Ear massage your cheetah

Have you tried this one? The lady in the video calls it ear massaging. It seems she’s rubbing the area just below the ear and above the eyes on both sides. The cheetah purrs contentedly. In case you wondered whether cheetahs purr or not, this clarifies the situation. I’ve never tried this form of cat petting. My cat loves me to massage the back of his head. Because this cat likes an ear massage it does not mean that all cats like it equally. Maybe it is a cheetah characteristic but I doubt it.

I have to provide a warning about the video because they sometimes disappear. This will leave a non-functioning video on this page which I can’t do anything about except to remove it. This is because the video is embedded on this website from another website and I don’t control the original video.

It probably won’t surprise you to see this video. Perhaps of all the wild cat species, the cheetah is the most amenable to being domesticated and working with humans. They have a long association with people going back at least 4,000 years. The rich and famous thousands of years ago liked to keep them as pets and today they do exactly the same thing in the Middle East. It is not a good idea to do this because it damages their conservation in the wild. Thousands of years ago, the Pharoahs believed that the cheetah as the fastest animal on land would carry their spirits away after death. You will see images of cheetahs being trained for hunting that originate in the 17th and 18th Dynasties in Egypt.

It is said that adult cheetahs are easy to tame and train. They’ve been trained by their mother to hunt so you just have to get them used to people. But they are amenable to this. However, if they are taken as clubs and reared in captivity the training is long and difficult. It appears that as adults they are already pre-trained by their mother for the next stage is socialisation to humans.

Apparently, there are records of cheetahs living in North America during the Pleistocene Epoque which ended about 12,000 years ago. Can you visualise cheetah running around North America around 20,000 years ago? It seems hard to visualise for me looking at America as it is today. They dug up the remains of a cheetah in Wyoming. It is described as a “cheetah-like cat”. But it is almost identical to the Old World cheetah. This ancient cheetah was also found in Texas and Nevada. It behaved like the modern cheetah in that it specialised in speed to hunt.


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