Dundee woman makes video “we’re desperate” plea for the return of her cat

A Dundee (UK) woman has made “we’re desperate”plea via video for the return of the family cat. Five-year-old Flynn was last seen December 27 in the Americanmuir Road of Dundee last Thursday (December 27).

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Fynn, 5, was last seen on Thursday, December 27 in the Americanmuir Road area of the city. The video link is listed at the end of this article.

Jordan said in an interview with Evening Telegraph

“We are starting a Dundee wide search for our cat. He’s been deformed since he was tiny with a squint foot and leg but he is the rock of our family and we totally dote on him.

“I’m not giving up until the day he is found. We are so desperate.”

I’ll keep this article short and to the point. Please share with those in the Dundee area. Contact the media source below if found, since no contact information was listed. I feel sure they’d pass along the good news.

No mention is made as to how Flynn became lost. It’s possible he escaped the home or an outside enclosure the family believed was safe.

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