruth for sharing this information. So many products are infused with toxic chemicals, but most people are taking in by the slick marketing.

    I had reactions to PineSol twice this month from 2 roommates using it. The first one used it to clean the carpet in the bathroom, with no fan or open window. I felt sick to my stomach, and didn’t know what had been used, until I asked.

    Then my other roommate decided to clean the kitchen floor with it. Again, I felt sick, and asked that this product not be used.

    They both thought I was being unreasonable, but my health is at stake, and there are two cats in the house.

    I think that many people associate the smell of PineSol or Lysol with “clean” as their moms may have used it when they were children.

    There are many non-toxic things to clean and deodorize with. I wish people would wise up before it’s too late for them and their pets!

    It’s amazing how many people give no thought to the sensitivity of cats, or other people.

  2. The FDA is worse than useless, giving people a false sense of security that if something is approved by the FDA it is safe. Actually, the FDA is either lazy, corrupt or both. We’d be better off with no government oversight than to have this situation, where it’s almost impossible to get unsafe products/drugs removed from the market.

    It’s hard even to educate people because if the FDA says it’s ok the buck stops there for them. If you question the FDA’s wisdom you are just some hypochondriac kook ranting on the internet.

    It doesn’t even matter if science is on our side or basic common sense. People are just like sheep, way too dependent on government and unwilling to think for themselves or question anything. Meanwhile, no one can explain the sudden rise in autism, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and other mysterious diseases with no known cause.

    We don’t use dryer sheets because they make your clothing more flammable. We work as pyrotechnicians in the summer, wearing all cotton protective clothing because it is safer than synthetics, which can literally melt right onto your skin. But no matter what material the clothing is made from if treated with a dryer sheet it is now much more flammable. No thank you!

    • I don’t know the FDA but we have similar organisations and they are too close to business to be truly independent. If the FDA is not completely independent with high integrity is is worse than useless because they’ll endorsing dangerous products. I agree that not enough consumers use their brains and question.

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