East Baton Rouge Animal Control asking for help after several cats found mutilated

East Baton Rouge Animal Control(Louisiana) is asking for help from the public after several cats were found mutilated in the Shenandoah community. Animal Control Director Milton Cole says this is a tough investigation to work because the cats had different causes of death.

Meadow is a victim of the cat killer
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CAUTION: This article may be too disturbing for many readers. Use discretion before continuing.

In an interview with WBRZ News, resident Bonnie McDaniel described the black cat she recently found while walking through her neighbor’s back yard

“But all that was remaining there was the uppermost part, it’s front paws, shoulders and head. The rest of that cat was gone.”

In mid-July resident Robyn Wade found her cat Meadow dismembered on her lawn. Robyn described the gruesome act to WBRZ

“Somebody broke her neck, cut her open, flipped her head around tucked her head in between the shoulders in her back. Cut all her insides out, and laid her insides around in the yard.”

One concerned resident wrote about the mutilations for the Shenandoah Homeowner’s Association Newsletter warning a cat killer was in the area after two more cats from the Shenandoah Avenue area were discovered. At this point, the sheriff’s office came out and the investigation began.

When one of the cats was sent to a veterinarian, the necropsy came back that the cat had been disembodied with clean cuts and had no bite marks on it. A human is responsible, Cole reported.

Warning signs have been posted in the community

Neighbors are staying alerted through the community’s NextDoor App. Crime Stoppers has been asked to be involved in this case since the mutilations are considered a serious situation.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office or East Baton Rouge Animal Control. Please keep your cats inside where they’re safe.

This article should serve as a warning to please keep your cats inside where they’re safe or in a safe enclosure, should they prefer the outdoor life.

Note: There are news videos available on both WBRZ source links. They’re too disturbing to post on this article.

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  1. That is proof positive why people need to keep their cats indoors and keep their dogs in a fenced yard. Poor kitties. 🙁

  2. While people will at times dispose of a nuisance animal legal or not only a sick twisted human feels the need to mutilate and display them.

  3. I’m Woody and I have to confess that I am a complete ars*h*le. I can’t help it. It was the way I was brought up. And when I drink I become aggressive. I love to troll you guys. I like irritating people. And I like to shoot cats. I don’t mind if the cat is someone’s domestic cat. It is all the same to me. I have made up thousands of usernames to try and hide my identity. But you found out that I am Jim Stevenson the big, red-necked ars*h*le in the video leading bird spotting tours in Galveston. Bye for now. See you 🙂


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