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Dwarf cats and Miniature Cats

I’m introducing this section on dwarf cats and miniature cats with a photograph (above) of a champion – Rosie Cotton Bar Maid from the KlassyKittens cattery owned by Deborah & Marc Mordente. The photograph is copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect copyright.

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Below is a video I made on most of the Dwarf Cat breeds. It allows a quick skim through the breeds but there are links at the base of the page leading to more detailed descriptions. Update 31-10-08: The first cat in the video, the Elf cat, is not a dwarf cat – sorry. I knew this when I made the video but suffered “brain fade”.

Through the efforts of the Dwarf Cat Association and Terri Harris, Dwarf cats were exported to the UK and the Netherlands. On the 4th February 2008 Terri, who founded the Kinkalow dwarf cat breed, was in the UK (specifically Scotland) to deliver three Munchkins to be used in a breeding program by a TICA registered breeder.

Munchkinlane Milton P. Hershey – Milton is a Solid Cinnamon, longhair, male Munchkin cat. He is a TICA champion.He is now in The Netherlands. Great expression on his face – very wise, seen it done it.

Dwarf cat breeders are, it seems, eager to develop and promote their breed and I am sure that they are pleased to see the UK involved for the first time. I believe that there is talk of breeding a bobtailed dwarf cat. Not sure if that is correct though.

Of course dwarf cats and miniature cats are small. But not all small cats are dwarf or miniature. The Singapura is the smallest cat in the cat fancy. All Singapuras have a ticked coat with a delightful cream underbelly, rather like the coloring of mountain lion here in the US. They are curious and extroverted, intelligent and insist on helping you with anything you are doing. They are loving and playful. Singapura is the Malasian word for Singapore where they are found as street cats. They weigh 5 to 8 pounds, females being slightly smaller.” (quote & photograph by and copyright Helmi Flick)

The Singapura has another name, the “Drain Cat” reflecting the cat’s ability, due to her small size, to hide in drains in Singapore where they appear to be less appreciated.

Dwarf cats and miniature cats have a very endearing and unusual appearance making them popular and interesting. People can have strong views about their appearance. This is because some people think that this cat breed came about as a result of genetic engineering, which carries with it physical deficiencies. This is not true. The question is how to breed from the natural mutation or to breed at all.

There are a number of blogs and news stories on the internet in which people express their views on dwarf cats and miniature cats. There are also a number of advice websites where questions about dwarf cats and miniature cats are raised and answers given. Their views seem, on occasions, to be based on misconceptions about this breed.

For example, a number of Hollywood gossip writers have criticized Paris Hilton for acquiring a dwarf cat. They say she has too many pets already and say that the dwarf cat breed has too many health problems. They go on to say that they can’t function like ordinary cats, e.g. can’t jump properly because of short legs and can’t land from a jump properly for the same reason. Although they agree that dwarf cats and miniature cats are cute.

Perhaps, not in defense but by way of demonstrating their goals and “mission”, The Dwarf Cat Association says that they do not consider the gene mutation that brings about dwarfism a defect or result in a deformity. They say that the mutation shortens the all four legs, the front more than the rear legs.

The fact that the front legs are shortened more than the rear legs raises an interesting point that I have not seen referred to before. A dwarf cat is sometimes referred to as a “Kangaroo Cat” as she likes to sit on her rear legs and raise herself up, using the tail as a support (like a tripod). The leg conformation encourages this behavior.

When walking the portion of the rear leg below the hock (hock: the “elbow” half-way down the rear leg, equivalent to the ankle in humans) is more horizontal and, it seems, almost touching the ground along its length. More strain is probably placed on the front legs and shoulders.

The association makes it clear that they don’t consider the cat’s quality of life to be affected negatively. The association vows to not harm cats and to breed cats responsibly.

Received wisdom in respect of the health of dwarf cats and miniature cats is that they are generally healthy. Please though click here for a full discussion on cat health issues for dwarf cats. Also, I think it would be worth your while to have a brief look at this page as it looks a condition that may be more prevalent in dwarf cats. Dwarfism originates in a naturally occurring defective gene a dominant dwarfing gene that causes the legs to be shorter than usual. Dwarfism occurs rarely as for humans. Some people liked the appearance (different I suppose and “cute”) resulting in cat breeders (commercial businesses don’t forget) breeding dwarf cats to increase their numbers. They also created different varieties by cross breeding with other breeds. Click here to read about dwarf cat genetics. These are to be distinguished from “miniature cats” or “teacup cats” which have a normal “shape” and which have been bred small. This is achieved by taking a small cat (small because its “normal genes” have created it small) and breeding it with another small cat to try and produce an even smaller cat. Some individual miniature cats may display health problems.

