ED: The Abandoned and Broken Cat

ED a rescue cat

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Well, working in a rescue centre (Ark on the Edge), you are often faced with situations that leave you absolutely steaming with anger; but you have to bite your tongue for the welfare of the animal. We NEVER ever judge people bringing cats into us for rehoming; as for some people, it is literally the last option and it breaks their heart to part with their pets – unfortunately these people seem to be the minority.

As said before, we never judge people bringing animals into us for rehoming – I WILL, however, judge the person/people who dumped poor Ed.

A rescued cat

This handsome chap was found locked in a cat carrier on a lady’s doorstep (this lady is well known for rescuing cats) and of course, she did what any decent human being would do and she took him into her home.

However, within a couple of hours, she noticed that something wasn’t right with Ed and that he seemed to be in a lot of pain and not able to move very well, although she rescues cats, it was clear that Ed had a problem which could prove very expensive and so she contacted us for help.

We immediately agreed to take Ed in and arranged a veterinary appointment that day for him; the vet believed he had a damaged pelvis, so he was placed on antibiotics for the pain and his movements restricted. We also discovered he was at LEAST 10 years old; and had already been neutered.

However, that isn’t the worst of the story – Ed had SEVERE muscle wastage in both his back legs – now, this amount of wastage does not happen overnight – this was weeks!!!! You see from what the vet could ascertain was that Ed had been kicked or hit, but rather than seek veterinary attention, he had been left, unable to really move and in constant pain, which had resulted in his muscles beginning to waste away from lack of use!

After a course of painkillers, we arranged for Ed to have an X-ray and it showed something surprising, Ed’s pelvis was fine. He did, however, have a broken knee joint on his right leg, which was causing the pain and discomfort and obviously being a knee joint, takes longer to heal.

We also found that the knee had begun to heal itself and we could estimate that the knee had been broken in December or January.

Poor Ed had been forced to live and walk on a broken knee and because it was so painful he didn’t move very far and therefore caused his muscles to waste.
To the person that had taken such care to abandon Ed, I wish you had done it straight after his accident as now his recovery is going to be a long one to get his muscles back to health.

A rescued cat who was ill and is now well again

Although, I am pleased to say, that he is on painkillers and they seem to help as he is constantly waiting to greet you for a fuss – a big change from the grumpy fellow I admitted. He is such a gent and I just hope that we can find him the most perfect retirement home.



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18 thoughts on “ED: The Abandoned and Broken Cat”

  1. The person who left this little cat at the home of a cat rescuer does show that he or she cared about the cat. Possibly the person had no funds to go to a vet and waited, hoping the cat would heal on his own. Then gave up and left the cat in hopes he would be helped. The person procrastinated to the detriment of the cat but I don’t think he or she meant to be cruel. This person’s circumstances are not fully known and I think it wrong to judge in this case. I am glad the cat is getting better and I am sure someone will adopt him. I would myself but live in a complex that allows only one cat and I have a cat. I will be praying for this little cat.

  2. Hi guys sorry I haven’t posted back – Maisey gave birth to four babies last night a ginger, a ginger and white, a tabby and a peachy cream; so it’s been busy – we also waved off two cats to their forever homes
    Masiey and babies doing well and will send u all some pics soon xxx

  3. I’ve seen some things in my time and companion animals are often a last consideration oh I’m too busy, I don’t have the money, the transport ….anything but doing what’s right! Poor Ed the pain he must have been in bless him poor lad 🙁 Thank God for everyone ate Ark on the edge for making this fella a lot happier already.

  4. Poor Ed. I just can’t imagine treating an animal that way, especially a cat. Some people just aren’t grateful for how special is the bond between cat and caretaker when the cat is loved and cared for. It seems to be the way of human beings to treat like trash the greatest gifts given us in this world: their children, companion animals, the beauty of nature. But they give the highest honor to everything that doesn’t matter one bit: money, cars, clothes, tv’s, every luxury that makes life comfortable. But money can be stolen or lost, cars break down, clothing wears out, tv’s break or become obsolete– anything we own can and will be taken from us at some point. We can’t take it with us. But the love we shared with other beings, the times we truly connected with nature, learned of our Creator by admiring and caring for His creation– those are the things that live on in our hearts, even at the very end of life.

    But so many people don’t care about friendship or anything, just their stuff. At the end, they will have nothing, nothing to show that they even lived. A pet well cared for is better than the most expensive television or phone or computer. All the material things become obsolete, out dated, out of style and are no longer remembered. But if you connected with an animal or human friend, those memories are as fresh as if it were yesterday even after twenty or thirty years have passed.

  5. Oh poor Ed, he must have had to bear so much pain, what a cruel person that was who waited all that time before deciding to do something about it, it’s just a pity that the decision was to abandon him, but of coursed it was the best thing that could happen for Ed as whatever happens now he will be safe, loved and cared for. I couldn’t do what you do and ne non judgemental of people, I would have to give some of them a tongue lashing at times.

  6. What is beautiful about this is the cat’s behaviour in accepting it and doing his best to live with the injury. What is ugly about is the human’s behaviour in hurting him. This seems to be a common theme in cat abuse cases.


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