Egyptian Mau Quick Guide

PopularityIn the top ten at 9th placedsc_6976.jpg
Photo by Jose More
Place of originEgypt
Date of origin2000 BC (Egypt) & 1950s (USA -refined, developed)
AncestryEgyptian feral & domesticated cats, Italian domestic cats
Weight2.25-5 kg (5-11 lb)
Temperament Intelligent, friendly
Body typeSemi-foreign
Registration CFA, TICA, FIFé, GCCF
Colours & TypesSelf (black, blue), smoke (black, blue), tabby (spotted – bronze and blue), silver tabby (spotted – silver, blue)
Outcross breedsNone
NoteElegant and refined looking cat, with a “belly flap”. Only naturally spotted cat. A natural cat but refined.

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