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Easy to Administer Drug Gives Cats Their Appetite Back — 5 Comments

  1. This is interesting and hopefully it will be available in transdermal form in the UK too. A cat with no appetite can be a nightmare to know how to help when you have tried everything you know of or can research.

    There’s mention of behavioural effects such as vocalisation and vomiting (not uncommon when cats are given human psychiatric drugs. The vomiting is usually called psychogenic. I guess that alludes to the changes in how the cat feels when the drug action starts.

    Humans can understand “this might make you feel a bit odd don’t worry, it won’t hurt you”.

    Cats of course won’t be reassured by those words. I’ve seen a couple of cats have bit of a rough/confusing time when they have had their serotonin messed with via human antidepressants.

    A bit of confusion, a long as a carer can reassure the cat they are safe has got to be worth the risk if it helps keep that life force going.

  2. Thank you. I forwarded the link to this story to our shelter, particularly the medical personnel and shelter director. Periodically, we run into this situation. It’s nice to know there are other alternatives.

    • Good question. I don’t know of any side effects. I will certainly consider it when and if my cat is old and has lost his appetite.

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