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Early stages of socializing a feral cat (video) — 2 Comments

  1. I ended up with a alot I mean alot feral cats 2 mother and daughter become very attached to me. They were pregnant. I’m supposed to be a horse rescue. I have gotten really sick with a parasite and I already have mrsa from taking care of my mom. Because hospital didn’t. Anyway my dogs and me are sick. Can’t tell me anything please my keep going to er and know one will see me except er. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am at the end of the rope. Life’s not supposed to be like this.

    • Lisa, I am concerned. You sound as if you are in a bad way and need help. I’d like to help but I am not sure I can because I need more information and secondly, I don’t live in the US. I think you live in the US. Is that correct? I am sorry to hear of your problems. You need to get well first and foremost. That must be the priority as you can’t improve your life until you have the strength and health to achieve it. Focus on yourself. You may have to relinquish your cats to a rescue and temporarily stop being involved in horse rescue to give yourself a window to get well.

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