Dudley Peninsula ‘grooming traps’ program launched that will place a toxic gel on feral cats

The Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program has been launched on the Dudley Peninsula. Read on, because this is the cold and calculated killing of feral cats under the management of the Natural Resources Management board in an attempt to eradicate feral cats by 2030.

Felixizer toxic trap
Felixizer toxic trap
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The 18-month program, dubbed Felixer vs Felis, will use ‘grooming traps’ that place a toxic gel on the cats. The traps will be set across public as well as private land with the goal of killing up to 500 feral cats.

The trap is made to watch a cat and the poison is released only after the cat is determined by size, shape, and gait to belong to a feral cat.

Richard Trethewey, KI’s Natural Resources Management board presiding member, said the move to “toxic mode” was a step forward in the killing of feral cats.

In an interview with Stockjournal.com.au

“This is one of many control tools being trialed in this long-term endeavor. Natural Resources KI staff are placing and operating the grooming traps, working alongside landholders and volunteers who are involved in data monitoring and analysis.”

Kangaroo Island

When a cat walks in front of a trap it’s photographed. The cat is then determined to be a target or a non-target. It’s very accurate, according to NRKI feral cat team leader Venetia Bolwell. In other words, the traps in toxic mode will be highly regulated and in full cooperation with landowners.

Since the traps use sodium fluoroacetate (1080) which is highly toxic to dogs, signs will be placed warning people to keep their dogs away from the area where the toxic traps are set.

Felixer traps have already been used to kill cats in northern SA and the Northern Territory. A cat-proof fence is also being constructed in the coming months.

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Australia’s deliberate poisoning of feral cats is essentially a crime

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4 thoughts on “Dudley Peninsula ‘grooming traps’ program launched that will place a toxic gel on feral cats”

  1. This is so inhuman these are innocent animals trying to survive. Humans cause these problems not the cats. Maybe you should do the humans instead of innocent animals , T. N. R. But are you all to f lazy to do that to. May karma bit you all. ????????????

  2. Seriously?!?! Why is everyone way to control what people cause in the first place to kill inhumanely!?!? Why nor just do this to the ppl who don’t spay n neuter their pets or just dump their pets. There, problem solved. People are the problem that caused this n yet innocent lives are taken in a cruel painful way!!

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