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Eagles Kill Domestic Cats By Dropping Them Onto Rocks — 6 Comments

  1. And, bird kills are blamed on cats when these predators are more than equally hunters.
    I’ll bet you’ll never read about this in an Audubon newsletter.
    Dw enlightened me to owls a while ago that are so large in her area that they can carry off a cat and do. That blew me away.
    And, yes, there are so many dangers here that I can’t criticize anyone that keep cats indoors.

    • Yea i guess theres always a danger when kitties are so young and not protected by mummy. Thankfully theres no eagles here but theres always dangers of the outside. I think we do have hawks but alot of this is out in the countryside and open areas. Always keep a watchful eye on Jasmin as i can.

    • I guess all is fair in the jungle, but hopelessly hard on the human if they lose a friend this way. I recently learned that it is the talons of the owl, clamping on that kills the prey, which is an easier way to go I suppose. I don’t know about the bald eagle dropping prey to do the job. Cats weigh more than most large owls, but apparently the owl can carry several times it’s weight. Skunks are a favorite tasty morsel for a great horned owl. Kittens born and living outdoors are vulnerable to owls. But turn around is fair play. Cats, both domestic and feral are known to raid an owls nests. Not a common occurrence, but it does happen. Nature is what nature does. It is up to us, to care for our little friends and protect them.

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