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Easy-To-Build Winter Shelter for Feral Cats — 2 Comments

  1. I made a shelter using insulation panels instead of the styrofoam cooler. I placed the insulation panels on the bottom, sides, and inside the top lid. I also purchased a roll of Reflectix (insulated bubble wrap) and lined the entire inside to provide added insulation and warmth. Added the straw and my neighbor’s cat crawled in on the first day. I was so worried about him since he’s been an indoor Siamese cat for his entire life. His owner’s recently had a baby and had to put him outside. He’s been a great little companion for me, so I was very pleased to see him in his new home this morning.

    • Bless and well done. Although to put a cat out because they are having a baby is incorrect. All the experts say that it is unnecessary to get rid of your cat when you have a baby. Sorry to say this but it is plain incorrect and cruel.

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