Here is a list of dwarf cat breeds. The majority are linked to full page descriptions and Helmi Flick photographs. The links open up to a new window.

  1. Munchkin Foundation breed of dwarf cats from which other breeds have been developed. See a new page featuring a large format image and reference to TICA breed standard plus other views on the Munchkin cat
  2. Bambino – A cross between a Munchkin and a Sphynx – short legged and hairless, what else!
  3. Dwelf – A cross between a Munchkin, Sphynx and an American Curl – short, hairless with ears that curl at the tips.
  4. Fantasy Cats – Across between a Munchkin, American curl, and a natural short tailed female domestic tortoise shell. Short tailed, short legged and curled ears.
  5. Genetta – A cross between Munchkin, Bengal, Savannah, Domestic Short Hair and Oriental SH. – exotic, spotted/marbled cat like a wild African Genet.
  6. Jaguarundi Curl – A cross between the Highland Lynx and Munchkin or other dwarf cat.
  7. Kinkalow – A cross between the American Curl and Munchkin – curled ears short legs.
  8. Knooks – A cross between a Kinkalow and LaPerm – Skookam like curly coat.
  9. Lambkin – A cross between a Munchkin and Selkirk Rex – cute looking with soft curlycoat.
  10. Meerkats – The result of an accidental mating in the Jaguarundi cat breeding program – see above. Short tailed, short legged, normal ears.
  11. Minskin – A cross between Munchkin and Sphynx, Devon Rex and Burmese – fur pointed extremities and cashmere coat.
  12. Napoleon – A cross between a Munchkin and Persian. Appearance – long-haired cat with large eyes. Registered with TICA.
  13. Minuet – this is in fact a Napoleon cat. TICA directors changed the name in 2015. In the linked article I discuss how they might have selected the new name. It is interesting!
  14. Scottish Fold Munchkinread a note on this newish breed. A cross between the Munchkin and Scottish Fold. Super cute would describe this cat and the kittens are to die for 😉
  15. Skookum – A cross between the Munchkin and LaPerm. Appearance – short legs and curly coats and an interesting origin to the name.
  16. 11th September 2015: New dwarf cat breed, the Bambob (the link takes you to a page on the Bambob and the ShynxieBob), a hybrid of the Bambino and a bobtailed cat (probably a cat like the American Bobtail). This breed is yet to be recognised but the breeder wants the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR) to accept and register the breed in due course.

Click on this link to read about the origin of dwarf breed names. The names of dwarf cat breeds are I think, interesting and I believe that you will find the story behind their creation interesting too. Plus, you get the information from the “horses mouth”! I mean the mouth of the creator of the dwarf cat breed. If you want to visit the KlassyKittens cattery mentioned at the top of this page click on this link.

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  • Hello!
    I can help you get a kitten Dwelf. I am a breeder of Sphynx, but in February of this year, I brought a cat from America. (This is still the only cat in Russia). Now our girl is pregnant and we are expecting kittens born Dwelf.
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  • hello im goin to buy a mini himalayan (hope i spelled that right) I want to know How can I tell she really is a mini the lady told me that the mom is 4 3/4 pounds and that the baby wouldn't get that big once its fully grown HOw can I be sure? please let me know THANKS

    • Unfortunately you cannot wait to check when your mini Himmie has fully grown before adopting. As I see it that is the only sure way of adopting a miniature cat: Adopt an adult miniature cat. If you see (with your own eyes) that the parents are both small, then it is more likely that the offspring will be small. But, personally, I would not take the word of a breeder. That sounds tough but you are buying a cat for the life of the cat. You have to be sure. Check the parents of the kitten yourself and ask the breeder for two references from former customers. Even then you are taking a risk but less of a risk. Make sure you have a contract that includes a health check and vaccinations etc. If not have your vet check the cat out before buying - or a local independent veterinarian on your instructions.. Sounds very complicated and you may not want to do that but it is sensible. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

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