Dylan the Fundraising Cat: An Update

By Dylan

Well hello there again my feline loving friends – it’s seems to have been a while since my last article, so I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year and now Spring is just around the corner! I cannot begin to tell you how much I am sick of this wet weather I mean I am not really made to pose in rain! So loving the sunny spells we have recently been having.

“Hoping I can pack my winter scarf away soon”
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Well, Danielle at Ark on the Edge has been filling me in on the goings on at the Ark and my gosh – they have been busy. Over 30 fellow felines found homes in January – that is almost one cat a day in their forever homes!!! Way a go guys!!

But for some bad news, Ark have seen a big increase in the number of pregnant cats coming into rescue recently – currently at Ark there is Molly who has 4 three week old babies and Maisey who is heavily pregnant 🙁 Neuter people!! How much more can we take!

As much I know you all love the Ark, this is about me!!!!!

My first job of the new year was socialising a new foster guest – a lovely lady cat called Suzy, although its taking a little longer than usual as Suzy doesn’t really like being picked up or handled – but I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED – if anyone can get through to gorgeous Suzy – it will be me.

In my last article, you met Savannah, who I helped socialise before finding her forever home – she is loving her new home and I do so love seeing pictures of my feline successes.

Savannah in her new home

I had another weigh in (yes, the diet is still on going – honestly if the Hills metabolic food wasn’t so damn tasty I’d be quite miffed). And guess what, I lost another 100 grams – getting their slowly – here I am having my measurements taken – Hey, you never know when you need a tuxedo.

Make sure you get the tape measure right there, Gabby

Hills science plan food even sent me a fish shaped food bowl (think they feel guilty at overlooking me for pet of the month! Hehehe) And yes, I still eat at a height – stops me rushing my food.

mmm tasty treats

I had a bit of rest after Christmas after my hectic schedule before the festive period; so thought I would pop into my local newspaper office, just to make sure that they hadn’t forgotten about me and to just say a general hello.

Wouldn’t catch me wearing pink like that pigeon!

And my diary is soon filling up again – I will be fundraising at pets at home store in bishop Auckland for a couple of weekends in March for Ark on the Edge – I love the attention I get on my days out – so I hope to see you there.

Until the next time – much love and feline paw hugs

Dylan xxxx


7 thoughts on “Dylan the Fundraising Cat: An Update”

  1. Hi Dylan.
    What a busy boy you are.
    I think you’re looking pretty fit right now, but a litte more off the muddle wouldn’t hurt.
    By the way, you’re already wearing a tux.

  2. Good morning Dylan, I’ve seen on your Facebook page that you’re getting ready for a day of fundraising at Pets at Home today, good luck young man, I’m sure that anyone who sees that gorgeous face and trim yet still cuddly body will feel impelled to dig deep into purses and pockets to donate towards The Ark on the Edge. You’re a multi-talented cat and a busy one as well, no wonder you enjoy your food. I see one of your pregnant ladies, Maisey, has had her kitts overnight, 4 more dear little souls and already mum and maybe one kitten promised a home. Keep up the good work Dylan x

  3. What a busy life you lead Dylan, it makes us feel tired just reading about you, we are so pleased we don’t have to go fund raising like you do.
    The picture at the vets made us shudder, we hate that place.
    Whoever lets lady cats get pregnant these days? It’s not us cos we had the snip before we wanted to do such rude things. The mammies say it’s irresponsible people who don’t get their cats neutered and make more work and worry for Rescue places.
    Anyway keep up the good work.
    Walt and Jo.

  4. Hi Dylan lovely to hear all your news but shame about the pregnant ladies all the time I do wish people would do what they need to so they don’t have to worry about getting in the family way 🙁

    BTW you have a lovely face if you don’t mind me saying 🙂

  5. Thanks for the update, Dylan. I am glad that you have managed to lose a bit of weight but sad to see so many cats coming in who are pregnant which must make a lot more work to people at Ark on the Edge. I am very impressed with your fund raising work. Keep it up!


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