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Dust Mites Can Cure Allergy to Cat — 6 Comments

    • I depends a bit on the cat. You might be slightly allergic to some cats. I was never allergic to cats until I took on Charlie – I very slightly allergic to him. It doesn’t interfere with my life at all but it is there.

      • yea i guess ur’d get used to it. Maybe as you get older it gets worse. I know as i get older im becoming much more emotional than i have ever been in my life.

  1. There have been quite a few POC articles and comments about allergies to cats and and some as to the reasons why we need not be so obsessed with cleanliness.

    Now we know that dust mites can serve a very useful purpose.

    This is a good little article. I’m happy to write that I am not obsessed with cleanliness and am certain that these wonderful dust mites are thriving here.

  2. I just met somebody who had 2 cats and had to adopt them out because she became allergic to them. Now she even reacts when she is around a person who has had alot of contact with cats.

    As you might imagine, we probably won’t be seeing eachother again very often, if at all 🙂

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