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Egyptian Mau Kittens (a photo) — 9 Comments

    • Hi Arielson. I agree these cats are stunning. This is teamwork. Firstly the cats are gorgeous and then the lighting is strong to bring out the coat texture and color. Also it is strobe lighting with arrests movement so the photographer can capture fleeting moments. Then the camera is a top of the range Canon SLR. Also there will be three people involved in the photo: breeder, cat wrangler and photographer. It all adds up. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  1. It is just so darn perfect! That middle boy (assuming) is looking directly into her lens, while the others are distracted by the feather. I know, I’m stating the obvious again, but it is just so sweet. 🙂

  2. She clicks that shutter perfectly! [Does she shoot in medium or is she using digital exclusively, Michael?] This is a beautiful Egyptian Mau portrait of a litter. I truly am amazed by what she and her husband continue to accomplish in the field. Love it.

    I do wish, though, 😉 that you could accept that we will NOT dishonor copyright, and let the eye rest on just those little sweet’ums! (No distracting “stamp.”) They are certainly beautiful, and what a moment captured!

    • I wish I could use the plain photo Cal. The trouble is there has been a lot of breaches of copyright and I have to do my best to prevent it. I hate messing the image a bit but it is a price worth paying I feel. It is the real world and it is harsh.

    • She always uses 35mm digital. I don’t think she’d have a clue how to use 6x6cm film. I was brought up on film 35mm to 10×8 and I still like it but you can’t deny the ease of using digital cameras. Instant check on what you’ve got. Back in the old days we used Polaroid to check. Mind you I always knew I had a good picture even though I had to wait to see it.

  3. They are some adorable cats, even with copyright symbols. They look like the old boy band N’Sync.haha. .. How cute. Thank you for sharing and for flaunting that copyright! I’m sure like everything else, people try and steal other people’s work/art. I had to educate myself and Google Helmi Flick. I found some stunning photo’s of cats done by this person. Thank you again.

    • My pleasure. About 7 years ago, Helmi granted me permission to publish her photos on PoC. I have always protected her photos as best I can. I try and find different ways of getting the message across 😉

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