Dylan The Fundraising Rescue cat – UPDATE

By Danielle Walsh – Ark on the Edge (2nd December 2013)

Well, hello again to all my feline and human fans out there; I have much news to tell you – so are you sitting comfortably – right, I’ll begin.

So what’s been happening in the world of Dylan: well, firstly the diet is still ongoing; I am now exercising in water as well to help lose those pounds; at my most recent weigh in – I hadn’t lost any weight although my neck and chest measurements had reduced – so must say something for excising in water (I really don’t mind the water but it MUST be warm!)

Dylan rescue cat
Here I am just checking the numbers at my weigh in!
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So sick of this diet now!

I was also in the running for Hills Science plan food “pet of the month” we shall say no more about that as I didn’t win – I mean, really! However, I did gain national notoriety in England at least after being voted “Pet of the week” in the Daily Mirror ahahahah sweet taste of success.

Here is my article below; Personally I think I am much better looking than Bob Geldof!

dylan3I also helped a young girl out who organised a coffee morning to raise awareness of Epilepsy in children (I do so like helping out Ark on the Edge after they helped me – but this was a good cause and felt it could use some of my glamour hehehe).

Here I am with one of the organisers – I thoroughly enjoyed myself, there were lots of lots of cuddles…

No one can resist my charms!

Since we last spoke, I have been helping my mum/agent socialise rescue cats none stop.

First off, we had Savannagh – ah she was a funny one; you see I was raising money again at Pets at home when mum got a call to say a stray cat had wandered into a local shop and they needed someone to take it immediately – so of course me and mum went rushing off at light speed and we brought little Savannagh home, she found a new home not long after we got her but I do miss her – she was lovely. Then we had Shearer and then Sabrina and I’m sure there were more but you know so many cats to help – so little time.

My friend Savannagh – she kept my little sister Sally occupied whilst I was doing my fundraising efforts.

Mum always says that I am the rescue cats first test because I just tend to wander around; I do enjoy meeting all these different cats though, because some of them feel the same way that I did when I first arrived at the ark, unloved and unwanted – I try not to think about that too much, but if I can make it all a little bit easier for them – then I will.

Our Wesley (my deaf brother) also began his harness training; people keep saying it will be a double act, hmmmm don’t know if im happy with that just yet – I like all the attention lol

This was Wesley getting used to wearing the harness – I was nearby for moral support
Mum also bought me my very own dining table – it is raised so I don’t get the chance to woof my food down at the speed of light anymore and I have to admit it does make me look a bit more refined.

WELL GUYS!! I think that’s all for now so all that is left to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL from Dylan the Fundraising Rescue cat and all his feline family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


”Dylan talked me into this” see I told you no one could resist my charms not even my little sister Isis


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  1. Hi guys I noticed a few of u interested in Dylan’s water exercises lol – I do have a pic which is going in the next update 🙂

    No he doesn’t use a treadmill – basically he does it in a regular bath lol the friction between the body and water helps to reduce the extra skin he is carrying aswell as losing pounds – same as when humans go swimming

    Hehe yes I know it sounds odd doing them in the bath but his measurements had reduced at his last weigh in lol xxx


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