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Dwarf cat, a Singapura cat and a cute dog face a clear barrier differently

This is an impromptu test of canine and feline intelligence or perhaps it is not. It seems to have some significance. Perhaps it is more to do with personality type. There are three companion animals. The first one to decide to jump over the clear plastic barrier is a rare dwarf cat; probably a Munchkin, the founding and original dwarf cat breed.

Three amigos have a different approach to a low plastic barrier placed before them

The next companion animal to jump over is what appears to be a purebred Singapura. This is also a rare cat breed. The third is a sweet dog who does not want to follow the cats but goes up on his/her hind legs instead. We are not sure why. It is looks balletic in its elegance but what does it mean? It seems that the dog is unsure about jumping over the plastic barrier. The caution is not because the barrier is difficult to navigate. It is a mental barrier but I am not sure why this cat is fearful about jumping it.

I think the dog is a poodle species but I am not au fait with dog breeds. I have seen many households in which there are cats and dogs. They are friendly with each other but the cat often leads. Is that typical?

Below are some links to posts about cat personality. There are more pages on this topic than are shown below so please use the search tool. Cat personality types are interesting. There are two bold brackets: timid and bold. The cat in the video has the boldest personality of the three amigos.

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