Eccentric Cat Lady

An Australian, eccentric cat lady’s home sells for over a million dollars…..

The deceased lady who owned this chaotic mess of a home was a cat lover, an “eccentric cat lady”. The inside of the home looks awful and the presenter says it is the worse home she has ever seen. The sale price of 1.18m Australian dollars is 1,027,137 US dollars.

“The proceeds are going towards charity” (let’s hope it is cat charities. It should be)

I think it is interesting because it does reflect – unfairly, I believe – the sort of lifestyle that an elderly cat lady is supposed to live. What this means is that everything is subsumed to the cause of cat welfare.

“She was the local eccentric cat lady…”

In Australia, the public profile of the stray cat is not what it once was. I suspect the stray cat was once just a stray cat. No big deal. Nowadays they are perceived as a danger to the preservation of native Australian species.

I am bit surprised she managed to go on feeding stray cats without being harangued by neighbours. Maybe she was.

The story also tells us how house prices have consistently risen in Australia. When at one time they were considered to be good value the prices are now similar to those in the West.

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11 thoughts on “Eccentric Cat Lady”

  1. I couldn’t watch it 🙁 that was her home where she was happy and contented with her cats and now her cats are gone and her home is being paraded for all and sundry to see what a mess it is yet it wasn’t a mess to her. I feel sad for the cats I feel sorry for any animal who was once safe and then suddenly scared because they have lost their home.

    • I agree Leah, it would just be parading this as in Australia at the moment they are looking to make this virus on stray cats and using all things like Cats spread viruses on to sheep. Which is just not true. Its just so horrible what is happening in Australia. I’m so thankful I live in NZ and not somewhere like that. I have family members over in Australia who I know will have to keep their Animals inside and Vaccinate it just makes u wander if other wildlife will be affected.


  3. So, where are her beloved cats now?
    The house is a mess for sure; but, bless her heart.
    An unbelievable price for a house that I can’t even tell where it ends and another one starts.

    • The staying power of an eccentric cat lady. I guess she lived there for decades and when she bought it Australia was a different place. All those cats are not helped anymore and no one bothers to ask the question you asked, where are her cats? Australia isn’t the best place to ask that question.

      • What really is the housing there?
        One atop of another?
        An outrageous price to pay for a destoyed house with not even an inch of privacy.
        I’ve only seen that sort of housing in Ohio when I was a kid. They were called row houses.
        So grateful to have loads of space here.

        • Our home from childhood was in a terrace (a row)and you are right there is no privacy in rows of houses, we look at that street now and see how mean it is, people each side and opposite.
          We are in a semi detached now but the houses are still quite close and we have houses opposite one way, I think people here are used to living more close knit than you are in the USA.
          I’d love to live in a spacious detached house with lots of privacy!


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