Egypt is going to export 2,400 stray cats to an unknown country for an unknown purpose. Are you concerned?

The online newspaper, Middle East Eye, reports that the authorities in Egypt have obtained licences to export 2,400 cats and 1,700 dogs to an unknown destination, for an unknown purpose at that destination.

Egypt street cats
Egypt street cats — Photo: Ahmed Khaled on Flickr.
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There is, though, one certainty and that is the authorities are concerned about the number of stray dogs and cats on their streets. They are looking for solutions and one member of Parliament, Margaret Azer, has provoked controversy by suggesting that stray dogs and cats should be rounded up, taken to the desert and from there exported out of the country. She suggested that they go to South Korea.

Animal advocates take this to mean that the animals are going to be sent to a country where they will be brutally killed and then eaten in restaurants. On the basis that South Korea has encouraged the exportation of his animals, it implies that they are running out of Street cats and dogs to kill for their restaurants.

We are told that it is the first time that Egypt has exported cats and dogs. They are going to be mainly taken from the streets but they will be vaccinated and given medical certificates to confirm that they are free of disease before exportation. The agriculture ministry has not being transparent as to the destination. Neither is it being transparent on the specific reasons for their exportation.


The announcement comes at a time when there has been a dialogue in the country about how to deal with stray animals. It appears that the short-term, quick fix is the most popular solution i.e. kill them. If it is true that the animals are being shipped to S. Korea it’s as good as killing them in Egypt but having the dirty work done out of the country. Perhaps the authorities are fearful of international criticism.

South Korea cat and dog meat market


How will they be transported? This is about animal welfare.

South Korea

In a sinister twist, Azer said that a number of South Koreans have criticised Egypt for failing to export its stray dogs but instead let them harm Egyptians. The MP believes that the export of the animals would provide some revenue for the economy and eradicate the disease-ridden animals from the streets were they have become a burden on the Egyptian citizen.

Animal Rights

An Egyptian satirist, Yusef Hussein, said that there are many human rights violations in Egypt which makes the prospect of any animal rights being difficult to achieve.

“The sheer number of human rights violations in Egypt make [any discussion of animal rights] seem like a luxury, but respecting animal life is not different from respecting human rights.”

Mona Khalil, the head of the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals condemned the MP’s proposal saying that it is contrary to animal rights and also to Islamic teachings.


The world knows that there are many effective ways of controlling the number of unwanted cats and dogs in a country. The answers are to be found in educating cat and dog owners, promoting or enforcing spaying and neutering, operating TNR programs and providing discount spaying and neutering clinics as a starting point.

The core of the problem is with the attitude of cat and dog owners and of the population as a whole with respect to companion animal ownership. With it comes responsibilities and if there are 22 million stray cats and dogs on the streets in Egypt it appears that those responsibilities are not being fully discharged.

P.S. Ironically some Egyptian street cats are the genuine Egyptian Mau cats prized in the West.

4 thoughts on “Egypt is going to export 2,400 stray cats to an unknown country for an unknown purpose. Are you concerned?”

  1. My friend is a Veterinarian in Egypt. This is going to be an awful, brutal event! Skinning cats alive! Dogs also. More media coverage is urged, Michael

  2. Azar will know exactly how grotesque the death of these poor cats & dogs will be. She does not care. How could she when she is part of one of the most brutal regimes in the world?

    A significant part of the worship of the cat in ancient Egypt was killing by sacrificial ritual. They slaughtered estimated billions of cats, family pets, strays, any cat. The archaeological record is very clear on this fact

    How thoroughly warped human beings are. Brutal regimes give rise to immense cruelty to other species, always, without fail.

    There is no shame big enough to reverse minds so brutalised.

  3. I have the resources to adopt one. if we all do this, it will help at least thirty fold. Give me the opportunity, Michael. 💕. Please don’t give me the opportunity, for I have watched to many different, and I know longer care about my role. I was beat to a pulp by the same person who said that he would take care of Panda, Shrimp’s older sister. He beat me to a pulp because he was playing a video game called Warcraft. He threw me into his steel bedframe. And then dragged me out of the master bedroom. His name is Larry Dinkie. I never reported him. I slept outside all-night with Panda. She was put to sleep the next day, the same day that I woke up with her in the backyard at Orchard Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.


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