Duchess Fraya

Duchess Fraya

by Gigi F
(Cypress, CA)

LOVES the cat grass !

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LOVES the cat grass !

LOVES the cat grass ! But doesn't care to play.

About 3 yrs ago, my daughter was approached by a co-worker who had found a nearly starved, about 4-wk-old kitten on the roadside. My daughter brought home the kitten, got vet advice, and shots and spaying when the time came.

My granddaughter (8yr old) bottle-fed the baby, bathed her, played with her, and slept with her.

After about a year, I opened my door to my granddaughter with an armload of white fluff and "Nana, I can't keep my kitty. Will you take care of her?" What could I say?

For almost a year, poor kitty came out only at night to eat and was rarely seen. I left her alone, only checking to be sure she was safe and eating, litter box clean, etc. Until the day the back door got left open and she went out to explore and had what I assume was a panic attack.

I heard her crying and found her laying 2 feet from the door, looking very lost. She let me scoop her up, bring her in, and talk to her, pet her, etc. She climbed inside my t-shirt to snuggle and I let her - it's a mom thing, I guess she was cold and scared.

Within a day, she started climbing into bed with me, then the shower, then perching on top of furniture and watching TV with me and my 2 Chihuahuas.

I don't know or really care if she's a pure-bred cat, but her personality and appearance sure seem like the Turkish Angora to me. She still runs from everyone but me, and most people who visit don't even know there IS a cat living with me.

She's still hard to photograph (I guess she's shy), but I wanted to share her story.

Gigi F

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Duchess Fraya

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Mar 05, 2012 Duchess Fraya NEW
by: Gigi

Thank you, all, for your supportive comments. Miss Kitty (that's all she answers to now, I don't know why) continues to become more and more sociable - but still to only me. A few visitors have caught glimpses of her, so maybe someday she'll overcome her shyness. But for now, we're doing good. She still cuddles at night, and every morning yells at me if I make coffee before she eats. A real personality developing here! Some days, I want to get the idiot(s) who dumped her and throttle them, but mostly I'm just thrilled my daughter and granddaughter brought her to me.

Oct 04, 2011 Lovely cat and lovely story
by: Sanem

This is a heart warming story. You are really kind and thoughtful. Your cat really looks like my Pamuk, which is a Turkish Angora. She has her own page here. I wish you and your cat a happy and healthy life.

Oct 04, 2011 She is Adorable
by: Lindy Fellober

Bless your heart for what you have done Gigi for this precious one. God helps us to help them. It is sad that people have careless attiutudes and ditch these animals like garbage. We have Simba who was abandoned at 10 or 12 years of age and when we moved back after our fire we took him in and he is a beautiful orange Tabby. You can see him on my Facebook. We also have two kittens at the moment from the same mom at different times, she was also abandoned. My neighbour took her in on the second batch and the 3 kittens that she had the day she came in were also taken in. The scond kitten we have is from that batch, her name is Boots, as she has 7 claws on each back paw and 6 on each front. Her brother Little Joe was found at 1 week and a half in a city garage and he is now in his fifth month and a big boy as their daddy is big. Along with Dusty our Shih Tzu they are quite busy, Snickers will be coming next, we didn't want to upset Mamma Cat when they all leave. She will have one kitten living with her.

Oct 04, 2011 Nice story
by: Michael

Thanks, Gigi, for sharing your nice story. You have certainly become very close. She is obviously unsocialised so is only comfortable around you who she trusts and is relaxed with. That is the way is goes with cats sometimes that are not familiarized with people and other animals during the first 7 weeks of their life.

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