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Dwarf Cat With The Shortest Legs — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t like the way the cat waddles, that’s not catlike at all, makes me wonder if the poor thing has had his/her legs surgically altered, I can’t actually see paws.

    • Good point Alan. Horribly unnatural gait for a cat. Cats have fabulous gaits normally. It is probably due to the extreme shortness of the legs. The walk is like a dwarf person.

  2. Irish__Your right. This cute cat is defenseless.
    If he or she gains too much weight, than it’s walking abilities will be in jeopardy.We all can see this scenario. Sad thing though, if this cat can’t exercise properly she will also lose the ability to clean herself which leads to more health risk. It is most likely inevitable down the road.
    Cat breeders should be held accountable at this juncture so the practice is banned. The cat does not care if she’s cute. All cats deserve to be bred with their health and dignity as a prime consideration.

  3. These cats were purposely genetically mutated and I dont like it one bit,they cannot jump and if being chased by another animal it would get caught,who ever created these cats should have their legs shortened IMO

  4. This is odd… when I posted that last comment, as the page refreshed I could see Chinese? text in place of where the video link should be. That text is no longer visible now the page has completed loading.

    Am I the only one experiencing this weird glitch?

    • No, I saw it too. I am pretty sure it’s not odd and has a very technical reason as to why it should happen (which I don’t know).

      • Thinking about it, it probably happens to all videos, usually too fast to be seen, in this case I think the video is coming from a Chinese website and is slow enough loading to see the link before the video takes it’s place. I think.

        • Thanks for the explanation Alan. The weird thing is that no matter how many times I refresh this page, the link for the video clip never appears.

  5. I can’t see a link for the video, but from the photo on the homepage, those legs look very short.

    I agree with Dee, this can only lead to health and joint problems in the future. I see nothing cute in breeding cats for deformities which will cause them pain or ill-health.

    • I thought you’d disapprove and rightly so. The cat is very cute and interesting but the viewers, all 3+million of them, don’t seem to be that concerned about the possible health consequences. Plus ca change.

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