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Eating Dog and Cat Meat is Cannibalism — 8 Comments


    ‘I argue that to eat dog and cat meat is perceived at an emotional level in the West as an act of cannibalism, which is a no-no. It is one of the most unethical acts a person can participate in.’

    For a change of pace, here’s a honey of a sample of moral relativism:

    ‘Some argue that the practice of infanticide . . . causes enormous psychological damage to children. Conversely. . .even. . .infanticidal mothers in New Guinea [eating] a child did not affect the personality development of the surviving children . . . there are good mothers who eat their own children.’

    [Roheim Geza, Psychoanalysis and Anthropology]

    ‘In my country India, VEGETARIANISM is a common topic of discussion, but don’t plants and vegetables have life?’

    There is no need for vegetarians to kill the plants that feed them. The escape hatch? Open-pollinated plants. Seeds from hybrid parents produce offspring that may surpass or fall short of the parent plant. O-P seed precisely reflects its parentage, and every vegetable raised in one’s garden can be allowed to go to seed and renew itself the following spring. (1) A gardener can save lbs. of his bean, pea and corn seeds to plant the following spring. (2)He can slice off three-quarters of any root vegetable (cabbage, too, which he doesn’t uproot) and poke the reminder back in the soil. The amputation will shock the plant for a couple of weeks, but it can recover and form a seed head in several months. (3) Much of a leafy green can be harvested from the outermost leaves on in toward the center, w/o killing the plant, which will go to seed, if left in peace.(4) Grains are harvested only when ripe – i.e., dead. When they turn from green to gold, they’ve fulfilled their destiny, and a gardener can save and replant thousands of their seeds. (5) Berries and fruit trees provide edibles for decades before they succumb to old age.

    Are plants stressed when you whack off pieces of them? The world-famed plant physiologist, Sir Jagadis Chandre Bose (died 1937), was not known for dabbling in the ‘paranormal.’ What he did, instead, was invent a device that demonstrated the neurological sensitivity of plants. When the apparatus was wired to a plant, the needle on the graph (which resembled an electrocardiogram) jumped sky-high when someone even walked TOWARD the plant with evil intent. Unless he has to buy them at the market, though, a person can live on plants w/o killing them.

    To push on w/this analysis:

    (a) A vegetarian diet may help, to some degree, in conserving water. How much it mitigates the suffering of animals is open to question. Euell Gibbons, the naturalist who wrote books about harvesting wild plants, drenched them in butter and cream, then sprinkled them with cheese.

    (b) Vegetables are not that palatable w/o the addition of animal fats, and vegetarians rely on dairy products to enhance their meals. Fats, moreover, are not only filling: they’re essential to health, which is why an array of vegetable fats are on the market. So is make-believe ‘milk’ made from soybeans, nuts and various oils — without, however, providing the same nutrition as milk. Further, their cultivation is soil erosive, and might be a runner-up to cattle in the water required. Finally, touch, their plantations are metastasizing the rainforests and starving the last of the orangutans.

    (c) Re the bovines who provide the dairy products, a cow is more reliably bonded to her newborn than many human parents are to their own. Yet her calf is torn from her at birth. End result? The calf, barely strong enough to stand, bleats in its fright, and the frantic mother bellows for days in her grief. Her calf is trucked to the abattoir, raised for veal – another agri-biz practice that beggars the language – or allowed to grow, away from its mother, into a steer or dairy cow. On smaller farms, with fewer resources, the calves are sometimes shot and left to lie in the pasture or bulldozed into a landfill.

    (d) If the world is faced with the necessity of going vegan within a few years(which many scientists foresee), agronomists may or may not be able to figure out how to fertilize vegetable crops in the absence of cattle, unless they intend to reduce the already comatose soil to moon-dust by continuing applications of petrochemical fertilizer.

    (e) Vegetables provide little or no Vitamin B, an essential nutrient ostensibly available in brewer’s yeast or vitamin tablets, if consumers believe in the efficacy of synthetic vitamins.

    (f) Carnivorous fur-kids will starve on tofu.

    (g) Pigs, calves, cows and chickens are practically people.


    Three days ago, on satellite radio, scientists aired the opinion that women can avoid post-partum depression by ‘placentaphagy.’ Most animals, they reason, seem free of depression. Why? Because they may absorb vital hormones in eating the placenta. Conclusion? Obstetricians and dieticians are concocting placenta ‘smoothies’ for human mothers. What they’re talking about here is placenta goosed up with a spritz of vanilla, a pinch of sugar and whirled in a blender. If that doesn’t ring a woman’s chimes as they’ve never been rung, they have a scrumptious recipe for ‘placenta lasagna’ with onions and cheese (perhaps parmesan). When the cows have vanished rom the scene, the cheese will be made from aged mother’s milk.

    Final thought for the day. The ‘Eat a Bug Cookbook,’ created by a cutting-edge chef and restaurateur. You can buy it from Amazon.

    Over & out.

  2. Cannibalism?
    It’s sick, twisted, inconceivable, mind-boggling, “stick my finger down my throat and puke” disgusting.

  3. Plants and vegetables are a different form of life, they don’t have beating hearts and faces, they don’t show us, or each other, love, they don’t as far as we know feel fear and they don’t try to escape from pickers as animals do in abattoirs there is a vast difference between harvesting fruit and vegetables to eat and killing animals to eat. A loose rule of thumb for a vegetarian that is east to live by is “eat nothing with a face” The best thing I ever did in my entire life was to go vegetarian.

  4. This is exactly who I turned veggie, no one can say they love animals, yet keep on eating them. Once veggie not only the thought of eating a domestic pet is stomach turning, as it always was for me reading about countries where it happens, but the thought of eating any flesh at all is totally abhorrent.
    Animals, birds and fish have feelings of pain and fear, we all have a nervous system, plants do not, they have no heart, no brain, no feelings….
    Animals will never be looked upon with respect while humans continue to see them as food.

  5. Michael i have visited Vietnam and Cambodia where dog and cat meat is eaten, although more discreetly since most foreign tourists are offended.In Hanoi dog meat is a popular dish among some of the locals.I did inquire about “Dog Meat” but no one guided me to a “Dog meat restaurant” but did confirm that some Hanoians ate dog meat.Also came across local Hanoians owning dogs as pets and taking them for walks in the park .In the West dogs and cats are kept as pets but at the same time millions are “KILLED(Euthanasia)” legally in so called “Cat Shelters” .Whats the difference between humans killing cats or dogs for food while others just kill them as “Pests” ? In my Country India “VEGETARIANISM” is a common topic of discussion but don’t plants and vegetables also have life ?Muslims and Jews avoid eating Pork meat and Hindu’s do not eat beef meat.Its a matter of different cultures having a different point of view to a controversial topic.

    • It is about culture. My theory in the article is that in the West where people relate to pets as members of the family it is akin to cannibalism to eat them. It is an emotional response I agree. The only way to totally correct perceived problems and cultural differences is for the world to convert to vegetarianism. It might well happen one day.

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